Beautiful waterways traversed in the dewy heat give way to a cacophony as you wander through the bustling marketplace where you will stumble upon the serenity of the temple. Vietnam has a huge variety of things to do and many visit purely to witness the outstanding natural beauty of this land. With such a wealth of history that is steeped in ancient traditions, the temples of Vietnam will add an enriching experience to your trip. The temple architectures are astounding and have a graceful harmony, in fact many of the temples are rated among the top ten places to visit in the world. So here is our list of great temples to visit during your stay.

Thien Mu Pagoda

Many consider this building as a symbol of the former Imperial Capital and legend states that the Thien Mu Pagoda was reputedly built in 1601 by the Lord Nguyen Hoang after hearing the story of a local woman who told the people that a Lord would build a Buddhist temple on the hill for the prosperity of the country. The temple was originally very simple but has been developed over the years to its current glory. Located about 3km from the Citadel of Hue on the northern bank of the Perfume River the Phuoc Duyen tower is now seven stories high and is the tallest in Vietnam.

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Chùa Tran Quoc

The waterside situation of this pagoda makes for a tranquil and picturesque temple in grounds that offer excellent views of the sunset. This pagoda is reputed to have been built in the 6th century under the reign of King Ly Nam De. It was originally constructed on the bank of the Red River and was called the Kahi Quoc. However, during the 17th century the pagoda was renamed the Chùa Tran Quoc and moved in 1615 to the West Lake of Hanoi, which is on the eastern bank of the Ho Tay, where it stands today.

Chùa Tran Quoc

Image Credit: Stefan Fussan flickr

Chùa Keo (Thái Bình)

Located near the Red River in the Vu Thu District, which is in the Thai Binh Province, the Chùa Keo temple is renowned as the centre for an annual autumn festival that attracts over 30,000 visitors every year. The festival honours the legend of the fisherman who achieved enlightenment as a Buddhist monk. Built under the Lý Dynasty in 1061 the temple has been upgraded many times to become the structure found today.
Chùa Vinh Nghiêm

This is the first pagoda to be built in the traditional Vietnamese fashion but using concrete instead of the conventional materials. You can find it in Ho Chi Minh City at 339, Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, Ward 7, District 3. The highest point of this temple is a tower that rises to 40 metres.

Chua Huong (Perfume Pagoda)

The Chua Huong or Perfume Pagoda is actually a complex of Buddhist temples and is the biggest of its kind in Vietnam. Built into the cliffs, you can find a series of shrines and pagodas with the centre of the complex called the Perfume Temple or Chua Temple which can be found in the Huong Tich cavern. Situated in the Hatay province, around 75km south of Hanoi, this is also the location for the longest festival in Vietnam which is held for the first three months of the lunar year.

Perfume Pagoda Vietnam

Image Credit: Maya-Anaïs Yataghène flickr



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