September’s a hidden gem when it comes to taking holidays around the world; often the period where the most humid months have passed, the resorts have quietened up and the tourist hotspots are less manic. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy some amazing, hot weather and all of the activities available in the more busy months – it really is the perfect time to jet off! So that you can enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable summer, with the promise of an amazing holiday to top it all off, we’ve taken a look at a few of the top places you can visit this September.

Malta & Gozo

September is a warm, dry and pleasant month in Malta, as well as on its smaller, more rural island neighbour of Gozo. Whilst the islands are undoubtedly very warm in this month, averaging a lovely 25 degrees Celsius, they are less so than in the hottest months of July and August, meaning that humidity is less of an issue, and you’ll find it easier to have a good night’s sleep. Why not visit Malta’s fascinating and classy capital of Valletta this September, or check out some of the world’s oldest stone buildings at Hagar Qim? Whilst you’re in Gozo, make sure you discover the astounding Azure Window, one of Europe’s most fascinating rock formations.

Malta & Gozo Holidays

The Algarve

Like many top European destinations, the Algarve is past its most blisteringly hot by September, but that’s not to say it isn’t lovely and warm, with the weather average sitting at a gorgeous 23 degrees Celsius, still 4 degrees hotter than in the UK’s warmest months. You’ll find more space on the beaches, more tables at restaurants, and more space for your relaxation during this month, making it the perfect time for a visit. So why not explore the astonishing Ria Formosa National Park, world-class beaches such as Praia de Marinha and historical sites like Cerro da Vila this September?

Algarve holidays


Mauritius is lovely and hot in September, as the seasons are changing from winter to summer, and it’s getting warmer without being too humid. These great weather conditions mean that it’s the ideal month to visit the paradisiacal island and enjoy incredible beaches like Flic en Flac and Belle Mare, as well as exploring the rugged jungle and wildlife of the island’s more rural areas. You’ll also find wonderful street food, tea plantations and a whole host of water sports to enjoy in Mauritius on a September visit, it really is perfect!

Mauritius holidays


September in Tenerife is absolutely ideal, the weather is slightly cooler than in the peak Summer months, but is still well warm enough to give you a good tan! This also means that some of the haziness that you will get in the hottest months clears away, and the air has a lovely feel to it. With the peak holiday months passed, you’ll find that the beaches are significantly quieter, whilst there’s still plenty to enjoy, such as fiestas, concerts and music festivals. Whether you’re visiting Costa Adeje, Playa de Las Americas or San Miguel, there really is no better month to enjoy Tenerife’s beaches, national parks and villages than in September.

Tenerife holidays


Maldives is a magical place to visit in September, where gorgeous sun can transform in a moment to heavy and powerful thunderstorms, it’s all part of the thrill! Whilst most people will find that a trip to the Maldives in September will include a little rain, this doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy hot, sunny spells, as well as the chance to get out and enjoy some water sports like diving, surfing or snorkelling when the weather isn’t behaving. Whilst certainly an adventurous choice for a September visit, the beautiful tropical islands making up the Maldives promise a truly memorable holiday experience.

Maldives holidays


September is an excellent month to visit Morocco for a number of reasons. The average temperature in the capital city of Marrakech is a gorgeous 27 degrees Celsius which, whilst hot, will not reach the extremes that it can in July and August. Additionally, there are only an average of 3 rainfall days in September in Marrakech, with a tiny average of 6mm falling through the month. If you’re looking to visit Marrakech’s mosques, palaces and gardens or Agadir’s amazing beaches, September really is the ideal month to do it.

Morocco holidays



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