Just a handful of natural wonders, including a few slightly less well-known, to stimulate your appetite for adventure!Whilst you’re certain to have a few of these already on your list, we’re hoping to make a few suggestions that may not have made it to your list just yet……

Teide Volcano – Tenerife

Tenerife is in the Canary Islands and may not have been the first place you would have thought to look for a natural wonder for your wander list, but the volcanic origins of the country have made for some really interesting quirks of nature that are well worth a mention; in particular Tiede Volcano. Although it hasn’t erupted since 1909, it is still considered a live volcano and it is situated in the Teide National Park, which is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is possible to visit Teide Volcano for a day trip, but it is probably worth a return visit to enjoy the surrounding National Park. Access to the volcano is by cable car, so there is no need to train for a mountain hike. However, it is possible to climb Teide Volcano if you would rather, but you would need to apply for a permit first.

Teide Volcano Tenerife
Salt Flats – Bolivia

If you have never seen a salt flat then this is a place that really must make your list. The Bolivian Salt Flats really are as they sound, but the sight of a salt flat is true wander list stuff. When visiting the flats there are two environmental variables you need to take into account, the wet season and the dry season. During the dry season the flats will appear as a dry, desert-like expanse of white salt, and this is a phenomenal sight, but for true breath-taking vistas, you really want to see the flats in the wet season. At this time water settles on the flats and the effect this has makes the world look infinite, the reflection makes the flats appear as if the earth and the sky unite, creating a view that just can’t be matched.

Bolivia salt flats tour
Laurisilva Forest – Madeira

Another UNESCO World Heritage site has made the wander list. Madeira may not have been high on your wander list but the Laurisilva Forest should put it there. This type of forest used to cover a lot of the Mediterranean region and has slowly dwindled in abundance, the Laurisilva Forest is considered endangered and there are very few examples of this eco-system left on earth; in fact it is considered almost extinct. The walks through this environment offer delightful views and the opportunity to see rare animals and birds too.

Laurisilva Forest Madeira holiday
Niagara Falls – Canada

We know this is an obvious one but the image of this extremely famous waterfall has led to many seeing this as a bit of cliché, don’t let that put you off, it is hugely famous for a reason! See it in all its glory. The magnitude and power of this waterfall are undeniable, and this awesome sight can make you feel very small when looking at its might. Stop and stare and then remember all the crazy souls who decided to go over this in a barrel. Rather them than us.

Niagara Falls Canada tour
Halong Bay – Vietnam

This one is a cultural adventure as well as a natural wonder. The bay is one of the most spectacular looking waterways in the world and the tall rocky islands dotted throughout make this a distinctive, wander list worthy experience. You will need to take a cruise to get the full feeling of the place but the views are just simply stunning. The cruises can vary in length and quality, but each limestone island has features that visitors love, from great diving and caves, through to a National Park that is the native home to some endangered species of animal. In all, this is not only a wonder for your eyes but a trip into Vietnamese culture too.

Halong Bay Vietnam tours
Blyde River Canyon – South Africa

Canyons often make their way to people’s wander lists. It’s most likely because of the feeling of infinity you experience when standing on their edge, gazing at the top of the world. For many it is the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA, and although this is a worthy canyon, we think that Blyde River Canyon could give it some competition. From the many viewpoints you can look down on the lush green hills of the mountain range and the Blyde River running far below. This area is now protected as a nature reserve and very close to the famous Kruger National Park.Tour South Africa


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