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The Pyramid at Grand Oasis

Mexico, North America

The hotel is conveniently located in one of the largest and most beautiful sandy beaches of Cancun, close to a number of dining and shopping venues. This exclusive luxury establishment is surrounded by elegant gardens and offers the best live entertainment, music festivals, and in-house facilities. It is the stage where imagination and fun know no bounds. Plenty amenities and various services are offered in order to provide maximum comfort. Guests may make use of the outdoor swimming pool with poolside snack bar, the tennis courts and the in-house gym. Sun loungers with parasols are laid out on site and on the nearby sandy beach.

Due to the surrounding area and the number of steps around the hotel, it may not be suitable for those with mobility difficulties.

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Trip Advisor Reviews

TripAdvisor Review


Review by Blake N

Of all the resorts I’ve been to in Cancun (at least 7), this is by far the worst. To begin with, the check in process took 2 hours. Once we finally got to the room (which wasn’t beach front like we had paid for) we noticed that the AC was not working, the shower did not drain, the phone in the room didn’t work, and the refrigerator was not stocked...

We called to get the mini bar stocked which ended up being 3 phone calls and 2.5hrs later. Only 1 bar tender at the bars outside, so expect a long line (and no, no one walks around asking for orders like at other resorts). There are very minimal activities during the day. The food is alright. I would highly advise looking else where before spending the money to come here.

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TripAdvisor Review

Bar Fontaine with Carlos and Natanael

Review by Estados99

Carlos and Natanael at the bar are literally the best two bartenders at this entire resort. They both are friendly and fantastic bartenders. They make great drinks and they also randomly made us random drinks which were fantastic! If you are to get a drink its from these two! They normally are there in the evening...

But Pedro in the morning/afternoon is fantastic also!

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TripAdvisor Review

CONFIRMED: These awful reviews are correct

Review by 501craigp Dallas, Texas

Okay, I am guilty of reading reviews about this ‘resort’ and thinking it’s a bunch of snooty travelers who just want to complain. My apologies to all of you who warned against this place. For those of you who toughed it out and stayed an entire week: I have no idea how you managed it...

My family and I checked in around 7pm on a Friday night and checked out the following morning at 10:30am. I am not a wealthy person, in fact, I take pride in being cheap, however, I paid for 6 nights at The Pyramid and was glad to forfeit the remaining 5 nights + $140 taxi + $2700 to get my family off the property and stay at an actual resort in Rivera Maya. I fought like crazy for 4 months and was finally reimbursed through the travel website we booked through for the 5 nights we did not stay at the Pyramid.

This is my 15.5 hour experience:

I purchased an upgraded Ocean Front room at The Pyramid and what we got was a smelly, dirty, room on the 3rd floor with water leaking from the ceiling. If anything this was an Ocean View room. To get to the ocean from our ‘Ocean Front’ room you walked down a hallway, down 3 flights of stairs, down another hallway and out the door, hang a right and walk another several minutes around the building and down a small hill, THEN you are ‘Ocean Front’. But honestly, this was the least of our concerns.

-Check in took close to an hour.

-Our room was disgusting. The floors and beds were dirty and stained. The air conditioner had a ‘waterfall’ effect where it steadily dropped condensation from several points onto the floor. I contacted maintenance and he wiped it with a towel and told me to call him back if it started leaking from another vent and was told where it was leaking from was normal. We had about a 2ft wide puddle by morning.

-After maintenance man left we went to dinner. My kids ate a couple bites of hard pizza and gave in. I ate nothing. This was the VIP ‘special access’ buffet, it was nothing short of horrible.

-Trying to cheer my kids up we got changed and went to the pool. It was 8:15pm and apparently the pool closes at 8:00pm. The pool that spans the entire resort closes at 8:00pm.

-We went back to our room and ordered food from room service which was equally terrible to the VIP buffet. We all ended up eating pistachios we brought from home.

-The bass/party outside started around 9:00pm and went until well after 2am. The walls of this hotel must have been constructed with paper. It was never ending yells and screams and feet sprinting up and down the halls.

-My youngest child was so scared from all the screaming and partying he cried most of the night and wouldn’t walk to the bathroom (in our room) by himself.

-I stepped outside the room to call the travel website (bc the internet is non-existent, hahaha WiFi) and saw a girl being pulled up the stairs in a wheelchair by 3 security guards and her friend while she was throwing up all over herself and yelling obscenities. This was around 9:30pm.

-The staff was flat out terrible. I NEVER complain to management about the way their business is run, if I don’t like it I just won’t visit again, but this was insanity. For the 1st time in my adult life I actually asked the question ‘Can I speak to a manager?’ Turns out I was talking to a manager. Horrible.

-Lastly, if you’ve never been to an all inclusive resort in Mexico and have no idea how nice and luxurious a large majority of them are, maybe you might think this place is okay since you have nothing to compare it to. On the other hand if you’ve stayed at a Motel 6 in downtown Detroit, you do have something to compare this place to, except it does have a larger pool. And it closes at 8pm.

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TripAdvisor Review

Best vacation EVER

Review by samanthag73

This was my first time in Cancun, and it definitely WON'T be my last! I've had so many great memories, but one of the best parts was meeting Natanael Quintal Carlos at Bar Fontaine. He is BY FAR the best bartender I've ever met, and his personality is just amazing. He's so friendly, attentive, funny, and just a genuinely good person.

When we come back, we will be sure to visit him again!! Thank you for the memories we will cherish forever!

TripAdvisor Review

A Hotel Where the Only People who want to be there less than you is the staff

Review by traaveljunkie Phoenix, Arizona

Wow...If I could give them a rating for just how bad they are I would give them five stars. It's hard to be bad in so many aspects of hospitality and they seem to have cornered the market on this.

Check-In This wasn't too bad..we did have to change locations ..twice and the Covid testing information I was given I would find out later wasn't complete but didn't negatively impact me...

AC barely worked, toilet was clogged and bathroom looked like it was last upgraded in the 2001. Second night we had lots of bugs which somehow went away by third night...let's just say I left my luggage outside when I got home.

Food Well I don't know the last time you go on vacation and lose weight. Buffet waits are astronomical and I was at the HIGHEST tier so I don't know what the other folks did to simply feed themselves. Buffet was simply edible to call it good would be a lie and since it was edible I can't call it bad. The restaurants are nearly impossible to get a reservation at. One night my group thought they did, and then were told that the restaurants didn't have ANY opening for the next month.....The room service what I would rely on simply because there wasn't anything else to eat or go to. 45 minutes minimum to get your food and that is after waiting at least 15 minutes to simply put in your order. One night I actually had to go downstairs to the check-in desk since they simply wouldn't answer the phone.

Staff As in the title. They seemed so totally unhappy to be there it got so bad that I just stopped tipping. Why would I tip you and continue to get bad service. There were some folks who didn't seem totally unhappy but the general sense of the staff was that they hated their jobs and your existence was a bother.

Bar Never been to an all inclusive (again I'm a the highest tier they offer) where you have no mid range liquor options. Mexican brands or bust. When you could flirt your way to a Jose Cuervo they locked it up and some bars would simply refuse. Spent a lot of time at their Fountainblue and the bartenders really really hate their job there. They charge you (is this an all inclusive) for certain brands and I ordered a wine that I threw away because the color was that of dark pee...

Lastly buyer beware, their staff member tried to swindle my group out of money when we booked an excursion through him. Luckily there was a paper trail of texts so he didn't get away with it...

Worse hotel I've stayed at in my entire life.

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