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Hersonissos Palace

Greece, Europe

The modern and elegant hotel Hersonissos Palace enjoys an excellent location in Hersonissos, on the north coast of the Greek island of Crete. It features a postmodern architectural style with elements of Greek neoclassical buildings. Guests will appreciate a wide variety of first-class services and amenities such as the lounge bar on the first floor with panoramic sea views. The largest beach of Hersonissos is only 60 metres away; the town centre, famous for its nightlife, can be reached within a few minutes' walk. A wonderful place to experience traditional Cretan hospitality.

Due to the surrounding area and the number of steps around the hotel, it may not be suitable for those with mobility difficulties.

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  • Mobile phone coverage
  • Wired Internet
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  • Medical service
  • Lift access
  • Garden
  • Bicycle storage
  • Gym*
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Trip Advisor Reviews

TripAdvisor Review

Very good

Review by unegok

I just came in yesterday with my Fiancé and i am impressed by the service and the quality of the food . From the réception to the man taking our luggages in the room .they are a bunch of nice people . I am more than happy. Am still there till 14.9 and will update the review. Thanks for making my honeymoon beautiful

TripAdvisor Review

Very disappointing experience

Review by ralucaileanal Romania

We have traveled as a large group of 10 people and booked an all inclusive package at Hersonissos Palace hotel for 7 nights. After filling in the needed documents for the check-in the receptionist told us that the hotel was overbooked and they needed to move us to another hotel (Silva Beach, ~10 min distance by car) telling us that there will be no waiting time as Silva Beach has everything prepared, the rooms are ready and additionally they could offer us a complementary massage. WRONG! It was all just a very unprofessional manner of handling this situation, lying to us and letting us wait for several hours (from 10 am till 3 PM) till the rooms were ready, finding all sorts of excuses...

Basically that day was a waist of time and money. After 2 days we moved to Hersonissos Palace were the rooms were nothing but old, with obsolete furniture, smelly bathroom and not even closer to what you might expect from a 5 star hotel. It is worth mentioning that we received the best rooms in the hotel as the staff mentioned. Don't wanna know how the low standard rooms looked like. In terms of services I was disappointed by the fact that we couldn't receive a lunch box for the days in which we booked long trips scheduled for the entire day and we weren't able to reach the hotel for lunch or/and dinner. They mentioned that they had this option only for 3 trips and basically everything outside this list wasn't eligible for this type of service.

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TripAdvisor Review

Best beach bar

Review by R1402DTlukaszs

Very good and proffesional service, friendly manager Mixalis in ,,Know bar". They have vedy good drinks. We spent here beautlful time...

If you want to spent great time come to Mixalis beach bar with beautiful view.

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TripAdvisor Review

Bad experience! Wouldn’t recommend!

Review by 735andrat

Very smelly rooms, like sewage and mold, we couldn’t stay indoors with the windows closed. Old furniture, bedsheets and towels. The cleanliness was only apparent, there was dust on the hair dryer and behind the tv. The ventilation in the bathroom was broken-in all of the rooms, not only ours! The main courses were ok, in some days enough options to choose from, but the desserts and the coffee were dissapointing. Plus, when we arrived, the hotel was overbooked, so they moved us in another hotel, but only for 2 nights, a group of 10...nice way to start our vacation with... For me it was the worst experience with a hotel in Greece. Wouldn’t recommend, wouldn’t ever come back!

TripAdvisor Review

Not a 5 star hotel!!!

Review by funkychuck28 Munich, Germany

Here we go!


So I really don't know who gives the stars to the hotels in Greece, let's call them The Board of Hotel Star Giving.

This Board either:

  1. Was birbed with a considerable amount of money
  2. Consists of people who have no idea about the hotel bussiness 3...

Gives stars randomly 4. Has been living under a rock for the past 30 odd years

How on Earth do you give five stars to this hotel is really beyond me. This si the best case of false advertising if I ever saw one. The social media promotional material depicted this hotel as one of the fancier places on Crete. Upon arrival the reality was far from it. This hotel is not worth, 5 stars, it is not worth 4 stars either. It is a 3 star hotel at best masquerading as a 5 star.

It is much like one of those Instagram models with perfect lives. An outstanding looking person who has it all, only good things happen to them and everybody loves them. Untill you meet them, and realize that you are talking to a depressed borderline alcoholic who is good with Instagram filters and makeup.


So the rooms are outdated but serve a purpose. Just the fact that the furniture looks like my grandma's house says it all. It is chipped in every place it can be chipped, the surfaces are scratched all over, and the curtains were not changed since the hotel was first opened. The placement of utilities such as power outlets tells you that the hotel was not updated since the time before people used cellphones extensively because there are no bed side power outlets. I had to charge my phone on the other side of the room.

The bathroom is outdated and should be renovated as well, the rooms are kept clean by the ever present cleaning staff that comes in your room unannounced and uninvited. Only the third day we found the "do not disturb" signs. And it is not that they were placed somewhere in a drawer in our room. They were placed on some tables in the hallways, I saw them only by accident the second or third day of our 10 day stay. Otherwise we had to be done and gone from the room before the cleaning lady came and each day it was a gamble because they came at totaly random times. If we were not she would be angry. And I don't blame the poor girls. She is probably on a daily quota and has a lot to do. The hotel seems chronilcy understaffed. Staff is another point to which I'll get to in a minute.


The hotel is really well placed, it is really 200 meters from the beach which is nice. But their panoramic view (as they advertised) left much to be desired. The view we had was to the back yard of another hotel and a car rental service. Only to the far left we could make out the sea. Get out of the hotel, head down the street and you'll get to the Know Bar, which is a beach bar owned by the hotel. It is actually a highlight of the place. You get the view of the sea while enjoying your drinks. We went all inclusive. Which means you have some generic brand drinks, with generic brand liquor, beer is local, and if you want a proper cocktail with all the bells and whistles, you pay extra. The pool bar is basically the same, with an exception of ice cream that is all inclusive only from 16-17 in the afternoon, and reason for that is known only to the management. It is a generic brand ice cream but actually OK. Anythig else you pay extra. On to the...


Food is OK. Nothing special, really. It has enough diversity for everyone to find something, but nothing like on the pictures you see on social media.

Overall impression

Talking about the overall image. The hotel is in the state of disrepair. Many things could be fixed and not just made functional until they brake down again. Many things could be cleaned a bit better so they look nice, and a LOT of things could be replaced. The building should be closed for a season, overhauled and updated so it actually looks like a 5 star hotel. The lobby actually looks nice, but that is where the niceness stops and once you enter your room, you get hit with the harsh reality. The hotel has two outside pools and an inside one. The latter is closed due to Covid restrictions so is the gym and the billard hall.

What I find good it that they have loads of hand desinfection stations throughout the hotel, every table has one bottle of hand sanatizer and they offer a free mask on reception, every bar and restaurant. I should point out that wearing a mask indoors IS MANDATORY and that to much people are very disobedient to that. The hotel staff should really enforce that rule more.


I didn't forget abut them. They are the second actual highlight of the place. Charismatic bunch of friendly guys and gals doing their best to make our stay as confy and care free as possible. Some are more talkative than others, but all are very professionall, just as nice and do a stand up job and service. Shout out to Costa, Mike, Mikhaliss, Anissa, Johnny, Anna and Nina. Also the graveyard shift receptionist who is a really nice guy and should be promoted to dayshift and the very helpful and friendly door man. I didn't catch their names unfortunately. Cleaning ladyes: hats off to you all. I saw one of them running around the halls, she was all wet from sweat. These girls have a huge work load. Thank you! Sometimes they were angry and nervous, and who could blame them, the hotel is obviously uderstaffed and they are surely underpayed for what they do. BUT, they are a mighty force of a staff to be reckoned with and they have my biggest thanks.

Also a part of the staff is their manager. I didn't like the guy. He was always nervous, never smiled, and was really rude to the staff. Dude, if you want to yell at your employee (which you shouldn't do at all) pull him to the side and talk to him. Don't scream at them in front of everyone. Also, if you spent more time making a plan to improve your hotel, instead of screaming at your staff, me and many others, would actually recommend staying in this hotel.


Look, I get it! Maybe I am too harsh at times. For the money we payed we can not expect flamencos serving us cocktails, cakes made by forest faries and blessed by unicorns, and pianos shooting kanapes directly into our mouths. BUT - you can not advertize something as a brick of gold and once you scratch the surface you see that it is just painted lead. It served its purpose, it gave me a place to stay, it fed me and kept me clean. I was out most of the day anyway. One can actually stay in this hotel. It is not such a crazy house. It could be characterized as a decent 3 star hotel. It is just not what it is made out to be. My point in all of this is that I felt deceived by their promotional materials and that they should either dail it back and tell the truith or shell out the money and make the rooms and everything actually look like a 5 star hotel.

Long story short:

  1. Hersonissos Palace is not a 5 star hotel. It is a 3 star in all reality.
  2. False advertising is strong with this one
  3. It serves a purpose if you don't mind the outdated rooms and disrepair.
  4. THE STAFF IS AWESOME!!! They are the backbone of this hotel! They need a raise and more new collegues!
  5. That manager dude needs to dail back the temper and be more professional.

Otherwise my holydays were great. I love Greece, Crete, the people, their temperamet and how proud they are of their rich and beutifull history and culture. It pains me to have to write such a review but I can only tell the truith. It should not keep you away from having a good time there.

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