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Water Side Resort and Spa

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Turkey, Europe

This impressive resort enjoys a privileged location in Titreyengol, situated 70 km from Antalya Airport and only 7 kilometres from Side archaeological site. This opulent property is located just a few steps from a seemingly endless sandy beach bathed in crystalline waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Surrounded by lush and verdant scenery, this establishment boasts a fabulous architectural style, luxurious décor and excellent services. The luminous guest rooms offer space and luxury to each individual guest. Elegant furnishings and soothing tones and deep-purple toned fabrics induce a sense of royalty. Each unit is fitted with individually air conditioner, shower, hair dryer, LCD TV, balcony, complimentary mini bar with water and various juices. After a busy day of sightseeing, travellers may relax with a refreshing swim in the hotel pool, play tennis or indulge in hammam while the youngest ones may let off steam at the paddling pool with slides and children playground.

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Trip Advisor Reviews

TripAdvisor Review

Wonderful, brilliant and safe

this hotel is glorious, the staff all wear masks and gloves, so you feel totally safe and secure. As we were basically in a bubble, we didn't need to keep masks on. heaven in the heat...

food fresh, looked good and , mainly, healthy eating. lots of choice. pool area good, beach also. our room faced the sea and was spacious and, even though the balcony was not large, it was enough. cannot praise it enough

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Hotel is fine for short stay

Just come back from a 7 day stay in this hotel. It’s nice hotel and you’ll have a good stay but it’s certainly not 5 star.

The service was good...

I’ve read on other reviews that the staff were rude but we didn’t have a problem with that. They were friendly enough English wasn’t great. Bar staff were very good, the young man behind the bar at the pool remembered our order every time which was nice.

The room was nice, nothing special but more than enough for 6 days, it was clean and the maids stocked the bathroom up with loads of shampoos, shower gels, exfoliating pads etc. Never experienced any bugs in the room or general dirtiness. The room is very small but big enough for a couple, not for a family, the balcony is also very small. When we first entered our room it STUNK of cigarette smoke, it gave me an awful first impression but after airing the room out it was fine and we didn’t smell any more smoke for the rest of the stay, still not sure what that was. The biggest con to the room is the beds; the mattress and the pillows are insanely uncomfortable. It was like sleeping on concrete underneath a thin mattress, the pillows were the same and was enough to put me off the hotel. After a few days we got used to it.

In regards to COVID the hotel put in all the regulations they could, they had social distancing stickers, the sun beds were spread out, cutlery was wrapped in paper bags, hand wipes on tables, hand gel everywhere. Although the Russians did not seem to understand any form of social distancing. The only other thing the staff could do was say something to the people disrespecting these rules and ask them to follow the requirements.

Pool was good, there was always sun beds free. If you enjoy the sun all day I would recommend getting sun beds on the far side of the pool near the bar as the sun goes behind the hotel early afternoon. Only downside to that part of the pool is the music. It is unnecessary loud, especially if you just like to relax. The music itself was fine for me but parents be warned; the music is NOT children friendly. There’s a lot of swearing in the songs (bearing in mind how loud the music is played) a lot of the F word, N word and C word. It didn’t bother me but me and my fiancé were baffled and gobsmacked by this as there was lots of kids about.

The food was a deal breaker for us and is the reason why we won’t return. Breakfast was good but lunch and dinner were abysmal. Same food every day and barely any choice, not even much for kids and the quality wasn’t great either. It filled a hole but was not enjoyable.

I also read on other reviews that the WiFi was poor, unfortunately that is the case. You can get on it first thing in the morning but anytime after 10/11am you’ll really struggle. It’s very very poor and frustrating. If WiFi is a must then I would give this hotel a miss.

Evening entertainment wasn’t anything special. Good kids disco but that’s about it.

If you like an early night or peace then make sure you request a quiet room because there is a lot of noise at night in most areas of the hotel.

If you can stand a lot of Russians (we all know their culture is a lot different to ours), not fussed on WiFi and not too bothered on food then the hotel is worth the price. Regardless, you will have a nice stay here, it was a nice hotel and generally a good experience but I will not be returning.

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1 week stay

I was a little apprehensive arriving here after some of the reviews I read but let me say from start to finish it was fantastic.

The staff are great we did not meet one unfriendly member of staff they were all very friendly particularly Umed a young man who worked on the bar next to the pool what a lovely young man he couldn't do enough for us he deserves recognition.

Yes the rooms are small but adequate we had our room cleaned everyday and fresh towels.

It does get very busy around the pool area but there is a lovely grassed area with plenty beds and umbrella's available.

The food is also very good breakfast wasn't the best in terms of choice and we did miss the bacon but we survived and it would of been nice to have toast but also not available.

Lunch at the snack bar no complaints there and tea time again lots of choice with plenty meat selections and lots of delicious cakes and desserts.

Drinks where ok lager no complaints quite a few cocktails to choose from but can become a little sickly but again I'm being picky.

There is no social distancing at all at the hotel lots of hand sanitiser around but you do not need to wear a mask and social distancing or mask wearing was not enforced there were a select few that did wear them.

Lots of RUDE holiday makers that do not understand how to queue and constantly push in and never thank the staff that serve them. But we learned to hold our ground with the ignorant people that were there.

This was a last minute booking as we changed last minute from Portugal. The reviews I read before arriving did concern me but it is a fantastic hotel and would recommend it.

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Lovely holiday

The staff at this hotel were lovely and polite and nothing was ever too much. The language barrier can b issue but we managed well. Drinks and food good, my fussy son would even find something to eat...

The staff made us a romantic table, using roses and heart napkins.

Spa is fab, photographer is brilliant, we had some lovely photos taken on beach at sunset.

We booked our tours through side excursions b4 we arrived as so much cheaper than through hotel.( no deposit needed)

5 minute walk to beach, very busy in morning but goes quiet at lunch time, bus if your lazy like me!!

Only issue is the other guest from Russia. No manners, no masks, no common sense and can't read signs about covid or follow arrows on floor in restaurant. A few times I told them to move away as to close,or they couldn't get into lift and even at airport they just have no idea of social distancing or how to use a mask (even If they own one).

Please don't let this put u off, this hotel was perfect for our 1st trip to Turkey and we couldn't have asked for more. Also a tip, the Russians do not tip and we found if u did u were more likely to get table service and better drinks (more booze), I taught one bar man to make espresso martinis!!!Some of these guys earn less than 100 lira a day (€10) and they really appreciate it.

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Perfect, but with one minor issue

Review by jamietR3782GU Suffolk, United Kingdom

We've just returned from a 5 night stay here and we couldn't have asked for a better hotel.

Just some of the pro's of the hotel..

The staff are brilliant, and will do whatever they can for you. Yes, as others have mentioned their English isn't great at times, but you are in Turkey what are you expecting?

The hotel has everything you need, the pool is big enough so it doesn't feel cramped with more than enough sun loungers and the private beach is a 5 minute walk, or a free 2 minute drive in the hotel minibus.

There's a couple of shops in the hotel for the basics, enough room in the restaurant for everyone (although the outside seating does fill up quickly).

The spa is excellent, as my missus said it was the best massage she's ever had!

The wifi can be a bit patchy in places, but we never had a major issue with it, even at the beach, even video calls were possible.

Its about an hours drive from the airport, and there's nothing in the immediate area but taxis and transfers are easily organised.

Room sizes are a bit small, but unless you're planning to spend a lot of time in them it really isn't an issue. The pillows and mattresses are quite hard which is fine for me but not for everyone...

The only issue I had was the size of the duvet/sheets on our double bed. It was far too small for the both of us and didn't even cover the whole bed. Apart from that the room is cool enough and clean and thats all we really wanted.

The selection of food is good enough with both of us finding enough we liked so we never got bored of it. The outside grill was especially good.

Now to the downside...the Russians... I get that their culture is very different, but even if there wasn't a global pandemic they don't seem to understand personal space or how to queue (maybe thats just a British thing?). The amount of time they'd just push in whilst queuing for food, or try to jam 10 people in a lift signed for a maximum of 4 was ridiculous, and despite having to sign to agree to the covid restrictions on check-in the staff seemed powerless to manage this at all.

Overall though, we couldn't have been more pleased with the hotel and staff and are even planning to, hopefully, take the kids there next year

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