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Oasis Cancun Lite

Mexico, North America

Part of the Grand Oasis Cancun resort, the Oasis Cancun enjoys an opulent beachfront location set amongst tropical gardens. This resort overlooks the azure waters of Cancun and offers a great base to explore Cancun and the museums, shopping centres, and other points of interest nearby. As part of a larger resort, the Oasis Cancun Lite offers a great array of resort facilities, including the longest pool in Cancun, an on-site golf course and beach club.

Accommodation at the Oasis Cancun Lite:

Spacious rooms look out over the hotel's gardens. Facilities include a flat-screen TV, air-conditioning and bathroom amenities, phone*, Wi-Fi* and safety deposit box*.

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  • 400-metre long swimming Pool
  • 8 Restaurants
  • 10 Bars
  • 2 beach clubs (one exclusive to Grand Oasis Cancun guests)
  • Golf course (Equipment rental for a fee)
  • Entertainment programme
  • High-tech stage hosting musical and boxing events
  • Nightclub
  • Watersports*
  • Multi-use sports courts
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  • *Some facilities may incur an additional fee

The Local Area

Part of the Grand Oasis Cancun resort, the Oasis Cancun enjoys an opulent beachfront location set amongst tropical gardens. This resort overlooks the azure waters of Cancun and offers a great base to explore Cancun and the museums, shopping centres, and other points of interest nearby. As part of a larger resort, the Oasis Cancun Lite offers a great array of resort facilities, including the longest pool in Cancun, an on-site golf course and beach club.

Trip Advisor Reviews

TripAdvisor Review


Review by henrygE2423AE

Bad service, horrible food, have to wait in long lines, rooms outdated, bathroom didnt flush.. came with an open mind but there's nothing positive on the experience. Drinks are water down from a barrel...

Beach was nice

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TripAdvisor Review

Spring Break Experience

Review by RBB_99

If you plan to stay at the Oasis Lite in Cancun, you should expect 3 things:

Fees, fees, and more fees. I understand vacationing is expensive, but there were multiple times throughout my trip where the staff would try and "Dupe" me for extra money. Firstly, when we got there we were told a safe was an extra $24. I kept the receipt knowing something could happen...

Low and behold, when we were checking out, the front desk claimed we did not pay for our safe and that my 4 friends and I had to pay $24 EACH. They also needed it in cash... Sounded sketchy, so I argued with them for about 15 minutes and they eventually backed down.

Secondly, THE BRACLETS. DO NOT LOSE YOURS AT ALL COST. 50% of my friend group had their resort bracelets come off when they were swimming/going out at night. When we came back to the resort the guard saw my friend lost her bracelet and he held her hostage during the night! There was no staff to have her buy a bracelet, he was going to kick her out on the street! Ridiculous. Thankfully, I was able to convince him after 30 minutes to let her go and he finally let us return to the room. And both my friends lost their bracelet, it cost them an extra $150!!!! These are cheaply made so that they fall off and can overcharge college students.

Thirdly, Amenities were promised to us, such as wifi and all inclusive drinks, but we each had to pay $30 a day for wifi and bartenders would not give us more than 1 drink at a time if we were getting a drink for a friend.

Horrible Food

I have always stayed at all inclusive resorts and they usually have great food. I ignored the reviews on here. Let's just say, I actually lost 5 pounds when I came back from Oasis. The food is worse than awful and there is a lack of options.

Understaffed/Majority of Staff do not care/respect customers

This part of the hotel is what really ticked me off. I understand that this isn't a 5 star resort, but I still spent a descent amount of money and should garner some respect. Bartenders sloppily "made" (if you could call it that) drinks and would only make 1 per person, restaurant staff were slow and uncaring, and the front desk were awful at dealing with customer service, especially when my friend's bracelets came off in the ocean. The staff believe because their clientele is young, there is no reason to respect them. I was very upset with how staff ignored my questions, blatantly tried to scam my friend and I, and the lack of customer support shown during and after the trip.

For the few exceptions, the maid staff were very nice and there was a woman who checked us in who was awesome!

This may be a bad resort, but if you go with a good group of people, and go downtown for nightclubs, you will definitely have an overall fun experience.

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TripAdvisor Review

Excellent Time at Oasis Cancun Lite

Review by 24457785 Sellersburg, Indiana

We stayed at this resort 10/6-10/12

Specialty Restaurants and Buffets The wife and I are huge eaters. So we checked out everything.

Maci Taco- egg rolls, sushi, fish ceviche all excellent. Wife and I ate snacks there many times...

Coffee and Me- serve yourself from coffee machines. Many cold drinks are available. Milkshake machine was broken while we were there. This connects with a bar, pool tables, and many sit down areas. Rowdy folks, this is your place. There is another location that is only for "black band" customers that we didn't have access to.

Sarape - Mexican restaurant. Very good salad bar. Excellent entrees including quesadillas, tacos, and enchiladas.

Rodizzio's Steak restaurant. My favorite for sure. My wife's favorite after Maki Taco. Delicious salad bar. Ribeye steak,  mashed potatoes and Mac and cheese were great.

Dos Lunas Italian Restaurant We ate there one night. Foid was nothing special but service was fantastic.

Tun Kul (Dining hall buffet serving breakfast, lunch, dinner)- I'll say it was OK. Servers very courteous and kept drinks full. I'm not a picky eater but will say I found just a few things that I liked at my meals there. You won't go hungry as they grill something all the time. Omelettes to your preference for breakfast. Lots of options from dry cereal to chicken flautas.  This hall feeds the masses 3 times a day. It can get crowded but we never had to wait for a table. It's fast paced so don't dawdle around at the buffet.

La Placita - Walk-up snack stand serving wings, nachos, uce cream and burgers all day. Good for a quick bite.

Grand Plus Beach Club. This deck area is where we spent the vast majority of our daytime hours. The beach beds with antimicrobial sheet tops were very comfortable and better than any recliner-type beach chair you see at most resorts. They were made to get wet yet dried quickly. Plenty of space for 2 people to spawl out.  Rudi deserves a shout-out. She kept our virgin Daiquiris topped off all day. We also ordered chicken wings and hamburgers for lunch/snacks a few times that she brought out on legged tray that sits on the beach bed. A truly first class experience. The little pool in front of deck has 5 water spouts and was refreshing. It was overrun with kids or young adults with bluetooth speakers a few times but nothing bad.  I recommend you bring a big cup of your own to hold more of whatever drink you prefer.

Beach- VERY WIDE!!! PLENTY of space from resort to ocean. Absolutely zero ocean viewing distractions. No moored boats. Just beach and vast ocean. We stayed at Grand Oasis PALM in May of this year and had a day pass here. It's another reason we came. This is the premier beach in the area.

Pools- Largest pool in the Caribbean. Plenty of space to get away from crowd if you choose. We walked it one time for fun.

Security guards- opened doors every time entering and exiting building. Extremely outgoing and friendly.

Staff- All friendly. Never one issue.

Room (3509S) - ocean view room with small porch deck. Not covered if it rains. This is a 5th floor room.  Plenty of water stocked daily. 4 cokes restocked daily in frige. 2 Milky Ways, Lays chips. Room temp held at 18 degrees Celsius (64 Fahrenheit) all week. Housekeeping did their job daily. Zero issues.

Wife and I stayed at Grand Oasis Palm last May (5/12-5/18).  This property is a ten minute drive away from this location. Although we had no complaints there, this place was far more beautiful.

Wife and friend also stayed here at Oasis Cancun Lite (9/8-9/14)  That's the reason she booked her and I for this trip 3 weeks later.

95% Mexican and few Americans. Just a general observation for what it's worth. Most people we saw were natives vacationing. Spoke to a very few english speakers throughout the week. We enjoy this.

As a general note you need to know there are a lot of "Oasis " properties. To best of my knowledge they are all owned by the same company. But it can be confusing when communicating to someone about exactly what building and area we stayed. This review is about Oasis Cancun Lite.

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Wonderful resort

Review by Chobright

My family and I booked our stay, and were concerned when we read the reviews. Please do not let the reviews sway your decision. All we kept saying was we could not disagree more with the negative reviews...

From the moment we arrived we were treated wonderfully by all the resort staff, they were attentive, accommodating and treated us great. The food was delicious especially at Dos Lunas and Maki Taco. Drinks were good at all the bars. Beach, pool and grounds were beautiful. The security, housekeeping, front desk, wait staff, groundskeepers, bartenders all worked hard in the hot weather to make our family vacation a memorable one. We love you Oasis!

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TripAdvisor Review

Worst Vacation Ever

Review by Nicole C

My experience when staying at the Cancun Oasis Lite. My husband and I checked into this property for our 1st year wedding anniversary and let me just say this experience put a damper on our celebration.
• Hotel Lobby- When you enter the hotel it feels like you are outside...

The lobby is very hot and humid. There is no air circulation at all in this area.
• Check-in: The check in process at this property is so dreadful. We stood in line for over an hour in a hot humid room. If you are going to have your guests wait for an extended period of time to check in there should at least be a fan or AC. In one area of the check-in room they offer ice water, however you can’t tell which glasses are clean or dirty. We did arrive early and our keys wasn’t going to be ready until 3:30pm, which we understood. To retrieve your keys you have to go into another area of this hot humid room. It was around 3:50 when we went in to get the keys and we ended up waiting for another hour. There was no organization and the guest were allowed to crowd the desk. If you do not know Spanish beware because you won’t know what is going on. I had to fight my way to the desk to see if our keys were ready. • The Room #3274: We get to the room and our keys don’t work. At this time we are very hot and frustrated. Lucky for us there was a housekeeper on the floor who opened our room door. The doors to the rooms are wooden and part of the door had a long narrow hole in it. However, I stood on one side while my husband was on the other and he could see what I was doing. My husband had to have maintenance come and fill the hole in, which they did very quickly. I checked the bed and found some type of bug crawling on it, I am not sure what it was. I decided to check the sheets after that and found that they were stained, I will say they did look clean however there were some questionable stains on the sheets. They only had one sheet on the bed and mattress cover. I noticed something was under the sheet and it ended up being the mattress. It look like it had black mold or something on it. At this point I called the operator about the keys, sheets, and mattress, who transferred me to another line that nobody picked up. I had to call back several times and was finally told to go downstairs to our building concierges and speak with them about everything. When we got to the concierges he was able to re-key the keys however he had to call someone about the bed issue. When he called the department he handed the phone to me. When I tried to explain what the issue was to the person on the phone they kept responding they would have someone come and change the sheets. It took several times of me trying to explain what I was talking about. They did get what I was saying after about 10 minutes. They ended up sending someone to change the mattress. Also the bed does not come with a blanket, just a thin sheet. After the first night I had to ask for a blanket. When we got back to the room only one of the keys that was re-keyed worked. The description for the room’s state there is an iron and ironing board in the rooms. This is false. I called the operator again about getting an iron and was told one would be sent up. After an hour has passed I called back about the iron and was transferred again to the “ghost line” that nobody answers. I had to call back several times and once was told they didn’t have an iron on the property. I decided to search for a housekeeper and with the help of google translate I was able to ask for the iron. The housekeeper said to give her 30 mins and she would bring me one. An hour later I went back down the hall and she said she called to have someone bring the iron. Close to two hours later the iron arrived. At this time I have waited close to 3 hours for the iron. We did have a nice view from the room of the tropical garden and lagoon.
• Housekeeping: Each morning we would go out and return in the late afternoon. Upon returning housekeeping had not made it to our room. By the time we got back to the room we were wore out and just wanted to relax. I would just go to housekeeping with my towels and trash to dump. The last day we were there we were out the whole day so they had time to come in the room. We were not given any washcloths and the tissues were not replenished as we were out of them. AND THEY TOOK THE BLANKET… If we had a blanket in the room than common sense would tell you we wanted the blanket to stay in the room until we checked out. • Restaurants: o La Placita: The food was horrible. The restaurant is the Food Court Terrace. They offer Burgers, Chicken, and Tacos. The burgers are a thin patty of fake meat, the Chicken aka “Fried Chicken” was like eating dry fried Chicken gizzards, the Chicken Nuggets was rib meat Chicken and nasty, the tacos were okay. o TaTish:This place should be renamed to TaTerrible. The food was so horrible. With your package this was the only place for breakfast that we could go to. I had to eat toast each morning, I would sometimes get fried potatoes or a hash brown but nothing else was good. My husband got an omelet made and it was disgusting. The scrambled eggs were water and tasteless. The sausage links were mushy inside. The orange juice was even nasty. The dinner buffet was horrible each night except our last night. That night they had teriyaki chicken, chicken stir fry, and cheese quesadilla that was good. They did offer fish some nights and it was okay. The steak taste like flank steak and after researching some posts from other guests and a news article about others in the hotel zone getting sick I believe the steak may have been bad meat and what caused us to come home sick. o Dos Lunas Trattoria: The lasagna was so nasty. The meat was like mushy refried beans. We did try their Fish, New York Steak, and Potatoes and they were okay. We were not happy about them sticking us “the minority” at a corner table in the dark corner of the restaurant. o Hacienda Sarape: We got the Shrimp and Steak quesadilla. The Steak taste like that horrible flank steak. I asked for Sour Cream and it was so watery. The Salad bar was okay. o I will say all of the restaurants had decent dessert options, the non-alcoholic drink options were nasty and watered down. • Activities: They advertise Golf and Cooking Classes. Well the Golf is not on their property and the Concierges knew nothing about the cooking classes, nor were they offered during our stay.

Also I ended up with Food Poisoning. At first I questioned where I got it from until I found information on iwaspoisned and seen an article on Riviera-maya-news about 15 people getting sick. So with this information I am confident it was the hotel. The article mentions a hotel in the Cancun Hotel Zone at Kilometer 8 along Kukulcan Blvd which is near this property. I assume they get their food from the same vendor.

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