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Beautiful Barbados has it all from beautiful generous beaches to a Unesco World Heritage capital, Bridgetown. Barbados is the most developed of the Caribbean Islands and luxury will not be spared here, which is why many of the beaches of the west play home to millionaires and movie stars. There is lots to see and do here, including sightseeing tours, shore excursions, water sports and nature and wildlife tours.

The resort of Christ Church is located on the Southern island of Barabdos, home to the vibrant South Coast. There really is so much to do here, from visiting pristine clear blue waters and perfect white sandy beaches where you can sunbathe, snorkel or jets- ski. Go on a sunset cruise or experience the lively nightlife and dance the night away to reggae. Drink a cup of the famed Blue Mountain coffee at the club house or indulge in a glass of an aged Jamaican rum, distilled locally.

Or visit the parish of St James, located in the Western part. Now referred to as the 'Platinum Coast', reflective of the fabulous beach-front mansions, immaculate beaches and luxury hotels St James is becoming increasingly popular amongst the rich and famous and sun-seeking tourists. Sample the island's wonderful mixture of exceptional beaches, natural wonders, and fascinating history and laid back culture in St James, near to the capital city of Bridgetown.

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