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Cactus Mirage

Turkey, Europe

The seaside resort town of Yalikavak, located 2km away from the Cactus Mirage, is famed for its marina, a remnant of its history as a fishing port. With sandy beaches lining its coastline, a lively Thursday bazaar and superb views from the Panormus rock caves, the town is popular with locals and tourists alike. On the outskirts of the town, a group of old stone windmills and the abandoned village of Sandima offer a pleasant day trip, and the city of Bodrum is a short bus ride away.

Benefitting from direct beach access and boasting a swimming pool and a sun terrace, the Cactus Mirage offers a great way to enjoy the Turkish sunshine. Water sports (pedalos, canoes, jet skiing, water skiing and windsurfing) are available at a fee while a number of sporting facilities on site allows guests to fully enjoy an outdoor lifestyle.

One indoor and outdoor restaurant are available on the hotel grounds, and offer sea views, with an open buffet including diet choice. Alcoholic or soft drinks can be enjoyed at either the lobby bar or pool bar.

Accommodation at the Cactus Mirage:

All rooms are comfortably furnished and offer outdoor living space with a balcony. Private en suite shower rooms, satellite TV, a mini bar (at a fee) and safe (at a fee) in each room provide the comforts guests need away from home. All rooms have individual air-conditioning.

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  • Swimming Pool
  • Sun Terrace
  • Two Restaurants
  • Two Bars
  • Turkish Bath*
  • Sauna*
  • Free Wi-Fi in public areas
  • *Some facilities may incur an additional fee

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The Local Area

The seaside resort town of Yalikavak, located 2km away from the Cactus Mirage, is famed for its marina, a remnant of its history as a fishing port. With sandy beaches lining its coastline, a lively Thursday bazaar and superb views from the Panormus rock caves, the town is popular with locals and tourists alike. On the outskirts of the town, a group of old stone windmills and the abandoned village of Sandima offer a pleasant day trip, and the city of Bodrum is a short bus ride away.

Trip Advisor Reviews

TripAdvisor Review

Second time in Cactus Mirage

Review by opanaso2021

We stayed at Cactus Mirage Family Club two years ago and came back this year because of cozy atmosphere, friendly and helpful staff, beautiful sea-scape and live music in the restaurant in the evenings. A great singer Mert Saim Şenyerli performed European and Turkish big tunes on the open terrace by the sea. That is why we chose to visit the same hotel for the second time. The territory is small but well organized...

There are lots of different plants and flowers. For the first time we had a family suit - two rooms, but only one of them had a conditioner. It wasn't convenient. We felt much better in a standard room this year. I liked the stairs. Really! They look beautiful and I can't say that they are tiring too much

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TripAdvisor Review

What You Should Know Before You Book!

Review by Likwyds Fort Worth, Texas

We stayed 10 days and this is WHAT YOU SHOUKD KNOW before you book:

  1. No internet in rooms. Best service is in the reception, so-so service in restaurant and near pool...

(Problem solved by purchasing a dongle from TurkCell in the city center and paying for the internet service. Foreigners will pay more for service. My Turk husband spent $140 USD for everything, including 100 GB service).

  1. 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm there is NO FOOD SERVICE!!! 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm there cookies and cake. 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm fried snacks by the pool and lunch. (My kids were crazy hungry when we arrived and it was awful not being able to feed them. Eventually we learned to grab food before 4 or 5. We also got popcorn and chips from the nearby Sok market. It should also be noted that when pool service is over, at 4 or 5 on the dot, they will close the window on you. Don’t be late if you want food)!

  2. No alcohol served after 11:00 pm on the dot. (Problem solved by walking right from the beach to the GORGEOUS Villa Azur Restaurant and Beach Club. They have a full bar with proper mixologists. It’s maybe one or 2 hotels from the Mirage. They serve until midnight).

  3. The gym is not worth mentioning. I don’t know why they list it as an amenity (Problem solved by getting a membership at Mekka Fitness Center. Cost is $17 USD for the membership. Taksi stand is very close to hotel. It’s a 5 to 10 minute ride that costs about 20 lira each way. Getting a return taksi you may need to walk 10 minutes from the gym to the city center).

  4. The kids club is not open because of the pandemic (Fortunately our kids were highly entertained by the pool, the beach, and the waterpark which we loved! It’s fun and the perfect size for you to keep you eye on you kid at all times. It’s really well designed. It’s a very short walk to the park along the main road where Turkish drivers are fast and park on the sidewalk. This is Turkey. You can cross the street for more sidewalk. If you want to avoid the road, you can walk from the beach to the Cactus Fleur, maybe 3 hotels down and to the left of the Cactus Mirage. If you walk through the Cactus Fleur you’ll be right at the waterpark).

  5. They charge 2 euro to launder one t-shirt. (Problem solved by taking our laundry to Yalıkavak Çamaşırhanesi Bodrum. 45 pieces washed, dried, and ironed for 90 try. They took SUCH good care of our clothes. We used them 3 times during our stay. We took taksi there and back as we were coming or going to the Mekka Fitness Center. The laundry and the gym are within walking distance of one another).

  6. Lots, and lots, and lots of stairs. (They were s little tough for my 84 year old Mother-in-Law but she managed. She only went to the beach once because it was way too difficult for her to make her way back up to the top).

  7. Breakfast was pretty much the exact same everyday. My husband bought cereal from they market for himself. Overall me being non-Turk, I thought the food was limited but good. My Turk husband was less impressed. My Western kids found something to eat everyday. The poolside hamburgers and hotdogs were their favorites.

  8. The family room has one A/C in the main room and a ceiling fan where the children sleep. (Problem solved by keeping the kid’s door open all night so that they could get good airflow from the other room).

While we managed to solve each of our issues the cumulative of it all was a bit too much. I would gladly return to the area again. The beach, Yalikavak Marina, and the waterpark were lovely. But, I would not stay in this hotel again. It’s not the staff’s fault. The staff is downright amazing. EVERYONE was so kind and helpful (Thank you Sedar), but some serious changes need to be made by upper management on the procedures. The rooms could also certainly use some renovating. If renovation is too much then at the very least a DEEP, DEEP, clean. The corners of the rooms need cleaning. Dirt stuck to the floor in various places could be removed with a little effort, instead a daily pass over with the mop is given.

For what it’s worth, the rooms are cleaned everyday, the beds are comfortable, and the family room is highly functional.

Lastly, so our perspective is understood, we are an American and Turkish family. Our children are 6 and 10 years old. We have traveled extensively and have lived in America, England, Turkey, and UAE.

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TripAdvisor Review

Family visit

Review by shabaz696

Beautiful hotel with a beautiful location. Due to the pandemic the hotel was quieter than usual but the facilities and staff were excellent. The water park next door was closed again due to Covid but the facilities at the hotel beach were very good...

We would like to thank Nagi the manager and his staff who made our stay at the hotel awesome.

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TripAdvisor Review

Not bad if you don’t care about accommodations

Review by 13yuliyad

We stayed in the Cactus Mirage hotel in the middle of July. We were a company of six and needed to choose a hotel very quickly and this one was still available so we had to go through with it. First things first, you have to understand that for the price you’re paying it is not going to be a four star hotel...

It’s an old and small hotel. There’s nothing interesting around the territory but you do have to go up and down the stairs every time you go to the beach or to the restaurant. The rooms are small, especially the family room. Our suite consisted of two separate rooms, and only one of them had an air conditioner. The smaller room had no access to fresh air and it was absolutely unbearable sleeping in there (to say the least). It was incredibly hot and humid. It was especially bad when the whole hotel was out of power on one of the nights. Somehow the lights still worked but the air conditioners didn’t. No one in the hotel could sleep that night. The staff promised to fix the issue in an hour but it went on for an entire day. Rooms are cleaned every day. The food at the restaurant tasted really good but there wasn’t much variety. Almost no salads and vegetables. There was lots of fast food, which you don’t really want to eat when it’s 40°C outside. There are huge lines to get the food so it’s better to come at the very beginning or the very end of the meal. I have to mention the fact that the dishes aren’t captioned so you don’t really know what you are about to eat, unless you know Turkish. If you’re vegan or have a special diet, this is definitely not the right place for you. It’s almost impossible to get a table at dinner. You could sit inside the restaurant but the place doesn’t have any air conditioning or ventilation at all. One of the privileges is that you can find something to eat all day long as the bar is always open and offers different snacks. There is only one pool in the hotel. We usually struggled to find a free spot there. The beach is also a small one so by 11am all of the sun beds are usually occupied. Most of the visitors just leave their towels and never show up, which is frustrating. It’s also worth mentioning that it cost €1 to change your towels. The sea was very nice, it was warm and very clear. The location is absolutely beautiful, the views are amazing, especially around sunset. I definitely recommend staying at the beach for a little longer to watch the sunset. There were parties at the pool almost every day but the hotel doesn’t have any schedules available, the only way to find out about it was to catch one of the staff members or wait for an animator to come up to you. There wasn’t really any animation for children as well. The staff were generally friendly, although very few members spoke English. Overall, it was a good experience. I wouldn’t come back there just because of the air conditioning problem, it was truly awful sleeping without any fresh air. I’m terms of everything else, I don’t really have much to complain about, nothing else really bothered me. You get what you pay for.

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First time staying in Bodrum

Review by Kazan201 Izmir, Turkey

Three days of staying well spent. It was amazing, the staff were very helpful nice and sweet. They would fulfill whatever you need and the food was delicious breakfast and dinner...

Its a great place for chilling and relaxing.. A perfect place for a holiday and weekend. Furthermore, the price was very convenient. Loved it, and would come again. P.S: Dont forget to bring your toothbrush and toothpaste 😅

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