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Park Royal Cancun All Inclusive

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Mexico, North America

The hotel is located in first-line of the beach, and 24 km from the airport. It has 288 comfortable rooms, a Spa and a large beach. It has two restaurants: La Veranda with a beautiful view of the swimming pool, of the gardens and to the main terrace, where you will enjoy the buffet and themed dinners. El Mirador, with a romantic and luxurious atmosphere , with an incomparable Caribbean sunsets. Three bars: Lobby Bar, with a great variety of national and international drinks. The dune, located next to the upper pool, is quiet and cosy. La Langosta, located in the main pool of the hotel. And finally two snacks-bar: The Garden, the favorite place for children with delicious burgers, hot dogs and drinks. And the Patio La Veranda, with delicious light dishes. It also offers a wide variety of activities and watersports such as water aerobics, dance or football on the beach among others. It has two swimming pools and a gym. On the other hand, you can visit the Mayan ruin of Yamil Lu'um, which has access from the hotel. Alternatively, can go to La Isla shopping center, which is across the hotel, in the heart of the hotel zone.

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TripAdvisor Review

Adiamo restaurant, Hotel Park Royal Beach, Cancun

Review by Nina W Halifax, Canada

We had a delicious meal ! The lasagne was excellent & the soup and truffle pasta were fabulous . Our server, Lorenzo, was kind, efficient and attentive! We are sad to be leaving this slice of heaven but will be back! Thank you, Lorenzo and thank you, Cancun! Nina Waite

TripAdvisor Review

Never again

Review by jotaerre65 Sao Paulo, SP

The service is poor, the rooms are not so good, the restaurants are not so good either... We have to pay the all-inclusive fee again because RCI hadn't sent the information about the change of date to use the credits and besides that the unit only had one restaurant, I'd say...

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great service at Fridas restaurant

Amazing service at this restaurant!! The waiters were so respectful, patient and kind with us. Francisco was super kind and knew what he was doing. Guillermo was very kind and had such great energy...

Definitely going to recommend this place to everyone we know because of these amazing staff! Thank you Guillermo and Francisco for your wonderful service!!

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TripAdvisor Review

One Horror After Another! Stay Away!!!

I cannot understand how this property garners four starts on Tripadvisor?!!! Where are all the five star reviews coming from? The Park Royal MUST be paying people to leave good reviews, or their staff are signing up for Trip Advisor and leaving positive reviews. I absolutely do not recognize the property described in the good reviews. My family and our friends stayed here over for a week in late November 2021.

I have been to Cancun many times over the years and the Park Royal Beach is easily the worst hotel in this region or category and one of the most run down and unpleasant hotel experiences I've had over the course of my entire life (anywhere in the world)! And I'm not an American snob...

I don't mind staying at an average hotel, as long as they are making an attempt to do the right thing and customer service matters. The Park Royal desperately needs a total makeover with both the facility and staff and especially the management team, who clearly do not know how to manage a hotel.

  1. There are no transfers to or from the airport, so you're on your own when it comes to arriving to the hotel or getting back to the airport. But once we did arrive it took over three hours to check in! There was one problem after another with staff who were either confused, indifferent, or incompetent. There are too few people working the front desk and utter confusion reigned for hours. It's mind boggling that guests could fly all the way to Cancun and then be allowed to stand around for hours waiting to check in. Meanwhile, they don't offer drinks or make any effort to provide comfort to inconvenienced guests. The staff is poorly trained and customer service is virtually non-existent. There is no manager on the floor making sure everything is running smoothly and ensuring guests are taken care of and satisfied.

PS - Be sure to hang onto your receipt for the taxes you pay when you arrive. When we checked out they claimed they had no record of the taxes being paid and attempted to charge me again.

  1. The key cards are frequently defective. It took us four tries (going to and from our room and the front desk) before we finally got two cards that would open our door. Each day of our stay we had to go to the desk at least three or four times to have our key cards reprogrammed. They told us the obvious bit about not putting them next to our phones, which we didn't, but we still had to have them reprogrammed. I suspect the door was defective. Our friends also had to have their cards reprogrammed but not as frequently as us.

  2. When the reservations were made months ago we requested rooms on the same floor as our friends. We made the reservations on the same call at the same time. When we arrived at the hotel not only weren't we on the same floor, but we were in different towers! It was as if we never made the request. Turns out they had rooms in the same tower and even the same floor but, like everything with Park Royal, they can't be bothered with accommodating their guests in even the slightest ways.

  3. The rooms vary in quality from shockingly poor to average. The first room we were given smelled like mold. The room was dank and mildewy and needed a deep, deep cleaning. The second room had a closet that was inches from one of the beds, which meant guests had to sit or stand on the bed to access the closet. The lack of practical design is absolutely mind-boggling, but once they made that egregious error it's appalling they would actually make that room available to guests. Also, the second room had no soap or facial tissue and the bathroom looked like someone did a quick clean. There were splashes of something on the inside of the bathroom door. Quality control and cleanliness are not a priority at Park Royal Beach.

  4. The third room was an improvement over the first two. Unfortunately, however, there were no outlets on the wall where the head of the beds is located. At least in the previous rooms we could plug something into an outlet on the nightstand between the beds. There were two outlets in the entire room, one single and one double. Only one of the double ones was working which meant we only had two outlets for all our devices, and one of them was under the desk, so we had to get on our knees to use it.

Also, in the third room the lamp on the desk didn't work. When I called the front desk they sent someone who took the lamp for more than an hour and then returned it with black electrical tape wrapped around the cord. The staff member tried to leave before I had a chance to test the lamp but I caught him in the hallway, which was a good thing because it was still flickering. So he took the lamp back to their shop a second time and returned 45 minutes later with it retaped and generally working. Can't imagine why they didn't deliver a replacement lamp right away and then deal with repairing the defective lamp at their leisure rather than keeping us waiting while they slapped it back together. And in the bathroom there is a garment hook above the lightswitch. So when you hang something from the rack it covers the switch. The lack of thought and detail throughout the hotel are stunning.

  1. Heard some kind of relatively large animal running through the air conditioning duct at night.

  2. The food at the major restaurants is extremely bland and tasteless. I can't think of the last time I had Mexican food that was so blah. You know something's wrong when Mexicans can't make decent Mexican food. It doesn't take much to spice up Mexican food but they have utterly failed to make tasty dishes. Taco Bell is much better! In every Mexican hotel I've ever stayed avocados and guacamole are prominently featured. At Park Royal we didn't see it once. And, like everything they serve at the Park Royal, the portions are tiny.

Same with the Italian and fish restaurants: TASTELESS and BORING! The house wine is swill but you can pay extra for real wine, if you like. And the amazing thing is they make it pretty difficult to obtain reservations for the Mexican, Italian, and fish restaurants -- as if they're trying to market them as exclusive when, to the contrary, we didn't visit any of those restaurants a second time.

  1. The food at the buffet is very average but at least it's consistent. Fortunately, the expectations are low you won't be disappointed when they don't deliver. For the meat carving, they hand out tiny slivers of pork or chicken and then look at you funny if you ask for more than their standard serving. Why should I have to come back for seconds and thirds so the Park Royal can keep the expensive part of meals within some kind of budget?

  2. And for breakfast there are two tiny grills that can cook about four eggs at a time and a line of 8-10 people constantly waiting for their turn to order. Many guests become discouraged and don't bother with eggs. Who wants to wait 10-15 minutes in line for eggs when you're eager to get your day started? What are they thinking? For breakfast people want eggs and omelettes but Park Royal acts as if it's a surprise to have so many people clamoring for eggs. I suppose it's another attempt to control expenses.

  3. There is a snack shack called Munchies that's open most of the day and serves what are easily the worst hamburgers and hotdogs our family has ever had. I don't know what meats they use for their burgers and dogs, but they're not anything we recognized. A waste of time and outright disgusting!

  4. This is a comparatively small property and it does indeed feel very, very small. The main pool is small, shallow, and boring. Yes, there's a swim-up bar but the water is barely deep enough to swim to it. Other than the main pool there is also an adult pool and a kids pool. However, our son is 11 and was deemed too old to use the slide at the kids pool, so he and his friend were relegated to the main pool, which is extremely boring for kids. The adult pool is tiny and not worth the effort to be there.

  5. There is no entertainment or organized events at this hotel for adults or families. It is decidedly NOT kid friendly.

  6. Drinks at most all-inclusives are watered down to some extent but we could barely detect alcohol in our Park Royal drinks, and the flavor was inconsistent from one bar to the next. And if you move to the wine, it's so awful it's bareful drinkable.

  7. There are no refrigerators in the room and no way to keep water or other drinks cold. And there is no room service.

  8. There are only two elevators for each tower. Absolutely not enough -- especially around check-in and check-out times. If you get tired of waiting for the elevator to go down you can use the stairs, which many guest do. And if you're going up you should get accustomed to waiting five minutes. Whoever designed this hotel was cutting corners from the very beginning.

  9. Most of the accommodations and appointments throughout the property are extremely mediocre. The Park Royal Beach is below average in every way.

  10. I must admit the beach (sand and water) are exceptional. The beach is the ONLY reason to come to the Park Royal. If you stay at the Park Royal for the beach then you would be well advised to eat off property as much as possible and use the hotel as a base for doing other things. But even the beach isn't worth the trouble to stay here.

  11. Folks, I can't think of any reason whatever why anyone would voluntarily choose to stay at the Park Royal Beach Hotel. No matter how much you spend or how good a deal you get, it's not worth it, even for a day. Spend a little more and have a much better experience elsewhere. The Park Royal Beach is the worst of the worst and you will not leave happy! It's not worth the money.

Now comes their robotic comment from the person paid to respond to comments, where they thank me for taking the time to write my scathing review and promise to take "measures" to improve their service. But it ain't gonna happen, folks, because this property is so far gone it needs a complete overhaul with new management who understand the meaning of customer service.

Don't waste your time coming to the Park Royal Beach Cancun. I wouldn't come back if they apologized and offered my family a free week and free airfare to get there! If you read my review and still come to the Park Royal Beach Cancun, it is your own fault. You have been warned...

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TripAdvisor Review

Beach is the only thing nice

Review by R4532ERmichaelc Battle Creek, Michigan

Food is not very good, limited seating in restaurants, hard to get a reservation for dinner, Buffet food not very good, drinks watered down. Has a very nice beach, small pools, not hot tubs by pools, room was ok.

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