Solo travel can be really liberating, no really, it can! There is nothing quite like the feeling of stepping onto the plane and knowing that the world is at your feet. If you’ve found yourself alone again after some time, you are single, or you just want to get away from everything for a while, travelling alone can be a rewarding experience. Despite this many people put off the first step because going it alone can seem daunting, but we are here to give you the top tips on how to make travelling alone easier, safer, and an all-round wonderful experience.

Why it’s great

This really is about you. A super indulgent treat where you don’t have to think about another soul. Everything you do on this trip will be yours and yours alone; and this is incredibly freeing. Not only do you get to choose any destination your heart desires, but once you have booked you can start to plan and think about all the things you have always wanted to do while you are there. We’ve spoken before about creating a wander list of all the things around the world you want to see and do, so this is the perfect opportunity to put that plan into action.

Solo travel tips

Safety first

Lots of people put off their solo trip because of safety worries, and we are not naïve enough to say that there are no risks involved in travelling, but they really are minimal and a little bit of awareness will make you feel that bit more secure. Not only this, as a single traveller it can be much easier to blend into a crowd and avoid looking like a tourist, which is actually a big safety plus point. Here are a few top safety tips to remember:

  • Try to stay in open public spaces, particularly at night
  • Try to arrive during the day so that you are not negotiating a foreign place in the dark
  • If arriving at night get an official taxi to your destination
  • Carry a photocopy of your identification papers and keep this separate from your originals
  • If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it
  • Let someone know where you are and keep them updated while you are away

Avoid the supplement

Many places charge a single person supplement to lone travellers and this can often work out to the price of a double room! However, there are some operators that offer holidays with no single person supplement, and this really is the best way to book. Travelling alone is becoming increasingly popular so a good operator should be able to accommodate your needs without the additional charge.

Eating out

One of the things that many people worry about when holidaying alone is what to do for dinner. The simple fact is that everybody needs to eat, and no one is judging you for eating along nor will anyone have even noticed that you are. If you are a little worried, however, here’s a few things can banish these fears quickly:

  • There are many restaurants, like the Angelica in Valletta, Malta, that have communal tables, these are a great idea if you are alone
  • If communal tables aren’t available, a booth can work well to keep your privacy, or there is often the option to dine at the bar
  • Take a book and relax
  • Make friends! Often people are happy to chat
  • Meet the Locals (and Everyone Else)

Single traveller holidays

This brings us to the next fear for many solo travellers- other people. They can be a blessing and a curse! First, don’t avoid everyone, it can be easy to be fearful of strangers, we’ve been told to do this since we were tiny after all. But you will miss much of your travel experience if you shy away from others. Talk to people, meet locals and other tourists, you might even meet a fellow single travellers to spend some time with.

Travel apps

If you are technologically minded, travel apps that you can download to your phone or tablet can be a godsend when you are travelling alone, particularly for those moments when you want to make yourself understood. Trying to tell the waiter you want the chicken and struggling for the right word? A translator app is the thing for you, there are even somewhere you can speak into your phone and it will translate for you, and some of these are even available for free. Found yourself a bit lost? Try a GPS app that can find your location and guide you to your chosen destination, just make sure you know your destination! Not only this, but there are also apps available that will give you a travel guide of your location. So get app shopping!

Travel guides

Enjoy yourself

Last but by no means least, enjoy yourself! That is the point of your holiday, relax and take some time out. There are a few things to remember to pack that can help you have a good time:

  • Take some entertainment with you, either a book, tablet or some other favourite thing to do.
  • Explore the area, use a search engine before you go to find the best things to do while you are there and make some bookings if necessary to make sure you fit in all the things for you.
  • Try an organised tour. There are holidays that can be organised from start to finish and you can just sit back, relax and enjoy your break.



Holidays and tours for single travellers

We’ve secured hundreds of holidays with no single supplements, some of our tours also have single spaces, meaning that single travellers can stay in a twin room without having to pay anything extra.