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Paraiso Albufeira

Portugal, Europe

This impressive hotel is strategically located in the centre of the city of Albufeira, and thanks to the vibrant atmosphere of a typical tourist resort, it is ideal for a family holiday. The main beach and the town centre with its shopping and entertainment venues are located within a short walking distance. The hotel stands out by its bold and modern architecture, featuring a unique design with strong colours and exotic woods. Moreover, guests can take full advantage of the comfort provided by the spacious public areas, in one of the most charismatic and well known hotels on the Algarve. There is a fantastic outdoor swimming pool area where family can have a good time while they take a sunbathe or enjoy a good read on the sunloungers at the pool's ample terrace. All the apartments are well appointed and provide a fully equipped areas and a acces to balconies to enjoy the nice views.

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  • Wi-fi
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Trip Advisor Reviews

TripAdvisor Review

Ok if your on a budget

Review by D6333LNgemmas

We stayed here for 10 nights in late August, overall the hotel was acceptable for the price we paid (£1,000) with breakfast for 2 adults and 1 child.

We went for a studio as we were on a budget, we had in my opinion one of the rooms with the worst view from our balcony which was the roof of restaurant, not pleasant with so many bird droppings, didn’t really bother us too much as we were out most of the day. Our room was very dated however was very clean and well equipped, beds were acceptable but definitely not the comfiest.

Facilities were good, good sized pool and bar staff were friendly and accommodating...

Breakfast was ok, not the best quality but food was edible.

Location was excellent, near supermarkets and everything we needed was nearby for our stay.

Would I return? - If this hotel had a refurbishment yes, this hotel has a lot of potential with some TLC.

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TripAdvisor Review

Don't be fooled by their 4* rating - look elsewhere

Review by Daydream44889670148 Mirfield, United Kingdom

Me and my boyfriend have just returned from a week long holiday at Paraiso, all I can say is that whoever gave them a 4 star needs to remember that we're now in 2021 and not the 1970s. The hotel was dirty, our room had marks on the windows/mirrors from the previous guests in the room and the stairwell handrails are frankly quite disgusting. All guests must wear masks whilst walking round the hotel which is good however nothing was sanitised...

The sun beds were not wiped down between guests which I think should be essential during these times.

The reception lives up to expectations however everywhere else is outdated and depressing. Only one lift was in order when we stayed here so be prepared for a 20 minute wait (even when it gets to you it will probably be full with other guests). The stairwells are dirty and the door leading to the reception from these gets jammed and you can only really open it by slamming your whole body weight against it. Despite the lack of hygiene, our room was a good size. However the air conditioning did fall off the wall which is a major safety hazard, speaking of safety hazards - do be careful when entering and exiting the balcony as the tiles are extremely sharp.

The pool area is nice however the sun beds are basically like laying on a slab of rock. Not comfortable at all - rather unbearable, much better laying on the floor if I'm honest. If you want a comfier one it is 5 euros a day per guest. Sorry but if I have paid to stay in your hotel I believe a decent sun bed should come with no cost at all. The snack bar by the pool is overpriced and when I asked for a pizza they told me they only had margarita and none of the other options. Not that hard to slice some pepperoni and put it on the pizza. On the subject of food, the restaurant is a buffet service due to Covid, we were told it was 20 euros per person. The food was not worth 20 euros in the slightest and half of the buffet was covered with towels. I feel sorry for those going all inclusive. By the way, brilliant chinese just round the corner if you need an escape.

The decor of the restaurant in the hotel was tragic, reminded me of the titanic. Not decor of a 4* hotel (pushing it a 2*). Next the shop (a money making scheme) they only take cash which is very convenient when the hotel has an ATM which charges extortionate amounts to withdraw money (avoid this trap if you don't want to end up bankrupt).

I really did try to give this hotel a chance, I used all facilities and all I can say is that if you are looking for a relaxing holiday with good food at a reasonable price - do NOT go here. Whoever rated this hotel a 4* seriously needs a brain scan as it's very deceiving when booking your summer holiday. I have looked through previous reviews and it seems there's been a significant drop in ratings since COVID-19. Let's hope they start listening to their customers and fixing this issue.

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TripAdvisor Review


Review by nicsean Manchester, United Kingdom

Hotel reception staff were rude, arrogant, abrupt and unhelpful, rooms where filthy and out dated, beds were so uncomfortable and hard, the hotel bar ran out of beer the first 5 days I was there limited food available, no entrainment, no music, plug sockets didn’t work in room, lifts broke, air conditioning leaked water, loud banging from other rooms all night , will never return or recommend this hell hole

TripAdvisor Review

The pool is its saving grace

Review by zarz28

We just returned from a 10 day stay at Paraiso. I had read other reviews saying when they got to reception looks were definitely deceiving and I couldn't agree more. The first issue is the lifts, we were on the side with only two lifts, one of which was broken the entire time...

The lifts down to breakfast and the pool area were an absolute nightmare no matter what floor you were on, be ready to be waiting 10 minutes at times. We were on the 6th floor and the smell when we got out of the lift was unbearable - must, garlic, and who knows what else. We got to our room - very basic. The bathroom was standard and probably the most updated part. The room was small and though we booked a double bed we were told to push two twins together. They were hard and uncomfortable. AC just about worked. Cleaners made beds and switched towels out but no other cleaning was done the entire trip. The room was also not properly cleaned/sanitised when we got there - when the shower steamed up the mirrors in the bathroom it showed writing that previous guests had put on there when it steamed - obviously not cleaned before we got there or that wouldn't have shown up. Breakfast - oh my god, just horrible. Think hospital food but with less variety. Truly the most basic spread they could think of, we were so glad we didn't go all-inclusive because from talking to other guests who did, they were horrified. The pool area is nice - plenty of loungers but not enough umbrellas, most bases are broken so the umbrellas sit in and fall about so the hotel's solution is to stick a piece of plastic down to wedge it in. Also, be sure to put water in the bases as any gust of wind and the entire umbrella is gone. You have to rent the mattress for €2 each day to put on your loungers and it definitely needed - they are not the worst loungers but the backs do not move up or down so you're permanently in a lying position unless you rent the €5 per day slightly-better-but-still-not-great loungers where you get a mattress and towel too. The best thing about the hotel was the pool outside (the indoor pool is closed) - it's lovely inside and quite spacious was good given covid-concerns, however, the tiles around it were LETHAL. I saw so many people slipping because there is no grip whatsoever on them. As bad as that was, the step into the pool was just ??? I have no words?? who designed it? Why put a slope onto a step. So many people needed the rail to hold on to get onto the steps down because of the silly design -- it made absolutely zero sense from a practicality, safety, and inclusivity point-of-view. Don't bother with food at the pool bar - €13 for a pizza that's ready in 22 minutes (you get why - frozen from a packet). Drinks are crazy priced so head to continente down the street and stock up on drinks. While you're there get a cooler bag in the drinks section for €2 - it keeps drinks cool by the pool for a couple of hours and saves you a lot of money in the long run. The hotel shop is also expensive and only takes cash (same with pool bar/cafe). On the last day we noticed tiles in the pool had been ripped up in patches and it was incredibly dangerous as tiles were coming loose under our feet and I can only imagine it's a claim waiting to happen when someone slices their foot open on the edges of the missing patches.

The location of the hotel was good. It cost approx €2.50 (min) in an uber to Old Town and there are some nice shops and restaurants just outside the hotel. Albufeira shopping center is just down the street and has Continente (groceries), a sports shop, phone shop, tour stands, and some other random shops that are nice.

In terms of covid, there weren't many restrictions in place. People did what they want and for the most part, kept to themselves, but things like regular sanitization (sun loungers etc.) aren't happening

Overall we made the most of what we had. It isn't horrific by any means, but I'd describe it as being basic and definitely not 4 star. If there was a basic/cheap/fastest/easiest version of something, Paraiso chose it. With such small changes, this hotel would really take it up a notch. Something so simple as washing the windows as they were filthy and I'd guess haven't been washed in years. We had a good holiday because we adapted, but were definitely extremely disappointed.

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TripAdvisor Review


Review by donnabrough Lichfield, United Kingdom

Just back today from a weeks stay at this hotel what can I say I walked into reception on arrival and looks are definitely deceiving!!! Got shown to our 1st room the key wouldn’t unlock the door, got given another room which was looking out onto concrete (the roof of the bar) so zero chance of any sort of view I asked for another room preferably pool view thought this would be an option as the hotel was quite empty due to Covid however staff were unhelpful & I was informed that none were available! The room was clean but very outdated & small! Fortunately we wasn’t in the room much which was just as well! The air con worked but it was rather old and there was no instructions on how to use it or even how to turn it off and it was quite noisy of a night! The maids came in daily with clean towels & beds made, The food on our 1st night was disappointing and it didn’t really get much better from there on! myself and my daughter who I travelled with ate out twice of an evening so that says a lot & I know from speaking to other guests that many of them also did this too! Food was often cold, lacked variety not what I was expecting from a so called 4* hotel (it isn’t I’ve stayed in much better) the sun beds are really uncomfortable unless you pay €5 per day for a thin cushioned mattress! The snack bar- again food often cold/ items unavailable or were not included in all inclusive no cocktails unless your paid €6! Overall quite disappointed! The pool could do with some serious maintenance work (especially by the outdoor showers where tiles were missing) which was at times quite unsafe. I Will definitely return to Portugal agin just wouldn’t return to this hotel I would rate it a 2* at most it’s definitely worth spending a bit more to get a decent hotel but I wouldn’t recommend this one :-(

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