It can be said without exaggeration that a trip to Peru offers something for everyone. Whether you’re seeking adventure, pleasure or culture; there are few places on earth that can offer you this much variety.


The third largest country in South America, Peru is the definition of a land of contrasts. There are 28 different and distinct climates and of the 117 life zones on the planet, Peru is blessed with 84 of them. There are dry deserts, the famous Amazon jungle (covering over half Peru’s land mass) and the mountainous range of the Andes – proving that Peru is anything but uniform.


Peru’s cuisine has rightfully gained a reputation as one of the world’s finest in recent years; although Pisco cocktails and quinoa are rig du jour in numerous contemporary eateries worldwide, the best Peruvian delicacies are still to be found in their homeland. If there were a national dish, Ceviche would be it. This dish is a fusion of raw fish marinated in citrus juice (which ‘cooks’ the fish), red onion, Aji pepper and sweet potato or choclo, which is one of the 55 types of corn found in Peru.

And of course, considering that Peru lays claim to introducing the potato to the world, sampling causa is a must. Traditional causa layers avocado, potato and tuna or meat into a sort of casserole, which is sliced and served cold.

To travel through Peru is to experience a cornucopia of different worlds with their own unique vistas, juxtaposed alongside numerous cultural influences and the impact of renowned civilisations.


Lima, the capital was once the most important city in South America and is home to some of its most historic buildings like the Cathedral, Santo Domingo Convent and the Government Palace. In addition to cultural and historic downtown Lima, there is the lively Miraflores, a shopping area where you can purchase Peru’s famous textiles (alpaca rugs, wall hangings and shawls), as well as pottery and jewellery. You’ll probably want to buy a bottle of Pisco (or two) as well.


Arequipa, the White City, is Peru’s second city, and a perfect blend of natural beauty and culture. With ‘the misty volcano’ and valleys as a backdrop to the magnificent historic sites such as the Santa Catalina Convent, it overwhelms the senses.

The next phase of the journey is to one of the world’s deepest canyons, . On the way you will see numerous examples of the diversity of Peru’s wildlife including wild llamas and alpacas. Colca is home to the Andean Condor and watching them is an unforgettable experience. There are no railings, and the floor of the canyon is 3960 ft below the viewing area, so please exercise caution.colca-canyon

As if to reinforce the diversity of Peru’s ecology you head on to Puno where you will experience the beauty of the world’s highest navigable lake, Lake Titicaca. With views all the way to Bolivia on a clear day and the floating islands of the inhabitants, this is an inimitable experience.


Peru is renowned as the home of the Inca civilization and to round off the tour it seems apt that you visit Urumbamba and Cusco. On the way enjoy the landscapes of the gorgeous Andean mountains and on arrival, explore the sacred Valley of The Incas, the legendary Macchu Picchu and marvel at the masonry skills of the Incas and the Temple of the Sun in the heart of Cusco. There is such a tremendous amount to see here that words are utterly insufficient.


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