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Millennium Resort Mussanah

Oman, Middle East

The Millennium Resort Mussanah offers perfect relaxation, with panoramic views over the Hajar Mountains and the Gulf of Oman in addition to world-class outdoor sporting facilities and a private marina. Visitors to the area can unwind the area's fantastic beaches while those looking for culture will enjoy nearby Fort Rustaq.


Offering spectacular mountain views, all deluxe rooms are air-conditioned and feature private balconies. Additional in-room amenities include a safe, desk, fridge, tea/coffee-making facilities and FREE Wi-Fi. A selection of room upgrades is available at a supplement.

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  • Private beach area
  • Swimming pool
  • 2 restaurants
  • Coffeehouse
  • Bar and pool bar
  • Spa and Wellness Centre*
  • Fitness Centre*
  • Sauna
  • Hammam & Jacuzzi
  • Watersports*
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  • *Some facilities may incur an additional fee

Room Types

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31m2 WiFi
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The Local Area

The Millennium Resort Mussanah offers perfect relaxation, with panoramic views over the Hajar Mountains and the Gulf of Oman in addition to world-class outdoor sporting facilities and a private marina. Visitors to the area can unwind the area's fantastic beaches while those looking for culture will enjoy nearby Fort Rustaq.

Trip Advisor Reviews

TripAdvisor Review

good for couple

Review by malful829925

It was amazing we enjoyed the weather and the beach and the most importent the great welcome from the receptionist it was amazing ..thank you for the nice surprise of our anniversary it was nice and unexpected .

TripAdvisor Review

A great place to stay

Review by gelenar2020 Muscat, Oman

My choice of hotel was successful A great place to stay and take a break as the place is quiet and the sea view is far from noise.And its reasonable prices encouraged me to tell friends about the place

TripAdvisor Review

Best waitress Destiny

Review by zeesmt Muscat, Oman

We left our home (Muscat) to have a break and we were upgraded to a suite with a sea view!! We met an amazing waitress Destiny who was so friendly and she made sure to make our day!!! She made sure to make our day and also take beautiful pictures of us❤️ Thank you Destiny for your kindness

TripAdvisor Review

Relaxing and Fun Weekend Getaway

Review by Rauhiya Muscat, Oman

We took a 2 bedroom apartment, it was specious and clean.. with sea views and balconies at the sitting area and master bedroom.. The Kitchen has s well equipped, bonus a coffee maker machine, stove, microwave, fridge and large freezer ...

The property took extra percussions for Covid19 protection. I was informed that the room is not allowed to be occupied after one customer until after two days and it gets proper sanitization. Room service is offered with eco friendly disposables. The beach and the outdoor is beautiful.

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TripAdvisor Review

Isolated, stressed/untrained staff and limited

Review by Gcritique London, United Kingdom

Please note we Visited in February 2020 however I haven't had the time to publish my review and pictures since then. The notes were written when I was still staying in the hotel and I hope you find them useful!


  • Hassan was our driver and he was fantastic, he insisted on taking our luggage and hand luggage (including backpacks) to his car, once we were in, he offered us bottled water which is a major bonus!
  • They gave free shower gel, body lotion and shampoo/conditioner, alongside soap. They also provided a shower cap, shaving kit (including a razor!), shoeshine sponge and sewing kit- if they remember to put it in your room.
  • Our room got upgraded to a sea view which was nice, although the Marina ruins the view in my opinion
  • Rooms themselves are plain, but nicely decorated and wide...

Bathroom has a big bathtub with a rain shower

  • The themed Oriental and Indian nights were good. There would be an extra station added to the main buffet for speciality foods e.g sushi for oriental and gol goppeh for the indian night
  • Lucy & Marlene are exceptional staff. Always friendly, great service and very informative.
  • Once the spa was working it was quite nice to have the Jacuzzi and steam room on and working. They only had 2 showers though opposite the steam room though so if it was busy there’d be a bit of a queue (there were also no locks on these showers so keep your costumes on!)
  • The spa shower gel was really really nice and lasted on your skin quite long
  • The mini golf course was great, and we used it almost every day, unfortunately there were only about 6 normal sized putts to play on it (the blue ones meant for mini golf)
  • The hotel also provided for tennis and badminton, providing you with rackets (albeit some a bit knackered) and shuttles, as well as tennis balls, there was also table tennis available
  • There were 4 pools, a shaded one which was kinda warm which mainly kids went to, the main large pool which is the busiest and where French aqua gym took place, and then there were two infinity pools. When we visited the pools were quite cold, as the weather was just about reaching 24 degrees and quickly drop by about 2pm
  • The beach loungers were almost always free
  • If you didn’t feel like anything at the buffet, Azure restaurant did decent Pizzas and wraps, although the portions were a bit big
  • Gym had quite a few different machines with a nice view outside, it was never busy either
  • The wifi worked really well, even on the beach!
  • There were a fair amount of different channels to choose from for English speakers, there were a few French channels too. If you had kids, unfortunately Cartoon Network was in Arabic.


  • It wasn’t mentioned on our flight that we needed a Visa. Its 6 rials per person ($16.67 equiv) I’m not sure if it’s cheaper to buy in advance or not though. It put a dampener to the start of our holiday that we weren't warned at any point.
  • Inconsistencies of what was in our room, parents had bathrobes, slippers, iron with ironing board, shaving kit (razor included), laundry bag etc whilst we had none of those things
  • It seems as though there’s a lack of staff, with only 1 staff member working the deck bar and about 3 in the buffet. Service is very slow when you ask for any drink anywhere, average we had to wait was genuinely 25mins (we timed it!) I've never seen anything like it.
  • Toilet flush is very weak
  • Ladies steam room was broken when we arrived, with no idea when it would be fixed, it smelt bad near the jacuzzi too as a puddle was left in the steam room, so it was musty on our first and second day.
  • there were chips being made at the buffet area and being sent to another bar in the hotel. My dad asked where they were going and they said the bar, it seemed as if they want us to order chips from the bar and then go back to the main buffet to put it with the rest of our meal? very weird, given that we're all incl and they can see it on their band we should be able to order chips if we wanted to?
  • shuttles to the mall is 5 OMR pp, which is £10 per person
  • I asked for a cocktail in the restaurant and the waiter said they weren't serving alcohol and to visit the deck bar. I then ask for a mocktail and he said they werent doing those either and to go to the deck bar as they can only offer soft drinks and juice. I opted for a juice, only to see the same waiter deliver 2 beers to a couple after delivering our drinks. I have no idea why there were 2 different rules, but I was confused and dare I say offended. My only thought is they only served full paying guests alcohol in the 2nd half of the restaurant (the area closest to the main entrance on the left) but if I can get it at the deck bar and at the buffet, what’s the difference with getting it at the other side of the buffet? nonsensical.
  • Asked whether they had fresh orange juice at the azure restaurant, the chef said they did. When we asked a member of staff, they said its unavailable we don't have it here. Real staff communication problems. Even asking on different days they would sometimes say fresh orange juice is only available at lunch time, or that they don't do it at all!
  • It seems so many things like drinks become unavailable at different times. On the first day we were here there was sol beer, then the next 5 days they haven't got it but can only offer Heineken or another brand. The other day the only beer they could offer was Amstel. Similarly, they would say certain drinks like mojitos they wouldn't have the alcohol for or to choose a different drink. Is there stocking/delivery issues here?
  • Tap in the bathroom doesn't let you change the temperature to cold, as soon as you move the handle over the water stopped coming out- at least in our room
  • Cleaners were inconsistent, first day we had flannels, 2 small towels and 2 body length towels and a floor mat. We never got flannels again during our stay, and the 2 small towels also stopped being given by day 4. Our shower gels would also be replaced but moisturisers/shampoos wouldn’t
  • Going for a shower in the rooms is difficult as the bathtub and surrounding area is massive. Even as someone in my 20s I struggled to climb over the bath to get to the shower. I can't imagine how anyone with mobility problems would tackle it easily
  • staff at any station where they have to make things to order seemed very very stressed if they had more than 1 person waiting for an order, including the egg and themed night stations
  • Sometimes in the restaurant you'd order drinks and they'd never arrive so you'd just have to leave
  • Some staff members are unfamiliar with the menus in various restaurants. When ordering we've been met with confusion about our drinks, they'd repeat what we'd say with confusion, and even when you point it out on the menu they look surprised they do that drink. I feel there needs to be a lot more staff training in the restaurants
  • Inconsistency with training when it comes to making drinks too, some would make the cocktails really strong, others would make them really weak. Same with the coffees, we just had to learn which staff members version we enjoyed, which we shouldn’t have to do.
  • On the indian night they ran out of one of the main desserts, asked the head chef if they'd have it and she said yes, waited 10mins and asked another chef and he said they ran out
  • The food on non-themed nights were uninspiring, bland and quite frankly rubbish if you have a vegetarian in the family. I’ve attached photos as a sample of 1 day eating here was like and you can see why I have said this. As someone who loves food and trying new things, I really struggled to eat here
  • The beach and its sand was like mud mixed with sand, rather than actual sand. There were a lot of shells on the beach too when the tide was out so I’d recommend bringing swim shoes.
  • The sea water isn’t as blue as photos make it out to be, most days the water was very cloudy and there would be no point in snorkelling or anything else and on one of the days it smelt awful!
  • As the hotel is so far out of central Oman taxis can work out quite expensive, they asked for 80 Rial (£160) just to take us to one tourist site, and by day 4 you get bored if you don’t have a book! Apparently it’s a lot cheaper to hire out a car for the day (£20ish) so do that if you want to explore Oman
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