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Escorted Tours in Africa

Africa Escorted Tours

Ranging from the island of Madagascar to the plains of Southern Africa, our Escorted Tours here visit some of Africa's most interesting and iconic sites. Explore the forests of Uganda and discover the enchanting habitats of Gorillas and Chimpanzees, or go on a Game drive in Tanzania and spot the 'Big Five'. From sampling vintages at the verdant vineyards of South Africa's Winelands to exploring the unique wildlife on the Island of Madagascar, our tours of Africa will introduce you to this stunning continent like never before and leave you coming back for more.


Morocco Tours

  • Imperial Cities of Morocco8 Days from £679pp
South Africa

South Africa Tours

  • South Africa's Garden Route9 Days from £1759pp
  • Best of South Africa13 Days from £1959pp

Tanzania Tours

  • Tanzania Safari9 Days from £2349pp

Botswana Tours

  • Botswana Zambezi and Cape Town11 Days from £2599pp

Madagascar Tours

  • Madagascan Adventure13 Days from £2949pp

Uganda Tours

  • Great Gorillas of Uganda9 Days from £3489pp

Ethiopia Tours

  • Ethiopia A Cultural Odyssey12 Days from £2195pp

Egypt Tours

  • Egypt The Majestic Nile10 Days from £995pp

Seychelles Tours

  • Seychelles Discovery Cruise9 Days from £1999pp
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