Top 10 walks in Malta

The gentle effort of movement gives a reassuring sense of freedom as the soft breeze blows your hair and you smile contentedly at the wonders of the coastline. Malta isn’t always associated with walking but this misses a huge part of the countryside that makes Malta so stunning. There are some great walks on this beautiful isle and you could take a stroll by the secluded coastlines, trek the dramatic cliff tops or ramble the rugged countryside. Great for a break in the summer months but also the slightly cooler off-peak season as the temperatures dip slightly but it is still pleasant to be outside.

1. Marsascala to Marsaxlokk Bay

This is a moderately difficult rural trek that should take somewhere in the region of four hours to complete. Taking in the beautiful and varied landscapes that Malta has to offer the walk from Marsascala to Marsaxlokk Bay takes you between two harbours on the east coast of the Island and this is great for its breath taking scenery. If you start at the old Maltese fishing town of Marsascala and head towards Marsaxlokk you will pass through many places inaccessible by car, including some bays you can only visit by boat and some troglodyte dwellings that are still used. This walk lets you really get off the beaten track.

2. Valletta

This is a relatively easy walk around the beautiful city of Valletta and has huge appeal to those who want to see the great architecture of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, this city has a huge number of historic monuments in a very small area. With North African, Italian, Middle-Eastern and British influences the city has a great mix of cultures alongside the sweeping vistas of the Grand Harbour and Marsamxett Harbour.

3. Gozo coastal walk

This is a slightly more difficult series of walks and would be best described as moderate. The route is quite long but this can be split up into sections of around four hours. One of the best places to ramble is the west coast. This will take about 2 hours and is around 6km in length. Start at Rabat and head towards Ghadira ta’ Sarraflu and then on to Ras il-Wardija. Keep heading north until you reach Dwejra Bay. On your travels you will have the opportunity to see the Azure Window and Dwejra Tower as well as Ta’ Sarraflu which is a wetland area, a very rare thing in Malta.

4. Malta coastal walk

You are able to walk the entirety of the Maltese coastline and the variety that can be found from the rural countryside, to historical fortifications through to beautiful bays and sheer cliff-faces. The entirety of the coast should probably be broken down into smaller chunks of around 4-6 hours each. We really recommend that a full 13 days should take you right the way around the island with a little leisure time thrown in.

5. Zurrieq to Siggiewi

A fantastic walk that can be broken up by some swimming. This ramble will take in the south coast, will take about a day to complete and is around 14km. The views that this walk offers of the Mediterranean are glorious.

6. Victoria circular Walk

As the name suggests this walk starts and ends in Victoria and is around 5km long. Victoria is the main town on Gozo and if you walk to Wied il-Ghasri on to Xwejni bay and back to Victoria. This route will take you past the salt pans, which is believed to be the brainchild of a rich watchmaker who decided his fortune would be in salt and created these amazing vistas. You will experience some rural countryside and dramatic cliffs too.

7. Buskett Gardens & Dingli Cliffs

Start at Buskett Gardens and head towards the Ta’ San Gorg Caves. From here head towards the Dingli Cliffs and then inland back towards Buskett Gardens. This route will take you the amazing caves at Ta’ San Gorg and the highest point in Malta. It should take around 3 hours to complete.

8. The Victoria Lines

The Victoria Lines route is a bit of a mystery but one that can be unravelled if you take the time. The Victoria Lines are not marked on the map but it stretches across the whole island and you can probably mark this yourself on any map you wish to buy. The ‘Lines’ are fortified walls and trenches that are built across the island but they are broken up so you will not be able to follow them all the way without marking on a map. The walk should take somewhere around 8 hours and the walker can see as much as the country has to offer as it spans the whole of Malta!

9. Valletta to Sliema 

This is an urban walk that will take about you about five miles. At Maglio Gardens head towards the ferry terminal form here move towards the Msida Sea Front where you will find the marina, a great sight if you like yachts. From here head on to the seafront a Silema. This is a great way to see the sights and culture of a Maltese city.

10. Ta’ Cenc Cliffs

The Ta’ Cenc cliffs are a majestic sight. When in Gozo find your way to the Ta’ Cenc cliffs where you will find a cliff top footpath that will take you along the whole headland. It will take somewhere in the region of 2 hours and the views are stunning. If you are lucky you might even find a cliff top hotel for a bite to eat.