Halloween is back for another year!

But where do writers of monster stories get their ideas from? Have they encountered a real life monster on their travels – maybe Nessie in Scotland or America’s El Chupacabra?

Keep reading and discover the tales of monsters from around the world…

Sneak a peak at the Yeti/Abominable Snowman

Cropping up repeatedly in stories and films, the hairy Himalayan Yeti is instantly recognisable to everybody. In 1925 an English explorer caught this tall ape-like creature with its rust coloured hair, powerful legs and huge footprints on camera.

Yeti - Mercury Holidays

In the 1950’s the Nepalese government decided to cash in on their Abominable Snowman by issuing Yeti-hunting licences. This income plan is still safe as no Yeti has yet turned up, alive or dead. Is it the last surviving primitive man or just a huge brown bear?

The elusive Lagarfljotsormurinn of Iceland

This mythical giant worm that lives deep in Lake Lagarfljot popped its head up to be filmed just a few years ago and is still a topic of discussion in village bars.

Lagarfljotsormurinn - Iceland - Mercury Holidays

The locals don’t walk home alone! Can you find it on your next trip to Iceland? More importantly, can you pronounce it?

El Chupacabra, the goat sucker of North America

The hairless dog-like El Chupacabra, or goat sucker, with its terrifying spines and teeth, hunts through the Southern states of North America.

El Chupacabra - Mercury Holidays

It sucks the blood out of small farm animals leaving lifeless corpses with distinctive bite marks. Does this vampire-like creature really exist or is it just a coyote?

Be brave and seek out Bigfoot

Bigfoot or the Sasquatch roams through the forests of the United States on its strong limbs. Its thick fur, bad smell, huge footprints and distinctive scream have been the stuff of legend for centuries.

Bigfoot - North America

Recent photographs suggest there might be some truth to the legend. Luckily, Bigfoot doesn’t like people so visitors are quite safe.

Track down the bad, bad Bunyip of Australia

Indigenous Australians refer to their mythological devil spirit as the Bunyip or Kianpraty.

Bunyip - Australia - Mercury Holidays

Living anywhere near water it presents itself in many different guises with dog-like faces, horse-like tails, flippers or tusks. Visitors down under need to be alert when travelling near water.

Journey to Japan and catch a Kappa

Japan has too many mythological monsters to count but the River Child or Kappa is universally known and feared.

Kappa - Mercury Holidays

This humanoid creature has a beak, turtle shell and webbed feet and hands and a nasty habit of creeping up on unsuspecting swimmers and dragging them underwater to drown. Maybe visitors should leave their swimming costumes at home!

Catching sight of a mysterious Scottish beast

Legend-lovers have flocked to Loch Ness since the first “photograph” of Nessie was published and the whole world went crazy for this giant serpent.

Loch Ness - Scotland - Mercury Holidays

Is Nessie a primitive reptile that has somehow survived since the Ice Age? An unrecorded species? Or simply an illusion? A Loch Ness Monster Cruise gives visitors the chance to find out. 

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