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Sugar Bay Barbados

Barbados, Caribbean
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Sugar Bay Barbados is the newest all-inclusive beach resort in Barbados. Relax and unwind in bohemian-inspired style and comfort, leave your footprints in the sand or go for a dip in the natural tranquil bay. With 138 beautifully designed rooms and suites, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your holiday.

Due to the surrounding area and the number of steps around the hotel, it may not be suitable for those with mobility difficulties.

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  • Car park
  • 24-hour reception
  • Mobile phone coverage
  • Wi-fi
  • Local and international calls
  • Secure parking
  • Room service*
  • Babysitting service*
  • 24-hour security
  • Bellboy service
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TripAdvisor Review

An amazing stay in paradise

Review by talktomarc Manchester, UK

Wow. This place is amazing.

The location of this hotel is perfect, it’s close enough to get wherever you need to go...

It literally sits on the beach and I loved opening the curtains every morning to an amazing view of the beach and ocean.

They’re really good with covid protocols - you’re asked to sanitise your hands before entering the restaurants and you must wear plastic gloves at the buffet.

The food was really good, perhaps not a massive amount of choice in the buffet but everything they had on offer was so tasty. The steak restaurant was a real highlight where you could get a gorgeous fillet steak as part of the all inclusive. Colin’s beach bar had a changing lunch menu daily which meant you never got bored of the food.

The drinks were great, although it would have been nice if a menu was available to help with choosing. In covid times perhaps a QR code with a link to a menu would work?

I’ve visited many lovely hotels before, however never have I come across staff as friendly as they are at Sugar Bay. They are just amazing.

Some of my favourites that stand out:

  • Tamika, the host in the buffet restaurant ran a tight ship and was so lovely.
  • Andrea, the chef at breakfast put a smile on my face every single morning with her infectious happiness and laugh!
  • Tadia, the waitress was so friendly and even remembered our names.
  • Beverley, at the Sizzle restaurant gave us a really good service and we loved our night here.
  • Helen, ran the bar during the day and I enjoyed having a laugh with her.
  • Derek, ran the bar during the evening and is one of the best barman I’ve come across. He was always smiling, even if there was a queue of people and he was on his own. He remembered what you drink and how you like to drink it. He even remembered how we like to make a ‘Porn Star Martini’.
  • Caroline, it was her first week as a waitress yet she had such a friendly warmth.

There are loads others I could mention. I’ve never known a place with such good staff!

The gym is really well equipped for its size and I enjoyed my work outs here most mornings.

The entertainment was a bit too low key for us. A flute player makes me want to fall asleep! However on the Sunday night the girl band Virgo were incredible and got us all up dancing.

We were lucky enough to see turtles hatching on the beach. The hotel have specific staff who look after the baby turtles which is lovely.

There was a curfew on the island of 11pm which didn’t really affect our holiday - it meant going to bed at a reasonable time so you’re up early to make the most of the day and that gorgeous beach.

To give a balanced review it’s only fair I point out a few negatives:

  • Some of the cleanliness could be improved. The bathroom floor wasn’t mopped for a few days and the sheets were only changed once in 10 days. Additionally some of the outdoor tables near the coffee cart need a deep clean.
  • There are lots of birds and flies around during meal times which was sometimes annoying and isn’t hygienic. I couldn’t see what the hotel was doing to try and limit this.
  • It would have been nice to have some music around the pool during the day to create atmosphere.

Overall I loved my time at Sugar Bay and think it was really good value for money. Highly recommend!

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TripAdvisor Review

Worst hotel we've ever stayed in. Dirty and more a 2-star NOT a 4-star hotel!

Review by GlobetrottingAnna

The service was awful. We constantly received either conflicting, partial or apathetic advice from the staff. We were given incorrect printed materials about the services, cleaning and facilities...

We were given wrong quotes for hiring taxis. We had to constantly ask about getting help with activities [none were forthcoming]. We weren't told guests who stayed over 10 days received a complimentary massage service [only found out from other guests on our last day!] and the reception staff merely said "we forgot to tell you". When we arrived our room was dirty; dust all over the floor and on the shelves. We were so jet-lagged when we arrived that had to line all the drawers with plastic bags in order to avoid our clothes getting dirty! [We wish we did complain as a fellow guest checked in and had dead flies all over her pillow, to which she complained and was finally moved after a prolonged period of speaking to management] Staff are slow, and don't care about follow up or attention to detail. When we called to say our room hadn't been cleaned, we were told it must've been our fault because we had placed a sign on our door. The communal pool wasn't cleaned and we read during our stay [from other reviews] that a couple of kids got ear infections as a result. Guests were allowed to eat in the pool and the drainage didn't seem to circulate quickly. Birds littered the dining room and two LIVE crabs came through the food areas from the beach. Unhygienic from top to bottom.

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TripAdvisor Review


Review by thefearnleys

We had the most AMAZING time on our honeymoon at Sugar Bay in Barbados.


Being vegan, our biggest worry was that we would be stuck eating salad or chips, so it was really important to us to find somewhere vegan friendly - we couldn’t really have been happier with the service at Sugar Bay. Many of the chefs were brilliant, coming out and explaining the vegan options and suggesting alternative options if there was nothing much we could eat or fancied, but special mention has to go to CHEF PAUL - he was outstanding! He was happy to surprise us with meals (we told him our allergies and dislikes and he made some fabulous meals) but also took our requests! (Ask for Paul’s special vegan burger - it’s like a vegetable and lentil burger with fries!). The chefs went above and beyond to supply vegan food that we could actually enjoy...

Outside of the hotel (food-wise), we recommend the following:

  • Open Kitchen Cafe & Bistro (delicious bruschetta, lovely pizzas, vegan meatballs)
  • Divine Ghawdess (Bridgetown - fully vegan, amazing milkshakes and we really enjoyed the pizza)
  • The Green Lime Eco-Cafe and Juice Bar
  • Agapey Chocolate Factory (amazing ice cream)
  • Blush cafe (just got a drink - nice plant based coffees)
  • Art Splash Cafe (just got a lovely smoothie)

The restaurant staff were also fantastic, cheery and went out of their way to help us and make us feel comfortable. RADICA gave lots of suggestions on where to go and what to do, and always provided excellent service! TAMIKA and LASONTA (restaurant hosts) were always a delight to deal with - they knew our names (and that we were vegan) and made the chefs aware we were there. They always had a smile and were lovely! ARDEN (who is also vegan) suggested some local spots for food and places to go!

At the main bar, you can get packets of crisps and nuts (when they have stock). I also snacked on bananas if there weren’t any in the restaurant.

There was a swim up pool bar, but this was only open maybe twice in the 2 weeks we were there? It could have been more - we didn’t spend lots of time by the pool, but when we were there, it wasn’t open most of the time.

You have to wear masks in all communal areas (going to the bar, reception, around the pool - unless you’re in your spot, waiting to be seated/walking around the restaurant etc.) have have to sanitise before entering the restaurant. You also have to wear gloves on the buffet when dishing up your food.

There are loads of birds that take every opportunity to steal food left on plates/on the floor - staff usher them away but these birds are quite unmanageable, even coming into the buffet area. Flies are also a nuisance, but neither can really be helped because the doors are wide open.

The cocktails are VERY strong - we asked for ours to be weak or we would have been hammered after one!


All of the staff on reception were approachable and happy to help. NICOLE was very helpful and suggested different tours and things to do. MEGHAN was very knowledgeable and helpful - she phoned the car rental place on our behalf and was always able to help!


We went for a sea view room (309), which was definitely worth it! The view was beautiful and it was delightful to sit on the balcony and chill, watching the waves lap on the shore and palm trees sway! The room was clean and had air conditioning - the towels were changed every 2-3 days but we usually got more/extra given. The shower pressure was good - there was a problem with the hot water on one day (hotel wide), but it was resolved quickly. The room had a safe, iron, ironing board and a few coat hangers (I’m glad I took some with me). The bed was comfortable (double/kingsize) but it was two singles together (so just don’t sleep in the middle) - it was comfortable and there were plenty of pillows/cushions. There was a huge mirror on the wall which was great, a desk and chair and an arm chair. The room key didn’t work a few times which was annoying, but this was resolved relatively quickly each time.


There was the main restaurant, Reef, which opened for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Colin’s Bar was open for lunch and drinks. There were two a-la-carte restaurants which were by booking only (limited to once a week each I believe) - Sizzle Steak House and Umi (Japanese). The Lazy Mongoose Pub wasn’t open (Covid). Blush cafe is pretty much on the hotel grounds - this is not included in all inclusive. (Don’t get a smoothie as it’s pretty much the same as the one in all inclusive in the hotel. ) As with many hot countries, there were cockroaches - the staff dealt with these quickly. There weren’t tons, but please be ware that you may see some. There were also often little crabs that scuttled into the restaurant and hotel foyer etc. which was funny. Sometimes the bar staff on the main bar could be a little grumpy haha - but they were efficient and knowledgable.


The hotel is literally on the beach - you can see the beach from reception. The beach was very clean for most of the honeymoon; it was only the last couple of days where there was tons of seaweed in the sea and on the beach. If you turn left when on the beach and walk a little while, there is an even nicer beach past the boardwalk called Rockley Beach - there is a tiki bar there (the sand is gorgeous).


The main pool was small with a pool bar (which wasn’t often open as aforementioned) and not very deep, but it seemed to be clean. The other pool (tiny kids’ pool) was dirty and not open, but I believe it was cleaned at some point as we saw some children in there at one point.


Be prepared for all of the entertainers to sing at least one Rhianna song and some Bob Marley! For the most part, they were pretty good. The entertainment was on until around 9:30 most nights. It wasn’t party central, but it was nice to have something on.

There is also a hut where you can hire (for free) kayaks, paddle boards, snorkels and goggles.


Remember to take insect repellent and bite cream - my husband and I got bitten to shreds by sand flies and other insects.


Take more than enough suncream as it is very pricey - and hard to find! The hotel sells some but it is expensive. Trying to find it in Bridgetown (we were looking for cheaper) is difficult. Food and snacks tend to be quite expensive too.


We were lucky enough to see baby sea turtles! Some leatherback turtles laid eggs on the beach, leading to the baby turtles being born and going the wrong way (they follow moonlight, but being so close to the hotel, they went towards to the light as opposed to the moonlight in the sea). Some volunteers came most nights to collect the escaped turtles in buckets, to release in a safer place; kids and adults alike excitedly scoured the beach for any rouge turtles - it was amazing to see them! They’re so cute!


The location of Sugar Bay is fabulous - it’s in walking distance to sooo many things! We still chose to rent a car, and we are so glad we did! First of all, we went on an island tour with Williams Tours (suggested by Nicole on reception) as opposed to Sun Tours, and it was great! We decided to visit some of the places we went to (we didn’t get to get out much as it was a tour of the whole island). We got to see loads of places and discovered lots of cute beaches. Parking is pretty easy/readily available and is usually cheap - just park in bright, busy areas. Parking at the Boatyard is free too. We properly explored the beautiful island, finding local places and stunning scenery we wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Meghan on reception arranged this for us. Originally we hired the car for 3 days, but decided to extend for another two days, so we did this over the phone. It was much cheaper for the extra two days which was strange ($50 American for 3 days, but the extra 2 was $50 Barbados, so half the price!). Definitely worth hiring a car.


Barbados was on the green list when we went, so we had to have a PCR test within 72 hours of going, then we were tested again in Barbados airport (relatively quick and easy) and had to stay in the hotel until we received a negative result (ors was in by the next morning) - we weren’t allowed on the beach, but could use the pool and restaurants. As soon as we got the negative result via email, we had to forward it to reception, then our green band cut off and we could then go on the beach and leave the hotel to explore. We had to have a PCR test within 72 hours of leaving the country - we had to visit the Garfield Sobers Gymnasium to be tested which is a $50 American return taxi and costs $50 American for the PCR test, so we kept the hire car for the extra day ($25 American). We waited about an hour and a half for the test and the same for the result (you wait under the shade of a gazebo - bring a towel to sit on as there aren’t many seats).

Everywhere you go in Barbados enforce sanitising hands and many places take your temperate, too. You have to wear masks everywhere.


We had a wonderful time and would recommend this hotel to everyone! We hope to one day return.


Please pass these comments onto your amazing staff, as I didn’t get chance to thank them all in person before we left (I wasn’t very well). Thanks again for a wonderful honeymoon.

James and Skaii (“green haired mermaid”) x

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TripAdvisor Review

Thank you

Review by 802patras

I spent my birthday weekend at sugar bay, it was very lovely the room we got was perfect, staff was very friendly and helpful. Kay,Derrick,Tamika, Deborah, Arden, Damien,Mario,Kerryann, Romien from water sports these made us felt very special really pampered us. The food was great also entertainment at night was lovely...

I will surly be coming back again lovely hotel.

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TripAdvisor Review

Definitely recommend this hotel. You will not be disappointed if you stay here. Just give it a try

Review by O1303HYkatherineg Peterborough, United Kingdom

We are a family of 2 adults and 3 children and we stayed here for 7 nights. What a truly wonderful stay we all had. There are fantastic facilities at the hotel for the adults and the children .The restaurant qualites were second to none. The sizzle steakhouse had the best fillet mignon steak ever !! The Umi restaurant serving a variety of Asian quisine such as sushi and teriyaki dishes...

Shout out to Kerry Anne and the team in Umi. The main restaurant is the Reef and they served a different theme every lunch/night. A wide variety of choice and the food quality was of an excellent high standard. You also eat your breakfast in the reef restaurant. A special shout out goes to Andrea who cooked the most amazing salmon omelette for me every day. 😋 Our overall experience at the hotel was simply wonderful. Our first family vacation since pre covid we were all a little nervous about the whole process of PCR testing and the costs involved. However you cannot put a price on happiness and seeing all of your family enjoying every single moment and creating beautiful memories is absolutely priceless. Well done Sugar Bay. The staff and service was amazing. We will definitely be back.

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