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Adamis Majesty Suites

Greece, Europe

This sophisticated boutique hotel boasts an incredible situation on the Caldera Cliff in the heart of Fira, the capital city of the island. The property is just a short walk from the city's main entertainment, shopping and dining areas, and guests will find the main taxi station and several bus stations just 30 metres away. Thus, this charming and popular hotel is ideal for both business travellers and holidaymakers. All suites boast a unique style inspired in local traditions that are perfectly combined with state-of-the-art and modern elements to create a welcoming and classy atmosphere. Among other features, they include ample and luxurious private bathrooms. The hotel’s staff will surely help every visitor that needs help or advice about excursions and day trips that can be arranged on the island and its surroundings.

Due to the surrounding area and the number of steps around the hotel, it may not be suitable for those with mobility difficulties.

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  • Wi-fi
  • Car hire
  • Transfer service*
  • Room service
  • Multilingual staff
  • Supermarket
  • Sun terrace
  • Luggage room
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Trip Advisor Reviews

TripAdvisor Review

Fraudulent liars

Review by Tashabea Enfield, United Kingdom

Where do I start

First of all I cannot begin to say how disappointed we were staying here. We booked through booking.com and it was nit made aware on the advert it was not infact an apartment but this outdated shambles.

The communication was terrible fro. The get go...

There is no proper address listed or name of the apartments given so before our stay I messaged on booking.com and via the advertised whatsapp. No answer despite them reading the messages multiple times... I managed to get through 1 day before I arrived and was told its by Momix bar. On the day of 'check in' (I use that term lightly) I had to call multiple times before we received an answer and then when we did get through it took over 15 minutes for them to come.

When we were found. We were taken to a room that looks NOTHING LIKE THE FEW PICTURES ON BOOKING.COM completely different.

We weren't checked in or anything just shown to a room and they did not have keys at the time as the cleaning lady said another customer forgot to give her back the keys, so she gave us her set. We weren't shown how things work e.g. how to get back in after hours, what to do if we need anything, what to do at check out etc.

I spoke with the owner/manager who tried to say the images onlien were just selection of the hotel.. but on booking.com they only show 8 images of ONE room and its advertised as if its one apartment not a collection of apartments. The manager tried to say it is just a sample picture... How very convinient the only nice looking room is shown. This ruined our last few days on holiday as it was completely not what we had in mind, we had our hearts set on a certain aesthetic. I Wanted a nice place our last few days and if we saw this we would never have booked.

The manager offered to give us a refund but how would we find somewhere else so last minute.

I mean if it was made clear this is what to expect then we could've been better prepared and it wouldn't have been such a big dissapointment.

I contacted booking.com and they were not much help either, we asked to request some money back for this fraudulent place but said the manager declined and thats that... I will be taking this higher because this is false advertisement... as I said before the don't even inform you its a collection of suites or that the place is actually called 'ADAMIS MAJESTY SUITES. I am a seasoned traveller and always research extensively places I chose to stay and this place made it seem like it was a private apartment hence the no name.

To top it off the jacuzzi was dirty (we had to ask for it to be cleaned), the jacuzzi was also not hot- luke warm at best and the jetted bathtub in the bathroom and blow dryer did not work, the bed was too soft so very uncomfortable. Outdated horrible.

Such a bad experience. Fraudulent people

In my pictures I will show you what was advertised verses what we got.

DO NOT BOOK HERE IF YOU WANT A ROOM THAT LOOKS LIKE THE PICTURES THEY ADVERTISE. The suites are called ADAMIS MAJESTY SUITES, here you will find what the room really looks like.

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TripAdvisor Review

Now called Cabana 112 Cliff Suites - gorgeous!

Review by SaraDonna Belfast, United Kingdom

This hotel was fabulous the caldera view was absolutely stunning. We were on the 3rd level down (restaurant is top level, then a level of suites, then the level we were on) where there are 4 rooms all with outdoor tubs. There is a shared balcony which is beautiful to sit at to watch the sunset from...

The outdoor tub is wonderful after a hot day, it only goes to around 38C but this is extremely pleasant in the summer heat. The bedroom is large with plenty of room and the bathroom had a large jetted tub and shower. Excellent location in fira, walking distance to everything. The restaurant above the hotel is called Classico and there is a green door to the left of it that you need to open to get down to the rooms. You need to call the owner so he will come and open the door and give you a set of keys for both this and your room. There are some steps to walk down to the rooms, these were no issue for us, though they would be for someone with mobility problems. We parked at parking lot no 6 for most of the time we were here which is only a 10 minute walk away, as you can't drive to the hotel. The room is spacious, the air con was great and we found it to be very quiet in the room. Fira has lots of restaurants and bars, though they were all closing at 12 due to covid restrictions when we were there (early September 2020). All in all we loved it and would stay here again if we came back to Santorini.


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TripAdvisor Review

Worst hotel in a beautiful location of Santorini

Review by Kochchi San Franisco

Paid over $400 per night to stay, and we had the worst 4 nights. The hotel is right in Caldera, with beautiful views. However, the 6 rooms are on two levels and our room was right below the restaurant kitchen...

The owners of the hotel have rented the top floor to a restaurant. With so much noise from the restaurant kitchen was so bad, we couldn’t get any sleep during the night or day. The rooms are old and outdated, the hot tubs are cheap, plastic and barely lukewarm water. The housekeeper was really sweet, so was the guy who did everything else including carrying luggage to bringing breakfast. We take several vacations every year and our stay at this hotel was the worst ever!!

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TripAdvisor Review

Cabana Cliff 112 - Frauds Frauds Frauds!!

Review by areebasaeed

The owner of the property is the biggest FRAUD. We booked the honeymoon suite with an outdoor jacuzzi and the jacuzzi was not working, as in they kept it ON but the water was not heating up, and the problem had been there and they did not tell us and stayed quite. We only had 2 days there, so when we came back to hotel in the evening of DAY 1 and asked the workers there, they said: Oh! we will get someone tomorrow to fix or we will give you another room...

LIARSSS... Then on thee next day we had a trip and when we came back to the room there was NO ONE working there, and on asking to the workers, they said: Oh! Actually IT CANNOT BE REPAIRED, it is just like this now with a HEHEHE smiling weird face. Also they said we are all booked and there is no other room. Then we called the owner, he kept rushing the call and said talk to the workers there and the workers always said they cannot do anything... so he was just making a FOOL of us. Also he gave his number in contact info, and on calling he kept whining and yelling like I am in Athens with my family and you keep calling, how can I do something n bla bla.... Dudee if you were not on work you were not supposed to give your number for contact. PATHETIC CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! We called him 3,4 times and he committed us to pay back 100€ and promised. Then we flew back next day and he NEVERRRR gave us back the money, also he BLOCKED our contact number to avoid communication. And even Booking.com could not do anything because there was no proof of his words and Fraud.... if we knew about his liess we would have recorded the call.... how would we know such pathetic would be running the entire hotels in city center.

Also our AirConditioner started leaking water suddenly.

But such miscommitmnet and misconduct was extremely unbearable. It was a lot of money, we paid almost 400€ for 2nights in the hotel and this is what we got!!!


Also when we called on other contact numbers, all sounded same, I also think he just fakes to be so many people and actually he owns all contact numbers and just operates them this badly.

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TripAdvisor Review

Friendly, clean, and beautiful hotel

Review by Betsy C Chicago, Illinois

We were blown away by the view, hospitality, and comfort of this hotel. From the first day, the staff was warm, helpful and truly valued our business. I could not recommend this hotel enough...

It is in city center, which was perfect if you want to explore Fira.

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