Waterfalls can be an exceptional display of nature, as tons of water pile over sheer drops and creates plumes of steam and a bellowing roar. They can also provide beautiful pools for swimming in, as well as transforming an area into a serene and harmonious setting. Because waterfalls are such an astonishing sight to behold, we’ve put together a list of some of the best from around the world, including both the huge, breath-taking waterfalls and the more tranquil, peaceful ones that you can enjoy when on holiday.

Aberdeen Falls, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a land of many huge waterfalls, as well as dense forests, wonderful beaches, wild elephants and vibrant towns. One of Sri Lanka’s stunning waterfalls is Aberdeen Falls, where a colossal 98 metre column of water plummets to the ground. The main falls are surrounded by a selection of attractive brooks and streams, as well as a dense and rich forest, all of which create a wonderful visit. There is an observation platform at the base of the falls, allowing views of some of Sri Lanka’s stunning mountains, as well as the beautiful vegetation around the waterfall, which is constantly nourished by the mist rising from the falls. Aberdeen Falls are in the central province of Sri Lanka, an area which is also home to the nation’s second largest city of Kandy, which is around an hour and a half’s drive away.Aberdeen Falls, Sri Lanka

Athirapally Waterfalls

Athirapally in Kerala is one of the world’s most breath-taking waterfalls, giving it the well-deserved nickname of ‘The Niagara of India’. The falls roar throughout the year and throw up massive clouds of steam where the water of the Chalakudy River crashes into a deep pool below. This site is magnificent from every possible angle and viewpoint, and is located within a rich rainforest, teeming with frogs, elephants, macaques and many more remarkable jungle animals. The Athirapally Falls are a large 24 metres in height, but what makes them truly remarkable is the huge volume of water making the plunge and the noise that this creates, particularly in monsoon season. As well as being open for viewing from above and below, the size of these falls mean that even from a distance they are a truly astonishing sight. When visiting the Athirapally waterfalls, you may also choose to visit Vazhachal Falls, another impressive waterfall which is located only 5 kilometres away.

Athirapally in Kerala

Tamarind Falls

Les 7 Cascades, also known as Tamarind Falls, are a series of idyllic waterfalls with calm and swimmable pools at their bases, providing a wonderful visit for swimmers and a hikers alike. These wonderful waterfalls can be found around 15 kilometres from the famed beach resort of Flic en Flac on the volcanic island nation of Mauritius. Tamarind Falls is best visited through hiking trips, which will take you through the jungle surrounding the falls and come with the promise of a breath-taking view and a paradisiacal swim at the bottom! These tours can incorporate cliff jumping and canyoning for the more adventurous types, but if that all seems a bit much, the views themselves at the waterfalls make them well worth a visit.

Tamarind Falls Mauritius

Ba Ho, Vietnam

Ba Ho is a scenic area around 25 kilometres from the coastal Vietnamese city of Nha Trang, where three waterfalls flow, creating clear and peaceful pools. A trip to Ba Ho typically involves walking upstream along a river, passing each of the three waterfalls and swimming or relaxing at the pools at their bases. Once you reach the top waterfall, you can climb beyond for a view of all three pools and the lush forest and mountains surrounding them. Along the trip you will find several wonderful spots to relax, where the sounds of running water and the sight of butterflies and birds create a serene experience. The best way to enjoy these waterfalls is on a guided tour, as the falls can be fairly hard to find and are accessible only along a pretty bumpy road. You will find that Ba Ho is less tourist-filled than some of the other waterfalls around Nha Trang, and the sight at the base of each pool makes it well worth the sometimes challenging walk.

Ba Ho waterfall Vietnam

Caledonia Waterfalls

The Caledonia Falls are found in the Troodos region of Cyprus, where beautiful woodland is home to a 12 metre tall waterfall. Although the fall itself is a worthwhile visit, this site is best experienced when incorporated into a hiking trip in the forest surrounding it, where you’ll find a large array of plants and animals, as well as some remarkable scenery to enjoy. The Caledonia Falls are one of the more easily accessible sites on this list, so why not take the whole family and a picnic along when in Cyprus? As well as remarkable waterfalls and scenery, a visit to Troodos will give you a chance to visit the region’s many mountains, one of which is the magnificent Mount Olympus; the highest point in Cyprus and another brilliant place for hiking in the summer months.

Caledonia Waterfalls Cyprus sights

So there you have it, just a few of the amazing waterfalls that the world has to offer, each set around an incredible holiday destination. From the powerful Athirapally and Tamarind falls to the serene Ba Ho and Caledonia falls, there’s a waterfall for everyone on this list, so be sure to work these sites into your next holiday, you won’t be disappointed!



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