We know how important it is for you adventurous people to visit holiday destinations where you can get involved in what you love the most; leaving the beaten track, getting outside of your comfort zone and exploring the wonderful world around you! With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of some amazing places from around the world that adventurers can add to their bucket lists, so let’s get started!

Quad Biking in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh is an amazing holiday destination, where baking sun meets with incredible coastal diving and some vibrant and exciting towns. One of the best ways to venture out when visiting this region is on a guided quad bike tour through the Sinai desert. You can arrange these trips at most hotels in Sharm, or from tour operator in Naama Bay if you’d prefer. A quad biking adventure will begin with a safety demonstration, where you will be given protective equipment and guidance on controlling your quad. Bring protective goggles and a headscarf with you and your instructor will tie the scarf for you so you won’t get any sand in your face. Once these preparations are finished, you’ll begin your high speed journey into the desert! A tour will take you winding between mountains, across huge plains and over sand dunes, and can take anywhere from an hour to a whole day. Many tours are planned around sunrise or sunset, times when the desert is at its most captivating. Look out for tours which also include the Bedouin experience, where you will be able to meet the area’s locals, as well as trying some local Bedouin tea!

Sharm El Sheikh

Sea Kayaking in Malta

Malta is known for its amazing coastline, and activities like rock climbing, cliff jumping and scuba diving are some of the most famed on the island. However, a sometimes overlooked but equally amazing way to experience the coastline of Malta is on a sea kayaking tour. Kayaking tours can depart from locations all over Malta and Gozo, and under the guidance of an instructor, you’ll be in the clear water enjoying the coastal scenery in no time. One of the most striking Maltese kayaking tours is around the beautiful St. Paul’s Islands. The waters around this island are generally gentle and inviting, and the views are spectacular! This tour also gives you the chance to visit where, legend says, St. Paul was once shipwrecked, as well as taking the chance to swim and snorkel around the island’s coast.

Malta holiday activities

Canyoning at Riviere Papayes, Mauritius

Mauritius is a beautiful tropical island, famed for its perfect beaches, crystal clear waters and luxurious hotels. However, there’s also a lot of activities to get involved in for those who wish to explore the island. These activities will allow you to experience Mauritius’ uncombed jungles, astonishing rivers and breath-taking scenery first hand. One of Mauritius’ most exciting activities is canyoning at Riviere Papayes. This adventure will include large abseils through waterfalls and some amazing views, as well as stop off points for river trekking and swimming. Your journey will end with a climb to a hill top and a view of Mauritius’ scenic west coast. Riviere Papayes is ideally located if you’re enjoying a holiday at the beach resort of Flic en Flac, situated within 15 miles of the paradisiacal beach.

Mauritius holiday excursions

Safari at Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park is South Africa’s most prodigious and wonderful safari destination, where adventurers will be almost guaranteed to witness the famed ‘Big 5’ mammals, the rhinoceros, leopard, lion, elephant and buffalo, as well as a great deal more African animals in their natural home. Take a guided tour on an open-topped vehicle to get an elevated view of the astounding scenery and animals, whilst a local expert will take you to along the best game viewing routes and to the watering holes where you’re most likely to see Africa’s giants. Whilst it was once a haven for poaching and hunting, Kruger National Park has become a protected area and one of the best locations to see some of the Africa’s – and the world’s – most majestic animals living as they have for millennia.

Leopard Sri Lanka tour

Hiking along Caminito del Rey

Up until this year, walking the infamous Caminito del Rey mountain path in Andalucia, Spain was the pursuit of only the most hardened – and law breaking – thrill seekers. The ruined path claimed several lives in the past two decades and had fallen into a period of total disrepair. However, after a 2.7 million Euro refurbishment project with a massive emphasis on safety, the path has reopened, becoming a safe and legal walk for thrill seekers. The path is set at a dizzying height and gives wonderful views of cliffs and valleys, as well as or the beautiful Gualdalhorce river. It goes without saying, don’t attempt this walk if you have even a slight fear of heights! This route is around an hour’s drive from the resort of Torremolinos, or an hour and a quarter from Malaga.

Andalucia, Spain holidays

Diving on the Great Barrier Reef

Undoubtedly the world’s most famous diving location, a scuba adventure at The Great Barrier Reef should have a place on any adventurer’s bucket list! The reef is an astounding 2300km long, and offers a great mix of deep, advanced dives and perfect learning locations. The colour, diversity and beauty of the reefs, along with that of the fish and sea creatures living upon them, has led to this site being renowned as one of the world’s Seven Natural Wonders. A diving adventure on the Great Barrier Reef can be arranged from most towns along Queensland’s east coast, where a boat will take you out to the reef.

Great Barrier Reef

As any adventurer knows, there’s a very large world out there to be explored; hopefully, this bucket list will have equipped you with a few amazing new destinations to visit and feed your passion for adventure! These thrilling activities all take place within range of excellent holiday destinations, so you can rest assured you’ll be able to plan your adventures around an already brilliant break. At these amazing destinations, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to relax, unwind and enjoy yourself once you’ve ticked these amazing adventures off your bucket list. So go ahead and plan your next holiday; with such a world out there for adventurers to explore, there’s no time to lose!


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