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Bay Gardens Resort and Spa

Saint Lucia, Caribbean
Rodney Bay

Enjoying an enviable beachfront location in the popular resort of Rodney Bay, the 4-star Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa is often referred to as one of the best hotels in St. Lucia, offering direct access to picturesque Reduit Beach. Renowned for its impeccable service and a wide selection of amenities including a lagoon style pool with a whirlpool island, this hotel is the perfect choice for your stay on the idyllic island of St. Lucia.

With so many delicious dining options in Rodney Bay Village, Bay Gardens Resort offers a Dine Around option for stays of seven nights or over which allows you the opportunity to dine at a choice of 7 restaurants for up to three meals per stay, with transportation included.

Accommodation at the Bay Gardens Resort & Spa:

Traditional air-conditioned garden view rooms are en-suite and equipped with ceiling fans and timbered private balconies/verandas. All rooms are equipped with cable TV and a DVD player. Pool view and beachfront rooms are available at a supplement.

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  • Lagoon style Swimming Pool
  • 2 Beachfront restaurants
  • Bar/Lounge
  • Spa*
  • Jacuzzi*
  • FREE Wi-Fi
  • *Some facilities may incur an additional fee

The Local Area

Enjoying an enviable beachfront location in the popular resort of Rodney Bay, the 4-star Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa is often referred to as one of the best hotels in St. Lucia, offering direct access to picturesque Reduit Beach. Renowned for its impeccable service and a wide selection of amenities including a lagoon style pool with a whirlpool island, this hotel is the perfect choice for your stay on the idyllic island of St. Lucia.

Trip Advisor Reviews

TripAdvisor Review

Very sad

Review by DrJhealth Los Angeles, California

We booked this hotel based on the amazing reviews and thought the trip would be smooth, laid back, and fun. Upon our return to the United States, we are still trying to wrap our heads around what happened.

Very disappointed with our stay, did not have fun b/c we had to stay on property the entire time and could not leave. Only option for a tour was through the hotel, and only option was the catamaran tour around the bay...

Can’t believe we spent thousands of dollars to do a once-in-a-lifetime trip to a beautiful island only to be unable to do anything other than swim in the resort pool or go to beach area in front of the resort. So, so sad.

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Offer to bring the standards up

Review by Mitchhut Iwade, United Kingdom

I visited the Bay Gardens Resort and Spa in November 2019 with my family, and we fell in love with the Island and its people, the experience was fantastic, and we really enjoyed our holiday. Although there were a few issues we found which I believe could be easily sorted, so making your hotel the place to visit on the Island. I decided that instead of sharing these issues on social media for everyone to see like most people would, to report these to the hotel manager while at the hotel so giving the hotel a chance to rectify these issues...

The issues were seen mainly in the department’s housekeeping, restaurants and kitchen.

On arrival after a long flight we were welcomed by reception which was how it should be making the guest feel welcome, and relaxed, but when got to our rooms housekeeping and not put pillow cases on and the robes were missing, I rang reception and they arranged for them to be delivered, but what would have been nice was someone to offer to put the pillow cases on, therefore going that extra mile for guests. During our stay some plantain and tomato relish was delivered to our room we tried some but did not eat all so after 3 day the tomato relish had mould growing on it, this was not noticed by housekeeping so in the end I had to ask reception to have it removed, which took two days.

My daughter’s room had a problem with the toilet, the toilet was flowing all the time, making a very loud noise. We reported this and when we came back it seemed to be fixed. That night the pressure built up so much in the toilet, that during the night the lid of the tank popped open making massive noise and waking my daughter up as the toilet proceeded to making an even louder noise, so keeping her awake throughout the night- this wouldn’t of happened if it had been fixed in the first place. All these little issues for housekeeping are about paying attention to the details.

We went to the Hi Tide restaurant and bar, the food on the first night was great so I thought we are in for a wonderful stay, the bar staff are brilliant with the guests, but after that things went downhill with HI Tide.

• Food was coming out cold • Once starters had been cleared, we would wait 1 hour or more for the main course to arrive and other guests commented on this • Breakfast was good although when I asked if there was any bacon on the buffet, I was told we only offer it 3 times a week, but then the chef got told off for being honest with guests • On one occasion the buffet room was filing up with smoke so I pointed out to the restaurant supervisor that the lady cooking the eggs had the griddle to hot, so the oil was burning as soon as she started to cook the eggs, turning it down would stop the smoke. • The Hi Tide restaurant was closed one night so we decided to go to the Seagrapes beach bar, and everybody was unhappy about the menu on offer it was as follows; Starters Pumpkin soup Seafood Chowder Tossed salad Tomato and mozzarella cheese salad

Entrée BBQ Chicken BBQ Ribs Seaford au gratin Steamed fish Partiote

Sides (Choice any 2) Scalped Potatoes Steam veg Creole Rice & Beans Corn on the cob

So to break down this menu, for starters you have 2 soups on offer and 2 salads, we ordered both salads and they were the same but the tossed salad just had cheese added. For the main course I had the Seafood au gratin, sorry to say this was really bad and we didn’t eat it.

On this evening a couple were playing the keyboard and singing, they were good but the problem was the staff standing around talking whilst the hotel music was still playing over the couple performing, I had to ask the staff to turn it off or down as nobody could hear the performance.

Other issues with the restaurant and kitchen included; • Whilst having dinner in Hi Tide we ordered some drinks and my wife’s drink did not arrive, so we waited about 40 minutes so my wife and got her drink from the bar • One lunch time the waitress was taking our order, my wife was in the middle of giving her order when the waitress just turned away and sat down some other guest then came back to finish taking order with no apology, which is actually quite rude towards customers. • We were asked by management to try the Seagrapes again which said yes we would, so went one lunchtime got there about 12.15, but the waitress said the chef is not ready, so I asked how long, and was told 13.00hrs or 13.15hrs so went back to Hi tide- but we were told the restaurant was open from 12pm. IN catering if you open at 12pm you have to be ready for the customers you cant ask them to wait around. • On our first visit to Hi tide we got offered the daily menu and the other menu that does not change, after this there was no daily menu offered but it was shown on the board. • The Lobster menu was good other than the lobster I was given was over cooked, when serving lobster it is best to take the meat out the shell and the put in back in to serve as for customers getting the meat out of the shell is very hard. • We sat around the pool and I noticed a health and safety issue which was some tiles on the edge of the pool were broken and this could cause a trip hazard, a few days later it was still not repaired so I had to report it, even though the hotel staff walk around the pool on a daily basis. I Have been in the hospitality trade for over 30 years and worked with some of the best, I offered my services to bring the standards up but his got ignored shame

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Review by acress2020 Castries, St. Lucia

What’s it like to be ‘COVID QUARANTINED’ on the island of St Lucia? Boring, mmm….? ….well, it depends on the hotel where you are confined!

In my opinion Bay Gardens Resort is de hotel to spend those 14 days!

Imagine having met all the travel restriction requirements (according to the island’s Ministry of Tourism) – including a negative COVID-19 test, but still ordered to be quarantined for 14 days (at your own expense, I might add).

Not good!!

But…. the hour-long beautiful ‘scenic view’ drive from Vieux Fort airport to the Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa (Gros islet), seemed to have been a precursor for what was to come.

As if like clockwork, stepping out of the taxi I couldn’t ignore the overwhelming warmth, not only from the weather but also from Bay Gardens staff (security, front desk and others)...

Even if I still suffered from grumpiness at the prospects of the 2 weeks quarantine which lie ahead (…and perhaps contemplating the next flight out), the front desk staff began the ‘change of mindset’. (Lol, you have to experience this yourself, otherwise you may think that I am exaggerating or maybe too easy to please)

Then, just when I thought, wow, what a pleasant welcome, an unassuming lady (appearing almost as a reincarnation of my own mum who passed about 14 years ago) approached me. “Good afternoon sir, and welcome to Bay Gardens Resort…” she uttered in a soft, polite, yet authoritative maternal voice.

Yes, that was the General Manager (GM) – Ms. Patrick! A remarkably humble yet penetrating character of a woman.

Straight away, that ‘humility trait’ jumped out at me because, not many General Managers of hotels in particular, somehow don’t attempt to impose their “look at me, I am the GM of this hotel”, position (whether intentionally or otherwise). It was certainly refreshing…..

From that very moment until the next 13 days, I was treated as a son, colleague, employee and best friend. To the GM, as well as all other hotel staff (can’t forget the Chefs, especially Peter - you are the finest!), though in reality I was a guest, that, to them was last of all.

And just in case you are wondering, that same treatment was extended to all guests, even as the house filled up.

Now, I recognize that not everyone will be equally satisfied, but I was 100% satisfied! Put it that way, the only hint of quarantine was the twice a day temperature checks – and Nurse Dolly was never less than jovial.

In my opinion the entire package (service, food, amenities....) was outstanding.

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The Best Resort I've Stayed at

Review by mebea London, United Kingdom

Where do I start? We tend to prefer to try different hotels whenever we travel and we always agreed that we would visit different Caribbean countries. However, Bay Gardens Beach Resort changed our minds. We will definitely be returning to this resort and won't be staying anywhere else in St...

Lucia. Our stay there was wonderful. We went to St. Lucia to get married and stayed at Bay Garden Beach Resort for the first 10 days of our stay and then moved to another much more expensive hotel with a reputation as being one of the most luxurious on the island. However, despite its price and reputation that resort was a massive disappointment and in our estimation it could never compare to Bay Gardens Beach Resort. Firstly, the team was incredibly warm, welcoming and friendly. They were very attentive. It sounds very cliche and a bit hyperbolic, but there really was a family feel. They are family friendly and actually like kids (it's always clear which hotels like kids and which just tolerate them). You get to know the staff and they know you - you don't feel like yet another faceless guest. The proximity to the beach for all the rooms is fantastic. We had seven rooms booked for family and friends, 5 of the rooms were beach front and we all quite literally had the beach outside our door - 10 paces and you were on the sand, a little further and you were in the sea. Our friends who booked a pool view had an amazing view from their rooms (I think 2nd or 3rd floor), not a view of just of the pool but of the beach and the horizon - beautiful. And they had just a 2-3 minute walk to the beach. The pool was great, clean and a good size with even a mini waterfall. Having drinks by the pool while the kids splashed about to the sounds of soca music was idyllic. We booked a suite. We were lucky to get a buy one night get one free, which meant that by booking this deal directly with the hotel, a suite worked out more or less the same price as just a room on the popular hotel websites. The suite was great for entertaining friends and family who visited us while we were there and was a good size, very roomy, perfect for my husband and I and our 1 year old and 7 year old. And perfect for preparing on the day of our wedding. I had a hair stylist, a make-up artist, my two bridesmaids, parents, 3 flower girls and my own 2 kids and it never felt cramped. The bed was a good size, and quite often we all ended up sleeping on it comfortably. The kitchen had what we needed, though we didn't use it often to prepare food as we tended to eat in the restaurants. I had family staying at two of the other hotels in the group and I loved the fact that there was a free shuttle bus they could take to us and that they could use the pool and restaurant. The free shuttle will also take guests to town and back again. We didn't use their weddings services an instead used a wedding planner but this didn't affect they way they dealt with us at all. At the other resort we stayed at, they seemed to take umbrage at the fact that we hadn't used their services. I did get to see a couple of weddings held at Bay Gardens Beach Resort and they looked great; they even had the same DJ I used. I rarely use hotel spa facilities, but as I did here. I had a massage, a facial, a pedicure and a manicure. I'm often disappointed with massages, but it was perfect and the other services were excellent too. They even replaced my smudged nail polish on the morning of my wedding without charge. There were very few negatives. For us there were only a couple of issues. We found the food in the restaurants for lunch and dinner disappointing. Breakfast was great, and cocktails too but the other meals were not as exciting. However, this was of little importance bearing in mind how seriously they took our children's' allergies and the fact they made a great effort to ensure we had options for them. The other issue I had was that in my suite there was a washing machine but I couldn't access it as it was in a cupboard that had a lock on it. When I enquired, I was told that the in-room washing machine was only for their time-share guests. There are facilities for washing but they requires coins and aren't as convenient as having a machine in the room. Reception are happy to give change for the machines and sell detergent. I just felt that whatever is in a room should be available for any guest who's paying for the room. However, I really can't complain about this too much as it was insignificant bearing in mind the many ways in which Bay Gardens Beach Resort is perfect. All in all, I really can't praise the resort enough. We loved it. I'm sure you will too.

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Beautiful Property

Review by furil Detroit, Michigan

This was our second stay, and again, not disappointed. The staff are all wonderful and helpful, I don't believe "no" is in their vocabulary. Our one bedroom suite was clean and very comfortable with everything one could want for a week or longer stay...

Walking around the grounds is like walking in a botanical garden with most of the vegitation placard with its information. A nice pool area and a great beach. The resort is within walking distance to local restaurants and a free shuttle is available to the sister resort which is a couple minute walk to a fully stocked market. This is a go to resort.

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