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Carnival in Malta

Malta is not only a beautiful holiday destination with stunning beaches and tonnes to explore, it also enters into the festivities of Carnival at full-force with a whole range of celebrations across the country. If you want to feel like one of the locals then head to Nadur Gozo, or enjoy a more light hearted party in Valletta. With the carnivals lasting over a week that’s plenty of time to travel to a few destinations and explore.

Carnival in Malta


In Valletta you’ll see a traditional form of the Carnival with bright masks and dancing, as well as a lovely child’s parade too so people of any age can join in the celebration. This carnival is famous for the specialist sweets and food that are available during the week that everyone looks forward to; and it’s guilt-free indulgence as it is almost compulsory for everyone to embrace the gluttony before the fasting of lent.

Carnival in Malta


The main nightlife of Malta is based around Paceville so if you want an all-night bars and clubs then it’s best to head down to Paceville as the day’s festivities draw to a close, as the carnival will continue through the night into the venues here. If you just want to enjoy the daytime events it’s also important to remember that peace and quiet won’t be found here so look for a hotel outside Paceville if you want a decent night’s rest.

Carnival in Malta

Nadur Gozo

Carnival celebrations in Nadur are slightly different to the rest of Malta, so if you want to travel away from the mainstream then this carnival is the place to go. Traditionally a silent event with much more gothic masks and themes than seen at the other events; however it has since become a carnival of choice for the locals keeping an authentic feel to the event. Now it takes on a more exciting party atmosphere than convention but still remains the alternative choice for those heading to a Maltese carnival.

Carnival in Malta

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