If you’re one of those couples who would rather get out and be active instead of sitting by the pool on your honeymoon, there are many great sports and activities on offer abroad. Our chosen destinations include the romance and beauty of a honeymoon, as well as the opportunity to get active on your most romantic holiday. Whether you want to explore on your holiday, try something new, or truly challenge yourself, these honeymoon destinations offer some great possibilities for an active trip.


The Aussies love their health and fitness, none more so than in the beautiful and modern city of Sydney, where you can enjoy an amazing range of sports, as well as a wide range of restaurants and attractions to ensure you get your fill of romance on your honeymoon. Activities on offer range from land-based sports like Roller Fit, Cycling and Running, to exciting water sports like snorkelling, sailing and kayaking. If these sports aren’t enough to satisfy your needs, you can also partake in a range of thrill-seeking activities whilst in Sydney. The hot Australian climate makes it the perfect location for a huge range of activities, with the added benefit of a great tan afterwards, just make sure that you stay hydrated!

Sailing around Sydney, Australia


If you are interested in trying out some truly once in a lifetime activities on your honeymoon, then you need look no further than Dubai. As well as visiting some amazing honeymoon attractions like the majestic Burj Khalifa and the beautiful Palm Jumeirah, a trip to Dubai can include activities like sandboarding, safaris and camel riding in the desert. Other rather surprising opportunities in Dubai include indoor snow sports at Ski Dubai and ice skating at Dubai Ice Rink. You can also partake in more mainstream activities on a trip to Dubai, with a huge variety of water sports on offer, as well as the opportunity to play at one of Dubai’s beautiful golf courses.

Ski-slope Dubai Mall


The island of Malta is another beautiful honeymoon location for active couples to enjoy a wide range of sporting pursuits. If you fancy a real adventure, there are opportunities for rock climbing across Malta, due to the rocky terrain and sheer cliffs characterising the Maltese coastline. Regardless of your climbing style or ability level, Malta can provide, with over 1300 climbing routes mapped on the beautiful island. If you fancy something a little less terrifying, you can enjoy traditional sports such as golf, tennis and horse riding virtually anywhere in Malta, and why not cool off afterwards with a visit to one of Malta’s luxurious health spas?

Rock climbing malta holiday


Vietnam is a stunning country, with absolutely breath-taking scenery and hundreds of beautiful beaches. Due to its beauty, there are few better places in the world if you want an active honeymoon. Trekking is a favourite activity for those visiting Vietnam, and is popular in most areas, especially in the mountainous regions. Due to Vietnam’s three thousand kilometre coastline, swimming off beaches is another great way for active couples to enjoy their holidays. Various water sports are also beginning to take of around Vietnam; these include snorkelling, scuba diving, windsurfing and kitesurfing.

What to do Vietnam

Sri Lanka

Another great place to enjoy an active honeymoon is Sri Lanka. The beautiful scenery and amazing weather mean that the country is perfect for a wide range of activities, as well as for an authentic and romantic experience. Sri Lanka’s idyllic countryside means that is perfect for activities like mountain biking and trekking, whilst its coastline and beaches mean that a wide range of water sports such as snorkelling, surfing and scuba diving can be enjoyed. If you fancy something a little less adventurous, the national sport of Sri Lanka is volleyball, and there are a large number of clubs where you can get involved in the nation’s favourite pastime, as well as many other sports. Sri Lankans are also passionate about their cricket, and what could be a better active honeymoon experience than a game of cricket on the beach with some Sri Lankan locals?

Sri Lanka beach holiday

If you are an active couple looking for a real adventure on your honeymoon, these amazing locations will offer the perfect opportunity for you to do what you really love. Try some of these once in a lifetime holiday activities and you’ll be sure to create memories which will ignite happy feelings for years to come.

If you’re one of those couples who would rather get out and be active instead of sitting by the pool on your honeymoon

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