Want to know how to get the most out of holiday, help it be as carefree as possible? With over 35 years of award winning travel experience, we’re more than qualified to help you out! We’ve comprised this list of 101 Holiday Hacks to make your next escape seamless…

  1. Stack your clothes vertically to see them all better in your suitcase
  2. DIY Ice pack: Saturate a sponge, place in a bag and freeze, also ensures it won’t drip everywhere when it melts
  3. If you need longer matches, light a stick of spaghetti, it works just as well as a match
  4. Clean out an old sun lotion bottle and cut open the top so it can be reclosed securely for your trip to the beach, in order for you to store your keys, wallet etc. safely
  5. Doritos crisps can be used for kindling
  6. Empty out an old chap stick/lip balm to keep rolled up money for emergencies
  7. If staying at a hotel and only have a USB charger for your mobile phone or tablet, TV’s nowadays tend to come with a USB port in the side, allowing you to recharge.
  8. If travelling alone and want to nap, wrap your bag strap round your arm or leg so that way if in the unlikelihood of someone tries to steal it you’ll wake up.
  9. If you’re worried about remembering to lock your door, do something unusual or take a picture on your phone, that way you know you’ve definitely done it
  10. Store important cables in a glasses or pencil case to keep them all together without getting tangled.
  11. If you need directions ask a pizza/takeaway place rather than a petrol station.Holiday guides
  12. Keep plants watered on holiday by filling a bottle with water and a bit of air, screw the top on tightly, put each of your plants onto a plate (use deep ones) and then connect the plates with one used for the water bottle via rubber tubing or cotton cloth. Then (with the cap on) drill a small hole in the bottle while it is upside down, turn it upside down then place on the plate. As long as your tubing stays unclogged and full of water, and the tubes are connected to each pot plate, the bottle will only drain as much as the plants in each connected pot plate can absorb. The system is completely self-regulating and requires no motors, power, or human intervention.
  13. If you’ve accessed your accounts abroad, especially on a public use PC, change all your passwords as soon as possible when you return
  14. You can use online banking to say you’re going away
  15. If you want to get any creases out of your clothes but don’t have an iron, hang it from the shower curtain rail and put the shower on the hottest setting, but make sure that you don’t get it wet.
  16. Ran out of toothpaste? Cut open the tube there will be plenty left
  17. Store your shoes in a hotel safe  to help you remember to grab your valuables
  18. Invest in portable luggage scales to avoid the extra costs of checking luggage onto your flight over weight allowances
  19. Wear your heaviest shoes to travel in as these are what can add the most weight to your suitcase
  20. Make sure your bag has no stickers or tags from previous trips on it to avoid confusion and causing it being sent to the wrong location
  21. Leave yourself an extra half an hour to get to the airport than you would at first thought so you don’t risk long queues of traffic or problems in security holding you up.
  22. Turn off data roaming when travelling to prevent running up extra costs
  23. Boost your immune system before you leave with lots of water, sleep and vitamins to help protect you from illness.
  24. Carry your wallet or purse in your front pocket to keep it’s safer than in a bag or back pocket.
  25. Research suggests if you have a picture of a baby in your wallet (even if it’s not your child) you are twice as likely to have your wallet returned if lost.
  26. Keep all your lose change in a jar leading up to your holiday to give you guilt-free spending money.Holiday money safe
  27. Only pack what you can carry in case you have to walk for a taxi or around a big airport at your destination; pack in advance so you have time to check the weight is manageable.
  28. Book an extra day off work and don’t make plans so you have time to relax, do laundry and catch up on everything at home when you return.
  29. Mark your luggage as fragile so it is kept on the top of the pile and one of the first to come off the plane to save waiting around.
  30. Don’t put your home address on luggage, just a phone number will do and it prevents thieves who find it knowing your house is empty.
  31. Carry a dummy wallet and split your cash so if you are pickpocketed you will still have emergency cash and I.D.
  32. Thread necklaces through a straw so thin chains won’t knot in your bag.
  33. Photograph your bag, tie a bow on or put on a novelty keychain it so you can recognise it easily if it is lost or the baggage reclaim area is busy.
  34. If you’re worried about leaking toiletries in your bag, put a piece of cling film under the screw on lids for a double seal and keep them in a waterproof toiletries bag.
  35. Scan and email yourself a copy of your I.D and passport and bookings; save them so they can be accessed offline too in case of emergency.
  36. Earrings can be stored in button holes so that a pair isn’t lost amongst your belongings.
  37. Splurge on Internet service if your flight is more than six-and-a-half hours long. Saves trying to make conversation with the person next to you.
  38. Keep pen and paper on you for if you need to fill in forms or if you need to make a note of any directions etc.
  39. Get a few snacks and drinks when you arrive so you don’t buy them at the hotel
  40. Try and make an effort to use the local language, many locals will appreciate the effort more than if you try to speak to them slowly and loudly in English.
  41. Put an old spring from a pen over cord at the end of your charger, this will stop the cord from bending and breaking.
  42. Don’t be stubborn! Try new things.Holiday activities
  43. When packing, write a list of ultimate essentials, and then of luxury items, rank these luxury items and decide if you really need to take it with you. Keep the list when you travel and refer to it when repacking to ensure that nothing is left behind.
  44. If you’re worried about your laptop or phone being stolen there’s many great pieces of software that allow you to track it remotely such as http://www.gadgettrak.com/or http://preyproject.com/.
  45. Remove fog on a bathroom mirror by using a hairdryer on it.
  46. Bring a tennis ball with you on a flight and roll it under your feet and thighs to keep you from getting stiff and sore.
  47. Tennis balls in a long sock will also double up as a back massager for long flights, use as if you were towel drying your back
  48. If you’re a bit more tech savvy consider downloading apps such as “Tripit”, “Trip Case” or “Trip Advisor”
  49. Use a paste made of baking soda and water to remove a splinter
  50. Quick check list before you leave the house (best to do night before):
  51. Clean out the fridge. ii. Refrigerate produce. iii. Take out the trash. iv. Wipe down surfaces. v. Make the bed and change the sheets. vi. Water plants and move them to cool areas, or setup a self-watering system.  vii.  Stock up on readymade meals and coffee.  viii. Hold you mail or ask a neighbour to get it.  ix. Turn off thermostats.x. Toss fresh flowers.
  52. If you’re going to use your mobile/tablet a lot while out and about invest in a portable charger.Travel gadgets
  53. Keep batteries in the fridge to help prolong the life.
  54. On some elevators you can go straight to your floor by pressing the door close button and your floor button at the same time
  55. If you’re staying for at least 2 weeks and are thinking about hiring a bike, take buying into consideration for instance, Amsterdam bike hire is €15/day whereas buying a bike second hand is €50.
  56. Use an egg carton under a laptop to stop it over heating.
  57. Bring an empty bottle so you can fill it up for free at a water fountain after the security check point.
  58. For emergencies get a credit card or a bank card that allow free withdrawals abroad, this prevents you paying bank fees or extra exchange rate fees when on holiday.
  59. Use a camera or a mobile phone to take pics of anything important you need to remember, such as your hotel, hire car, meeting locations so it’s easier to remember
  60. If renting a car, take pictures of the outside and inside so you won’t get them billing you for scratches you weren’t the cause of.
  61. Take a throwaway shower cap or plastic bag to wrap dirty shoes or clothes in when repacking
  62. Beat jetlag by being careful of what you eat and drink, fast for 16 hrs. before your flight and stay away from caffeine and alcohol try green tea instead, once at your destination break your fast with a high protein meal round the time you’d eat your main meal.
  63. Keep a pack of wet wipes/disinfectant wipes or a bottle of hand gel on you if you’re germ conscious.
  64. Keep an eye out for free samples of toiletries rather than buying travel sized ones.
  65. Use soap to soothe an insect bite, rub it on the bite and leave it to dry.
  66. How to fold your travel clothes quickly in one move.How to fold clothes
  67. Keep an eye out for free Wi-Fi deals and then use Skype to call family.
  68. Use Vaseline to remove makeup if you forgot your make up remover, just be careful not to get it in your eyes.
  69. Put a scented dryer sheet into your luggage to keep them smelling fresh.
  70. Use baby powder to get sand off your hands and feet.Holiday travel tips
  71. Sow pockets into the corners of your beach towel, it will keep things safe and weigh down the towel.
  72. Use an insulated bag for drinks and snacks so you’re not carrying a heavy cool box around.
  73. If stung by a jellyfish rinse with sea water and then scrape off stingers with a mixture of sand and water with a shell or credit card (FOR MINOR STINGS ONLY).
  74. Place mobiles and iPad in a zip lock bag to keep sand out but still allows you to use it.
  75. If you have a problem with ants ground up some popcorn kernels or use cornmeal and place around the trails.
  76. To get rid of fruit flies get a small container, add fruit then cover with cling film and poke small holes, flies go in then they can’t get out.
  77. Mix aloe with water then freeze in an ice cube tray to also relieve sun burn.
  78. If you’re a big reader, think about investing in an eBook, such as kobo or kindle, it saves on weight in your bag and allows you to take hundreds of books with you.
  79. If you’re travelling somewhere that has unpredictable weather try to pack non cotton/fast drying clothes and avoid jeans.
  80. Make sure to wear sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB, some sun screens may protect against sunburn but not against the long term damage.
  81. Put sunscreen in a cool box with an ice pack makes it a lot nicer to apply than warm, oily, slimy sun screen.Stay safe on holiday
  82. Unshrink clothes by soaking the item with 2-3 tablespoons of conditioner for five minutes.
  83. Regardless of the SPF level reapply 1-2 ounces (size of a ping pong ball) to your whole body every 2 hrs. even if it’s waterproof.
  84. Don’t just rely on clothing the average t-shirt has the SPF of 7
  85. Double the SPF doesn’t mean double the protection i.e. SPF 15 is 93% screening protection, SPF 30 is 97%.
  86. Bring a small roll of duct tape, strips of it can be used as fly paper, removes lint, used with a tissue can be used to keep a wound clean till medical help is found or be used as makeshift butterfly bandage strips, with a stick to make a splint or with some creative sticking it can be used to make a sling.
  87. Wear the bottom of a pair of tights under your socks to help prevent blisters.
  88. Strap a head torch to a gallon jug of water for a makeshift light.
  89. If you’re taking a lot of gadgets take a power strip, also comes in handy at airports.
  90. Beat jag –  get as much sleep as you normally would in a 24-hour period – make up any shortfall with a snooze during the day if necessary.
  91. If relaxing on a patio and don’t want to be bothered by mosquitos, point a fan at an angle from you, they’re weak flyers and will get blown awayMauritius holiday
  92. To rid a room of cigarette smoke and other nasty forms of smoke, soak half a towel in water, wring excess out, hold by dry end and swirl the wet portion carefully in a circle above your head.
  93. Coat the inside of swimming goggles with toothpaste then wipe off to prevent them from fogging up
  94. Coffee filters can be used to clean mirrors, windows and wine glasses
  95. Keep and old plastic bag or bin liner in your laptop/camera bag to help protect it from the rain
  96. When leaving to go on holiday clean your house before you leave, when returning you’ll be a lot less stressed than if you come back to a messy home
  97. Sleeping on your left-hand side can help reduce night time heartburn
  98. If you cut yourself when shaving put Vaseline on the cut to stop it from bleeding
  99. Use superglue to seal cuts and blisters
  100. Make a lamp from an orange and olive oil, score the orange round half of it horizontally, pry out the orange inside so you’re left with a bowl, but keep the stem, this acts as a wick, fill with enough olive oil to fill part of the bottom and then light the wick, use the other half with a hole cut in the top to act as a shield.
  101. Place a damp towel over a fan to help cool the room more effectively if no air conditioner is available.



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