We live in a beautiful, diverse and wonderful world that is crammed with different cultures and their specific taste combinations. These flavours have been formed out of a mix of creativity, innovation and locally available ingredients and have often come to represent the areas in which they were created.

To get you in the mood for some of these delicious and unusual world foods, we have produced this multi-choice quiz to test and build upon your current knowledge.

1) Which country’s national dish includes ingredients from Italy, Latin America and Asia which were brought in by the British Army in the 19th century?

A) Armenia

B) Egypt

C) United Arab Emirates

D) Cyprus

eating on holiday


2) In which of these countries would you be likely to enjoy Puttu for breakfast?

A) Kenya

B) Mexico

C) Bali

D) Kerala

3) What is the traditional Maltese national recipe that is often eaten in large congregations?

A) Lampuki (Fish)

B) Bragioli (Rolled, stuffed beef)

C) Fenkata (Rabbit Stew)

D) Rizzi (Sea Urchins)

Rizzi Sea Urchins

4) Where outside of France is considered one of the best places to enjoy a meal of boiled snails?

A) Bali

B) Australia

C) Morocco

D) Madeira

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5) What do you call the famous Moroccan Stew which shares its name with the container it is cooked in?

A) Pot Pot

B) Tagine

C) Le Creuset

D) Djej Makalli

6) Which country is most associated with the salty, luxurious fried cheese of Halloumi?

A) Greece

B) Turkey

C) Cyprus

D) Russia

Dining abroad

7) What is the name of the famous, nutty tasting bush tucker meal which Australia has made famous?

A) Emu

B) Balmain Bugs

C) Wichetty Grubs

D) Tim Tam

8) People of which country enjoy Harees, a wheaty, meaty paste filled with either lamb or chicken, spices and butter?

A) The United Arab Emirates

B) Sri Lanka

C) Indonesia

D) Malta

9) In which country will you find the national dish of Pho?

A) Kerala

B) Vietnam

C) Philippines

D) Morocco

Pho noodle dish

10) In which country do people enjoy Kottu as their fast food of choice?

A) Bali

B) Morocco

C) Egypt

D) Sri Lanka

With all of these unique, delicious and interesting flavour combinations on offer, be sure to try some of these amazing national delicacies on your next holiday abroad. This will allow you to get a taste for the culture and history of your holiday destination, as well as enjoying something really different and tasty!


Answer to question 1 – B
It is unusual to see rice, macaroni, chickpeas and lentils in the same dish, but this is exactly what the people of Egypt enjoy as their national dish! Koshari is made with a spicy tomato sauce and is garnished with caramelized onion. The meal is sold by street vendors and restaurants alike around Egypt and offers an unusual but delicious mix of flavours from around the world!

Answer to question 2 – D
Puttu is a dish of layered coconut and rice, which is steamed in a special ‘puttu kutti’ vessel and formed into delicious cylinders. As well as being served with small bananas and sugar as a popular breakfast, puttu is also often served with kadala curry.

Answer to question 3 – C
The correct answer is Fenkata, a meal of Marinated Rabbit fried in wine and served with potatoes and salad. The meal is loved by both Maltese people and tourists alike, with large gatherings of people often basing a whole day around the relatively inexpensive meal. Although it can be enjoyed at restaurants, Fenkata is more frequently eaten at a relaxing setting such as a park or beach. Participants at Fankata gatherings will typically eat three separate courses of rabbit and are encouraged to eat as much as they like, with no suggested portion sizes.

Answer to question 4 – C
Snails have functioned as a popular street food all around Morocco for many decades, despite being thought of by many as an exclusively French delicacy. The snails on offer in Morocco are not – however – served in garlic butter like they are in Europe. Instead, Moroccan snails are served in a complex mix of spices including liquorice root, thyme, pepper, mint, butter and orange peel.

Answer to question 4 – B
It is of course the famous and delicious tagine, a slow cooked meal which contains sliced meat, poultry or fish mixed in with an array of vegetables and spices. The meal often includes fruit and has a distinctive sweet and sour taste. Traditional tagines are cooked over hot coals and are served to a congregation of people.

Answer to question 6 – C
Halloumi has been the most famous Cypriot food for centuries and remains a key constituent in the diet of Cyprian people, who eat around 8 kilos of the delicious cheese each every year! The cheese is also a large part of the nation’s cultural heritage, as it is a product of – and has come to represent – the rural life which many in Cyprus live to this day. The cheese is made of either goat’s or sheep’s milk, or a combination of the two. The milk is mixed with an enzyme called Rennet, which curdles the milk and forms it into cheese as it is heated.

Answer to question 7 – C
You may be familiar with the wichetty grub from its being fed to celebrities on I’m a Celebrity, Get me out of Here! over the years. The wood-eating larvae was a staple food of aboriginal Australians, who would often eat it raw. However, most Australians who eat the grub these days will enjoy it cooked and describe the flavour is as being nutty, eggy and hearty.

Answer to question 8 – A
A favourite food around the time of Ramadan, Harees is made by soaking and boiling whole wheat, then adding either lamb or chicken and liquidising. The dish is prepared with a variety of spices including cinnamon, cumin and cardamom, as well as with salt, pepper and ghee or butter. The meal is preferred around Ramadan as it is very easy on the stomach, as well as being wholesome and filling.

Answer to question 9 – B
Pho is a delicious, aromatic and nutritious rice noodle soup, which is served with a side plate of fresh herbs, condiments and sauces. The soup is made up of a rich broth combined with noodles, herbs and meat (usually beef or chicken). Pho is a popular street food in Vietnam and is also the speciality dish of Vietnamese restaurants around the world.

Answer to question 10 – D
Sri Lankans love their Kottu, a fried crisp bread which is pre-cooked then mixed in with ingredients like vegetables, meat and eggs. The meal is generally served by street vendors who often rhythmically tap their pans and sing as they create the delicious fast food! The meal is finished with a generous dollop of curry sauce and can be customised to delight almost any palate! Just be sure to watch out for any chilli-based flavours you add, Sri Lankans like their food very hot!