As 2019 comes to an end, let’s take a look back at some of the top destinations visited by our favourite celebrities.

From Joanna Lumley’s stunning Silk Road Adventure to Simon Reeve’s amazing journey across The Americas; there have been some incredible explorations this year that deserve second look.


Judi Dench’s Wild Borneo Adventure

Rain forest - Borneo

Premiering on ITV back in July, Dame Judi Dench’s Wild Borneo Adventure saw her embark upon an extraordinary journey to Borneo to explore all that this is spectacular destination had to offer; from the stunning wildlife, to the importance of the rain forest for the planet, this 2-part series was a real eye-opener for both Dame Judi Dench and the viewers.

Orangutan - Borneo - Mercury Holidays


Throughout the journey Dame Judi Dench was accompanied by various experts, including naturalist David Mills. Together, they learnt about the rain forest and how it acts as the planet’s lungs essentially giving Earth the oxygen it needs to survive. Viewers also learnt about the importance of the animals that live in the rain forest and the part they play in keeping the planet alive.


Joanna Lumley’s Silk Road Adventure

Rainbow mountains, at Zhangye Danxia national geopark, Gansu, China

Joanna Lumley’s 4-part series saw her travel in the footsteps of Marco Polo as she traversed 8 countries and over 7,000 miles. From the incredible waterways of Venice to the Chinese borders, this stunning documentary explored the perilous paths of the Silk Road and how it shaped the modern world in bringing silk, printing, spices, gunpowder and much more to the West.


Simon Reeve’s The Americas

Alaska - Mercury Holidays

Earlier this year, Simon Reeve graced our screen with a brand new series, The Americas. The first part of this 2-part series tracked his adventures from Alaska to Costa Rica.

The first series of this ambitious journey consisted of five instalments and largely focused on the effect of global climate change. The opening moments of this documentary saw Simon land on an enormous glacier in Alaska’s Denali National Park. The shocking state of this remote corner of the earth was extremely hard-hitting as Reeve learnt first-hand that this glorious landscape is receding at an alarming rate.

San Jose - Costa Rica - Mercury Holidays

The series explored a range of locations, as well as the culture and people that inhabit these incredible places. From Montana and Colorado, to Guatemala and Costa Rica; this breath-taking documentary showcased a vast range of locales, environmental issues, political issues and more.



Rick Stein’s Secret France

French street - Mercury Holidays

Concerned that the reputation of French food had fallen by the way-side in recent years, Rick Stein’s Secret France saw him travel on a personal trip through the lesser know towns and villages of France to discover the somewhat lost cuisine of this beautiful country.

France - Mercury Holidays



On the pursuit of new recipes and experiences, Rick Stein endeavoured to locate hidden gems in restaurants, both traditional and innovative. Exploring markets and local places of interests, Rick Stein uncovered a host of fantastic French recipes that we, the British would do well to incorporate into out every-day culinary arsenal.  


Reggie Yates’ China


Last but certainly not least, Reggie Yates travelled to China to visit four extremely different cities. On a mission to discover how these destinations were at the forefront of modernity and freedom for the people that live there; the presenter was suitably impressed by the new wave of creatives, innovators, entrepreneurs and migrant workers transforming not only China, but the world.

In order for Reggie Yates to understand the country’s progression, he had to understand the complex history dating back thousands of years. 

Beijing, Great Wall of China


This 3-part documentary provided the viewers with an insight into the intriguing relationship between innovation and freedom that is ever-present throughout this captivating country. 





So, there we have it, a few of our favourite celebrities and their stunning travels across the world!

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