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Top 10 scenic sights in Malta

1. Blue Grotto

This spectacular sight can be found on the south coast of Malta just east of the Wied iz Zurrieq harbour, in a village called Qrendi. The Blue Grotto is really a series of caves that are already quite stunning to visit, but from around sunrise until about 1pm the waters take on the most stunning colours. A combination of the sunlight and positioning of the caves results in colours from dark blues through to phosphorescence.

2. Fort St Angelo

Right in the centre of the Grand Harbour in Birgu you can find Fort St Angelo, which is a fortification that dates to the medieval period, although it could be much older as the exact dating of the structure is unknown. This imposing fort can be seen from Valletta and is a fantastic place to visit for its architecture and history. It also offers some splendid photo worthy views of the seascape and cities. 

3. Mdina

Rising out of the hills, the walled city of Mdina has more than its fair share of scenic views. With its winding narrow streets and spectacular architecture that has clear influences from the Arab period through to the Baroque, just wandering through the maze-like city offers a plethora of scenic views. However, if you want to take a quick refreshment break, the vantage point of the Fontanella Tea Garden makes for a great scenic stop off.

4. Azure Window

Also called the Blue Window, the Azure window is a beautiful natural structure that can be found off the west coast of Gozo.  This limestone arch is one of the most stunning views in Malta and you can get really close by either climbing the arch or simply taking in its beauty from a distance. If you take a short walk from the arch itself it is possible to take a boat ride through the caves for a closer look.

5. St Julian’s

You might be aware of St Julian’s, which is located on the northeast coast of Malta and is a complex blend of tourism and fishing village. It is a centre of nightlife in Malta and is really great for bars and restaurants. However, there are also some beautiful sights to be found in this town, one such treat is in its waters. If you visit the local diving centre it is possible to explore shipwrecks around this area. Not only this, there are also great architectural treats from neo-gothic churches through to art nouveau buildings and great bay side vistas.

6. Blue Hole

You can find The Blue Hole very close to the Azure Window, it is a formation of limestone that has created a circular rock pool. The Blue Hole has become known as one of the top ten diving sites in Europe. There are large arches underwater that can be explored with a large variety of sea life for both divers and snorkelers to enjoy. 

7. The inland sea & tunnel

Another popular scenic dive site that can be found very close to the Blue Hole is the Inland Sea and Tunnel. The Inland Sea is surrounded by high cliffs and stretches around 60 metres across. This is connected by a tunnel of around 80 metres in length that has punched its way through the cliffs to the Mediterranean on the other side. It is possible to dive this tunnel and the sea beyond but be careful as there are boats that travel along this tunnel.

8. Barrakka Gardens

The capital city of Malta has gained UNESCO World Heritage status and with good reason. Valletta has beautiful architecture and historical sights, but for really scenic views visit the Barrakka Gardens and remember to take your camera. The gardens are in two tiers, the upper and lower gardens, and the views from each give you a different perspective of the city. The lower gardens will offer you vistas of the Grand Harbour and views out to the ocean, and the upper gardens boast Fort St Angelo and the dockyards.

9. Dingli Cliffs

Taking a walk along the Dingli Cliffs is both serene and dramatic. This stretch of coastline offers fantastic views, particularly at sunset, and the cliff face is often a sheer drop of over 300 metres that is both breathtaking and dominating. There is also a small chapel on the cliffs if you want to stop in for a quick look.

10. San Anton Palace

Found in the village of Attard, San Anton Palace has a fantastic combination of history, architecture and scenic views. Construction of the palace started in 1623 and was completed in 1636 when it served as the summer home of the Grand Master of the Order of St John. Currently it is the official residence of the President. Some of the surrounding gardens are public and they boast ponds, sculptures and fountains; a peaceful and scenic treat for any day out. The interior of the palace is even grander than the exterior and has the most fabulous decorations that must be seen. 

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