Holidays are great, we all love the adventure, the relaxation, sun, sand, and sea. What can be less fun is flying to and from your destination, but until we invent an instant transporter it seems like we need to find things to do on a long flight. So we have gathered together some ideas to help you enjoy your flight and not just endure it.

Change your perspective

One of the best things you can do to make a long flight time more bearable is to change the way you look at the time you spend on the plane. It is very easy to see the hours looming ahead of you, hoping to not be bored, but you can switch this around. You have just bought yourself some free time. We are often so busy without a moment to ourselves. The flight can be a space when there are no demands on your time, and although you will be seated on a plane, why not think of some things that you enjoy doing and take this time to do them. By thinking about your journey as an opportunity to have time for yourself, you will already start to relax and enjoy the idea of your flight before you even step on board.


This might seem like a pretty obvious idea but you could wake up at your destination feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy your time. Let’s face it, flights are often at inconvenient times and sometimes you will have missed some sleep to catch your plane. Not only this but if you happen to have a night flight then sleeping really is your best friend as it will help you get into the swing of your holiday much quicker. Sleep on a plane isn’t always the most comfortable though, so to help you drift off try packing a few extras in your hand luggage. A neck pillow, eye mask and ear plugs are great to help you feel more comfortable. Also, make sure you feel warm enough, pack some cosy socks, and a comfortable wrap that can act as a blanket.

Plane travel tips

Handheld gadgets

Let’s face it, we live in a world of handheld gadgets and these could be your saviour on a long flight. If you have a tablet then try loading it up with some good movies, but remember that air travel can change how you respond emotionally so it is probably best to avoid the weepies and go for something a little more light hearted. If you download a selection of films you can have the luxury of taking a choice, but remember your headphones. If you are with company there are splitters you can buy so that two headphones can be Gadgetsplugged into one device meaning that you can share your film with a loved one. Alternatively, this could be just the opportunity to watch the movies that you have been itching to see but you know no one else does. Guilty pleasures alert.

If you have a portable gaming device then why not buy some new games for it or just dig out an old favourite, you can also buy game apps for your smart phone, tablet or many mp3 devices and you will be surprised at how long some games can keep you entertained. Also, remember your mp3 player and make sure you have recently updated your music. You can get lost in some new tunes or that audiobook you’ve been meaning to listen to for a while.

Flying holiday

Go totally tech free

It isn’t revolutionary but why not read a book or magazine. So many of us have a stack of books to read that we never get around to. Now is your Go Tech Free – Read a bookchance. Pack around two books for a long journey, although this will alter depending on the length of the book and how fast you read; and they have the added advantage of never running out of battery. Alternatively you could take an e-reader if you have one, these will carry a huge selection of books, newspapers and magazines, more than you could ever need, but make sure you charge the battery.

Holiday flying tip

Another great way to entertain yourself tech free is to play cards, particularly if you are travelling with company, buy a book of puzzles, such as Sudoku or crossword, or you could write. On your way home you could make a diary of your travels, and if you have a burning desire to be the next J. K. Rowling, want to document your memoirs, or just start a journal, now could be your moment. Let your imagination fly and do something creative.


Where will you choose and what will you do on your way there?

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