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Maldives Islands Holidays, Maldives

Maldives Islands Holidays

Numbering over a thousand different islands the Maldives is one of the planets most dispersed countries. With most of the islands uninhabited, the Maldives deserves its reputation as a place to escape the world. Starting from your transfer – either by speed boat or seaplane you know that a holiday to the Maldives islands is something truly special, where you can forget about the outside world and simply relax. Our Maldives hotels are carefully selected and are located on some of the most stunning and beautiful islands and atolls the Maldives have to offer.

Why holiday in Maldives Islands?

Maldives Islands has many highlights, including:

  • Thousands of islands called "atolls"
  • Stunning beaches
  • Crystal clear waters, a snorkeler's paradise

Maldives Islands Fact File

  • Currency: Rufiyua
  • Average Flying time: 10½ hours
  • Spoken Language(s): Dhivehi, English

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