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Hodges Bay Hotel and Spa

Antigua, Caribbean
Soldiers Bay

This lovely hotel is in Soldiers Bay. A total of 78 units are available for guests' convenience at Hodges Bay Hotel & Spa. No pets are allowed on the premises.

Due to the surrounding area and the number of steps around the hotel, it may not be suitable for those with mobility difficulties.

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TripAdvisor Review

Relaxing and exclusive

Review by HLTxx1 west sussex

This place has a feeling of exclusivity giving the fact there are not to many rooms you always feel like there’s a lot of space to just relax. We were a family with 2 young children and I could not recommend any more the family pool for small children. It has lots of shallow areas making it very safe...

It was warm at all times of the day and we found staff at the hotel to be very warm and friendly with us and our children.

This place does not feel like a typical hotel it feels like you own a property and live there. The rooms are large spacious and spotlessly clean, ours had a kitchen which was very handy with children. We never had any issues with housekeeping and our room was always done by lunch time.

The food was above average at every meal and the staff would happily adjust the menu for our children if we requested it. The main restaurant was so relaxing the sound of the waves and the space. Both restaurants had fabulous staff and they went out of there way for us to enjoy the experience.

The boat over to the hotels private island it is stunning over there! Aqua beautiful crystal clear water. Rum punch and reggae music. It’s a piece of paradise.

This place is not a typical Caribbean hotel it’s a contemporary sophisticated place to stay with a calm relaxing vibe. It has everything you need to enjoy a relaxing stay. Overall we had a fantastic holiday I can only speak for ourselves, any personal issues we may of had we took up with the new manager who was fantastic and did everything to ensure we had the best holiday.

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TripAdvisor Review

Don't know where the negative comments come from.

Review by BoncolaNYC New York City, New York

My wife and I recently returned from a great stay at Hodges Bay Resort 8/17-8/25/21. We found the food to be excellent along with the service. Ocean view rooms are beautiful, tennis court and gym well maintained...

Did not visit the spa. PCR tests are avaliable at the resort for your return trip home. The staff could not be more accommodating. Looking forward to next time. RaymondB NYC

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TripAdvisor Review

Major disappointment--avoid!

Review by Souza-Estef Melbourne, Australia

Let me start by saying that some of the staff seemed to be trying to make guests' experiences better. While that made a minor difference, I would not recommend this hotel to anyone. We booked 9 nights in an ocean-front suite, expecting a 5-star experience based on the price, website and prior reviews. This review is structured somewhat chronologically, but mainly from worst to subpar-but-not-terrible experiences, as I'm sure many readers will only make it so far. On our 6th day, housekeeping came to clean our room—side note: one person would “clean” our one-bedroom/two-bathroom suite in about 20 minutes every day; if only they could teach me their turbo-cleaning ways! She swapped out the sheets for new ones and “did” the bathroom … refer to the photos below. The second bathroom in our suite remained smelly and stuffy as water had been leaking since we arrived, leaving a perpetual puddle (even after maintenance came to “fix it”). That afternoon, after realizing the place wouldn’t improve, I went to the reception to ask whether we could get a refund for the last 3 nights if we checked out early...

The receptionist told me she would speak to her supervisor and get back to me that evening. The receptionist never got back to us. However, she called me the next morning to inform me that "unfortunately" they'd re-booked our room as we'd told them we'd check out early (mind you, we never actually said we’d check out early, and if you have any doubt about guests checking out early, you should confirm before re-booking a room). She added that they'd also be "unable" to refund us for the last 3 nights. I won't get into the details, but they ended up "figuring out" how to let us stay in our room. Later that day I again went to the reception looking for a supervisor/manager to speak to. I was told the managers had already left for the day as it was after 5 pm. Apparently, the managers in this hotel don't work after a certain time on the weekends, despite having a full house of guests! I was introduced to a guest services person who attentively listened to my concerns and resolved some of the issues (our room was assigned a “better” housekeeping servicer, and we received a box of coffee pods—more on the coffee below). On our second night there, we were supposed to have dinner at the “impeccable fine dining restaurant” by a “world-renowned” chef, NaCl. My partner had reserved with the receptionist, but upon arrival we were told we didn’t have a reservation. While they were able to seat us, we were also informed there was no bartender that night, so drinks would be limited. I do need to call out a particularly helpful and efficient server/butler/everything-doer. Jeffrey was the highlight of our trip and possibly one of the only redeeming qualities of this place (along with the beautiful scenery of the country and the general friendliness of the staff). He served us that night at NaCl and otherwise tried to make sure we had a good experience at the hotel. Unfortunately, there’s not much he can do to turn around a hotel that lacks good management. Also calling out Ecclesiastes from guest services, as she was helpful and attentive. In addition to fixing a few things during our stay, she followed up with us and (full disclosure) managed to get us a refund to compensate some of our troubles.

Other things to consider when deciding whether you should waste your money at Hodges Bay Resort:

Barely any pressure in the shower Terrible quality linens (fine for a low-star hotel, but this is supposed to be “boutique luxury” with “5-star service”) Same menu every night at the main restaurant. The other restaurant is reservation-only, quite small and not open every night. There is also a bar supposedly serving tapas, but that seemingly is only open a couple nights a week. Breakfast (the complimentary meal) is a struggle. Getting a table and reasonably quick service is almost impossible: one day we waited close to 45 minutes just for a pot of coffee. You can serve yourself from the buffet, but hurry because if something runs out, it may be an hour before they refresh it. You can order a-la-carte, but sit tight because it’s going to take another hour before a lame stack of three small pancakes arrives on a tin side-plate. ~275ml bottles of water at the pool/beach cost US$5.80. Good luck trying to get bottled water or other drinks (coffee!) in your room, as the mini fridge and coffee pods are never refreshed unless you call repetitively asking for such The two times I swung by, people sat/hovering around the pool bar were half guests, half staff (and I don’t mean staff working the bar) On morning walks to the gym, you may encounter last night’s mess at the secondary/kid-friendly pool—refer to photo below Don’t expect updated rooms or furnishings; I’d be surprised if anything has been updated since the opening in 2019 (other than the spaceman, of course, which is definitely not worth it!)

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TripAdvisor Review

Avoid this hotel! Honest reviews are being taken down.

Review by c181818 Brooklyn, New York

Ever wonder how you check the reviews for a hotel, see they're great online and then experience the exact opposite? We did too. In this case, the owner, Jeff Wellemeyer, is reporting and having unfavorable reviews taken down. See below for our honest experience...

As other reviewers have stated, this resort is far from the advertised five-star accommodations. Given the service (or lack thereof), this is more like a one-star or two-star resort, a place to sleep at best. Upon check in, we were surprised to find that the room was not upgraded (as guaranteed in our booking) and that the room had a smell of mildew. We quickly also learned that the facilities are not maintained - no shower pressure, a leaky shower floor, holes in the walls, dirty room service dishes left littering the floor, no turnover service/cleaning – most definitely not the luxurious accommodations advertised. To add insult to injury, the front desk provided no assistance during our stay and was even a hindrance at times. Every time we asked a question, the answer, if provided at all, was inconsistent and contradictory. Booking tours/excursions near impossible to accomplish. The one excursion we booked through them, we were not advised on what to expect/bring, despite inquiring, constantly being assured all we needed to do was show up for the cab. We also could not even get menus or operating hours for the ONE restaurant open daily. Eating at the restaurant was also frustrating- service was painfully slow if you could get a waiter/waitress’s attention at all. Booking the covid test for departure was also a fiasco. We were told we would get an email; we did not get an email. Then we were told the nurse would only come on a specific day, forcing us to alter our excursion plans. The day that the nurse was scheduled to arrive, she was 90 minutes late, again forcing us to scramble and change our plans. Upon check-out, we discovered that the “complementary” covid test was not so. The only positive aspect of our stay was the few attentive staff members managing the pool bar and the water sports. Given the price point, you would expect more from this resort.

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TripAdvisor Review


Review by adekuf London, United Kingdom

We stayed at the hotel for 10nights in August and it is certainly nowhere close to a 5 star experience and a MASSIVE rip-off. I have written this review because I am very surprised that this hotel continues to receive positive reviews, which I can only assume, are sponsored.

Lets start at check-in – No welcoming drink after a long day travelling from the London. No map & tour of the premises...

We were told there were three restaurants open – I had to keep on asking for location/ opening times/ facilities and activities available in the hotel, as information was so sketchy. You were left to your own devices to figure things out.

In reality there was only one restaurant open – and the service was chaotic. It was a running joke in our family to see how many of your food orders they will actually remember. We left the restaurant many times with only half of our order fulfilled. Breakfast was particularly worse - from what I could see they were low on staff and the same staff working in the restaurant were also attending to the room service orders which meant that you would place an order for e.g. a pot of tea and the next minute see the same staff walking out with a room service tray. Lets just say your breakfast will be long finished before your beverage arrives. Items also frequently ran out at the buffet and you constantly had to request … it was so exhausting.

Housekeeping was appalling. Rooms were not properly serviced & only given a cosmetic wipe. We had used glasses for 3 days that were not taken away. I eventually left by the door so that they could be changed. The shower gel in our bathroom was never replenished despite it been obviously empty. We had to keep ringing reception to request replenishment. There was a day our room was not cleaned till 7.30pm - somehow it had been missed despite the fact we had been out of the room since breakfast.

There was only one bar open – which meant that unless you were by the Adult pool then you had a very very long wait if you ordered a drink. Apart from the fact that staff had the additional walk to get to the bar, I also noticed that they would hang out & chat with other staff at the bar before fulfilling your order. We ended up walking to the bar ourselves – it just wasn’t worth the wait!

The premises itself was not kept very tidy. We went to the gym every morning and it was obvious it was not maintained regularly through the day – dirty towels /full bins/ no water etc. – yet another call to reception to assist. Our room was overlooking the main pool & we only saw it cleaned once in the 10 days we were there. There was a used facemask floating in the pool for the last 3 days we were there. I saw several parents mention this to the pool staff (I was done by this time), but nothing was ever done to remove it.

Some of the staff was very nice and helpful while some were just “uninterested”. A special call out to Tango – he brings so much energy to the place and works very hard.

My advice will be to save your money & go elsewhere – this hotel is not worth the hype!!!!!

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