Sit back and enjoy reading the Top 5 facts about Malta and Cyprus and see why our customers love visiting these two wonderful destinations!

Facts about Malta

  • The Maltese have an eclectic taste in food! Traditional savoury dishes include Kapunata (the Maltese’s take on Ratatouille) and Bigilla (a thick paté of broad beans with garlic). Desserts include Kannoli (tubes of crispy, fried pastry filled with ricotta) and Hewla tak-Tork ( a delicious mix of sugary crushed and whole almonds).
  • Malta doesn’t have any rivers, forests or mountains!


Blue Grotto - Malta - top 5 facts about Malta


Old city street in Malta - Top 5 facts about Malta

  • In Homer’s The Odyssey, there’s a place called Calypso cave – this can be found on the red sands of Gozo.
  • Malta is linked to Rome, Villa del Priorato di Malta is located on the Aventine Hill. On the north side of the piazza, tourists can peer through the keyhole of the entrance door and technically look through three countries; Malta, Rome and The Vatican! 


The Knight's of Malta garden in Rome

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Facts about Cyprus

  • The Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, was supposedly born in Cyprus. The country is known as the ‘playground of the Gods‘.
  • The wedding between King Richard and Queen Joanna on May 12th 1191 is the only English Royal Wedding to have taken place in Cyprus.


  • In Nicosia there is a museum dedicated to fairy tales from Cyprus, Greece and around the world. Here, you can enjoy interactive exhibits, artwork and rare books as well as being able to recreate and perform stories in the dress-up room. 


Fairy tales in Cyprus - Top 5 facts about Cyprus

  • The massive shipwreck of The Zenobia can be seen in the impossible clear waters near Larnaca.
  • Richard the Lionheart celebrated his conquest of Cyprus in 1191 by marrying a Spanish princess at Limassol Castle. Legend has it that the worlds oldest dessert wine was consumed here – the saying ‘the wine of Kings and King of wines’ was first spoken here. 


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