An evening out in Malta

Paceville & St Julian’s Bay

Located in northern Malta, this is where you will find most of the lively nightlife and these are the usual suspects for a good night out. Paceville is the place to be seen and here you really can party into the early hours, so if you want clubs and bars make sure you visit. It is not really a village but more a leisure area, and five minutes to the east you will find St Julian’s Bay. Although you will find the usual types of bars and clubs, even the raucous Paceville has some more unusual places to spend the evening. The nightlife in Malta usually starts around 10:30 and within an hour the clubs will be busy. For the best nights out you will find that weekends will have a little more to offer.

Paceville is situated west of St Julian’s Bay between Spinola Bay and Dragonara Point, it is busy, energetic and most of all fun. Most of the venues can be found in the four streets that surround the main square, but aside from the usual nightclubs and discos you can find yourself in a piano bar, sports bar, salsa bar, rock bar or casino. And if a quieter night out is more your thing then Paceville also has a bowling alley and cinema. However, if you want to avoid the crowds then this is not the place for you.

St Julian’s Bay is also the party mecca of Malta and offers many lively clubs and bars but here you will find the long standing Muddy Waters bar that overlooks Balluta Bay. It opened its doors over fifteen years ago, and this rock and blues bar offers great music with a fantastic atmosphere. Many of Malta’s top bands have graced the stage here so look out for phenomenal music. If you want to see live music then make sure you visit on a Saturday. St Julian’s Bay is also the home to the Dragonara Casino, which is one of the biggest and most famous casinos in Malta and has been running for fifty years. So if you fancy a flutter inside a spectacular 19th century building then this could be the night out for you.

Much quieter than Paceville, the capital city of Valletta has much to offer for a night out beyond a bar or club, and the historic city is beautiful at night. Malta is full of music and there are lots of bars that have Jazz nights with live music, and acoustic gigs are very popular. So if local live music is your thing then Valletta is the place to spend your evening. Café Jubilee is a chain bar that is very popular in Malta they are bistros with the décor and style of the 1930s, a little different from your usual venue on the island, here you will discover good food and regular live music to keep you entertained. If you want good views of Valletta and a calmer nightlife than Paceville and St Julian’s Bay then travel to Sliema where you can enjoy the peaceful sight of the boats docked in the bay and, of course, the fantastic view of Valletta in the distance.

Open air clubs

During the summer season open air clubs are huge in Malta and this is when the clubbing scene goes outdoors. The clubs are large venues and you can find them all over the island, but the two most popular are Numero Uno, which can be found in the Ta’ Qali’s Craft Village, and the Bedouin Bar, which is in St Julian’s. If you are looking for a huge dance floor with the latest dance, RnB, and house music then Numero Uno is the place for you, but if you want something a little more stylish then look to the Bedouin Bar. It is very fashionable and more relaxed than Numero Uno, you are more likely to experience a slightly older crowd and a calmer club. Enjoy a cocktail at the water’s edge with old friends and new.