Safari in Nepal

If you’re looking to witness some of the world’s most amazing animals in their astonishing natural location, then a safari in Nepal will be an amazing adventure for you! With a wealth of amazing activities to choose from, as well as the chance to see the real Nepal and its dense, beautiful jungle scenery and diverse range of inhabitants, there really is no better way to experience a safari than in Nepal.

Where to go for a Nepali Safari

The most popular of Nepal’s safari parks, the beautiful 932 square kilometre Chitwan National Park in Nepal’s southern belt is an extraordinary place to experience Nepal’s majestic natural wildlife and scenery. The Terai Region where this park is set is an area of dense tropical forest, with similarly densely populated wildlife! In a visit to this park you are almost guaranteed to see an amazing array of wildlife, including the famous one-horned Indian rhinoceros, wild elephants, several species of large mammals and – if you’re lucky – the elusive and magnificent Bengal tiger.Aligator on Nepal Tour

Activities you can get involved in

There are an amazing number of exciting activities that you can get involved in whilst you’re in Chitwan. These include touring local Nepalese villages to discover the traditional, harmonious way of life, as well as visiting some of the astonishing temples scattered on hillsides around the Terai region. There are also opportunities to canoe or Kayak up the astonishing Rapti River, where you could encounter one of Chitwan’s two species’ of fish eating crocodile, as well as marvelling at some of the literally hundreds of different butterfly species’ which inhabit this mystical jungle paradise.

River boats in Nepal

What are you likely to see?

The main aspect of a jungle safari will generally be a guided walk, drive or elephant-back ride through the dense and lush Nepalese forest. In your tour you will witness the truly remarkable diversity of wildlife in Nepal’s jungles, as well as getting back to nature in a virtually untouched natural setting. You will be likely to come across bison, wild elephants, monkeys and leopards, as well as langur monkeys, sloth bears, deer and many more of Chitwan’s 56 Mammalian species’. If you are lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of the illustrious Royal Bengal tiger. If you are a bird watcher, then Chitwan certainly is the park for you, as it is Nepal’s most important bird sanctuary, with over 500 recorded species inhabiting the national park.

Rhino on Nepal holiday

Chitwan’s conservation mission

Chitwan has undergone a sometimes difficult history on its journey to becoming Nepal’s greatest safari park. The wonderful beauty and diversity of the animals naturally inhabiting this region have left them vulnerable to poachers. Chitwan has historically been seen as a poacher’s paradise, once exclusively owned as a private hunting reserve. When King George V visited in 1911, it was proudly reported that he killed 39 tigers and 18 rhinos. When malaria was controlled after years of running rife in Chitwan, it proved to be a mixed blessing. Settlers moved into the newly habitable area and poaching increased, with the most majestic jungle animals targeted for their medicinal and collector value in certain markets.

Chitwan’s revival was one of the true success stories in Nepal’s history and in the history of conservation worldwide. The area became a rhino sanctuary in 1962 and was made Nepal’s first national park in 1973. The park is now home to around 508 Rhinos, where there were only 200 at their most fragile moments. There are also a large number of tigers in the park, another species to benefit from conservation projects in Chitwan.

Rhino in the wild

If you are interested in seeing the conservation process first hand, or in witnessing the soft, affectionate nature of elephants, there are elephant sanctuaries and breeding centres that you are able to visit in Chitwan. Here you can witness nature’s gentle giants being nurtured and supported in the lush grasslands where they have lived for centuries.

Whilst you’re in Nepal

Chitwan is an area of astonishing natural beauty, but it’s not the only area of Nepal that’s well worth exploring. A beautiful and diverse country, Nepal is located between Tibet and India and is famous for its astonishing Himalayan mountain scenery and stunning temples and monasteries. Nepal is the best place in the world to study Tibetan Buddhism, as well as the birth place of Lord Buddha, meaning it is an exceptionally spiritual and harmonious location. Nepal’s capital of Kathmandu is certainly worth a visit, an astonishing city with a great number of temples, statues and idols. Kathmandu is an evocative and mystical city, crammed full of culture and excitement, with a hustle and bustle to rival any city in the world! Another worthwhile visit is Bandipur, an astonishingly well preserved example of Newari Culture (the indigenous people of the Kathmandu valley). The remarkable village is full of winding lanes, beautiful temples and stunning hilltop views, and is a great place to step into the traditional Nepalese way of life. You will not find motorised vehicles here and are more likely to run into traditional farmers and traders, living how they have in this region for generations, amongst the stunning 18th Century buildings.

Visit Katmandu in Nepal

Mountains of Nepal

A Nepalese safari offers a true adventure where you can experience the beauty of a thriving jungle ecosystem, as well as supporting conservation efforts and stepping into a mystical and stunning land. You will see animals in the home that they have inhabited for centuries and be able to witness true Nepalese culture, whilst getting involved yourself through kayaking, elephant riding, trekking and other exciting adventures!

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