Like the volcano it plays host to, Icelandic tourism exploded in 2010 and has steadily increased year on year. It’s easy to see why Iceland has become such a popular spot for travellers thanks to distinctly Icelandic endeavours only an island of cinematic landscapes, colossal glaciers, bubbling lagoons and quirky knitwear can provide.

So if you decide to embark on our popular escorted tour to discover the northern lights or your simply visiting Iceland alone, read on and discover a host of activities worth checking out in your free time…

Go to church

When visiting a new city, it’s generally a good idea to get your bearings by venturing up a tall structure. When in Paris head up the Eiffel Tower, when in New York head up the Empire State Building and when in Reykjavik, visit Hallgrimskirkja.

This relatively young Icelandic church is the star of a thousand postcards thanks to a striking white tower. For a small fee, take the elevator to reap the reward of splendid views of the harbour, pastel coloured houses and snow dusted mountain ranges. You may also want to stick around and observe the church’s beautifully simplistic interior, overlooked by a gigantic 5275-pipe organ.


Skaftafell (Vatnajokull National Park)

Are you a keen hiker, nature lover or glacier enthusiast? Then the picturesque collection of roaring waterfalls, birch forests and towering peaks found within Skaftafell are an ideal playground for you to explore.

Located near Iceland’s south coast, Skaftafell opens a world of walking opportunities up to visitors, from leisurely hikes along the short trails, to longer more strenuous jaunts and for those feeling particularly brave, glacial hikes can be enjoyed in the winter months. The colder season also provides visitors the unique opportunity to venture deep into an ice cave with the aid of a guide and layers of warm clothing.


Eat a puffin

Iceland boasts a wide selection of unique dishes, which evidently make use of the country’s natural resources.

The humble hot dog is a distinctly northern European delicacy and one the Icelandic folk is incredibly keen on. Found within every town and every city, ensure you eat like a local and have yours with a touch of fried onions, brown mustard and remoulade. If however, fine dining is more your thing, then don’t be surprised to find a menu featuring whale, fermented shark (hakarl) or puffin — often served smoked with a berry sauce.

If you wish to dine without a side of bravery, smoked lamb, Kjotsupa soup and Icelandic fish (Bacalao & Stockfish) make for superb and less controversial dishes.

Kjotsupa soup


Following a delectable meal of puffin surprise, ensure your next bold act involves snorkelling within Thingvellir National Park.

Once plunged into crystal clear glacier water, which reaches temperature just above freezing, embark on the surreal and once in a lifetime experience of witnessing a spectacular rocky standoff as you snorkel between the Eurasian and American tectonic plates.


Witness Iceland on four legs

From helicopter to Skidoo, there are many ways to see Iceland’s astounding beauty including Icelandic horseback. A one hour journey will offer you a unique perspective of colourful landscapes, vast lava fields and unforgettable mountain vistas — all from the comfort of your newfound four-legged friend!

However you choose to witness this truly special country, you’re guaranteed to embark on an extraordinary adventure to see a place unlike any other.

iceland horse riding


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