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Sirene Belek hotel

Turkey, Europe

Ideal for families, couples and lovers of sand, sea, nature and golf, this extensive resort hotel consists of the main 'Palace' building and 5 villa blocks which are located in the spacious grounds, surrounded by woodland. Offering a wide range of excellent facilities and activities, there is plenty to occupy everyone, whether it be in the wonderful Sanitas Spa, the 24hr service lobby bar or participating in the fun with the animation team. Situated in the golf haven of Belek on Turkey's Mediterranean coast, the resort is approximately 40 km from the centre of Antalya with the small towns of Kadriye and Belek within 10 km. Public transport stops at the hotel entrance and there is also a taxi rank, while car and helicopter rentals are possible from the hotel. (Some facilties may not be operational year round due to weather/seasonal conditions).

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  • Wheelchair-accessible
  • Car park
  • 24-hour reception
  • Wired Internet*
  • Wi-fi
  • Transfer service*
  • Room service*
  • Laundry service*
  • Medical service*
  • Multilingual staff
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Trip Advisor Reviews

TripAdvisor Review

Excellent trip

Review by nargiza489

Hello,im coming from Europe and having passive holiday in Sirene helped me so much,as Covid_19 gaves lots of stress and fears. Excellent foods,nice,friendly Staff especially Eda,Murat,one boy from Kazakhstan dont remember his name(sorry;(,).

Thankful for whole people who was nice during this vacance.Enjoyed a lot.If ill have a chance to come again without any doubts will be chosen the same hotel.

Good job, Stay safe.

TripAdvisor Review

2021 holiday

Review by SzymonPoldi

Hello everyone i come first time to Turkey to Sirene Belek hotel and that was the best choice. A lot od great activities, beautiful place, realy tasty food on restaurants. Special greatings for Sinan, Murat and Kalifa they are really great people!

TripAdvisor Review

Good experience of the summer hotel

Review by Angelina_kom Moscow, Russia

I stayed in the hotel for a week (16-22 of August 2021). The area of the hotel is very nice and large. My main request for the hotel was the opportunity to play tennis and have some private lessons with the instructor, so I was considering only the hotels with tennis courts...

So I would like to start my review with it.

  1. Tennis The courts were good, well-equipped, there were enough of tennis balls and a nice racket to play. Unfortunately, it was impossible to play after 8 p.m. because it got dark and no one turned the street lights in the courts. The instructor Ilya was great! He is really the best tennis instructor that I've ever met. Though he is quite young, but very-very professional, he was always polite and supporting, working on my technique. So playing tennis once, or even twice a day was my favorite part.
  2. Food. I can't say that I'm too choosy or fastidious in terms of food, but I didn't like in the restaurant. I don't eat mutton and fish, but sometimes it was hard to find just a plain piece of chicken that wasn't tasteless. I was walking rounds in the restaurant looking for something suitable and eatable for me. Some days I really stayed a little bit hungry after the meals. Fruits and vegetables were nice, side dishes quite ok. I'm not a fan of pastry and desserts, but baklava was gorgeous! And finally I found something that is really tasty in the restaurant, French fries!!! so I had to eat it every day, because it was really god. I want to mention one of the waiters who served me in the dinners, it was Arda. He was always nice, polite and courteous, asking about my day and wishing to enjoy my meal.
  3. Room. I liked my room a lot, it was spacious and light, so I could practice yoga and dance in the room. The bar was refreshed every day, so there was always water. The towels were clean and fresh. But there were two drawback. On one of the first days I stepped on a piece of glass that was on the floor near the bed. I guess someone broke something before me, and the cleaners didn't vacuum the carpet properly. I was smoking in the balcony and the ash tray wasn't cleaned every day.
  4. Bar and drinks. The choice of drinks is good, but it took me some time to find a cocktail that I would like, because the recipes were quite strange. So I always ordered Bellini in all the bars. But I was surprised that not all the barmen knew hoe to do it, even if all the ingredient were mentioned in the menu. I liked the Pier Bar a lot, because of the sea view, nice music and enough space to sit and enjoy.
  5. Beach. It was great, the sand was clean, sunbeds were not broken or damaged, the towels were provided. I liked it a lot!
  6. The last but not the least. Animation in the hotel. Its quite controversial for me. I'm quite active and like to take part in all kind the activities, but for me it wasn't clear where those activities were happening. I spent almost all day at the beach, and saw only some aqua gym in the sea. I heard about some other activities at the beach but no one ever come near to me to tell about the activities and ask to join them. I love Zumba and would like to join the class, but I never heard anyone talking about it. On one of the last days I tried to find it myself and finally joined the class. It was great, I liked the music and the moves. I attended evening activities only three times, the first night was the concert of Uliana Karaulova, the sound and performance was great, I liked it. Also I attended 2 nights with the dancing shows. They were quite interesting, but NO ONE ever come to me at the evening shows, I thought there was no animation team at all. So I stopped going there, and was hanging in the hotel bar watching videos. On one of the last days I went to try darts, it was good. And on the last day I finally was invited to take parts in some activities. It was the game on the beach (I don't know how to write the name, the game with the metal balls). It was great fun, I liked it a lot. And I went to the archery class (last year in a different hotel I tried archery and it was awesome), so I heard that there were archery classes here, but didn't know about them or saw the place. So I was determined to find it myself! It was great, I didn't regret it at all. After the class I was talking with Umut, who was responsible for the archery. He turned out to be a very nice guy who improved my opinion of the animation in the hotel.

Conclusion, I suppose it is a family hotel, and a good family hotel. As I was traveling alone it was problematic to find myself a company there. But the service, location, area and entertainment is good!

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TripAdvisor Review

holiday in sirene

Review by marinaasool Kiev Oblast, Ukraine

Enjoy your stay! Family rest The food is good, the staff is polite, the territory is green. Near the famous amusement park with shopping avenue The land of legends. It is a few minutes by taxi to the center of Belek...

There is a pier, of those hotels in the cat I rested, on which there is no platform for jumping into the water ae like ae like evening entertainment it was a good holiday thank you:)

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TripAdvisor Review


Review by Navigator37674114761 St. Petersburg, Russia

I’d like to thank the whole animation team (Murat, Talifa, Ilona, and ofc the mystical DJ) for amazing unforgettable experience that they gave us on our vacation in Sirene Hotel Belek.

Especially a big gratitude to Umut who is a really outgoing guy with a huge sense of humor. I enjoyed the archery game with Umut, who was leading the game...

He was very polite, patient and ready to share all tricks to feel skilled.

Besides, at nights, he’s kinda real party animal. Hanging out with him made me feel special and free. Being a gregarious person who enjoys parties and similar social activities, I appreciated his involvement.

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