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Curtain Bluff

Antigua, Caribbean
St Mary

This resort combines fantastic facilities, sophisticated service and outstanding location on a rocky promontory in Antigua. All rooms and suites have staggering seascape views from the floor-to-ceiling windows and the verandas. Their simply elegant tropical interiors are complete with all the modern luxuries from high-speed Internet access to over-sized soaking tubs. Adventure lovers will appreciate the fully equipped water sports centre, which offers various activities like scuba diving, deep-sea fishing and windsurfing. When it's time to relax, guests can choose between the tranquil SPA centre overlooking the sea, the beachside swimming pool with poolside bar, or the hammocks swaying in the shade of coconut palms. The restaurants have a dress code for dinner, which is in itself an indication of the high class dining experience guests will enjoy there.

Due to the surrounding area and the number of steps around the hotel, it may not be suitable for those with mobility difficulties.

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Trip Advisor Reviews

TripAdvisor Review

Our favorite resort

Review by Fearless52806222433

We have been all over the Caribbean , and by far this is our favorite resort. At first I could not understand how people keep coming back year after year, now we are one of them. We missed 2020 due to Covid, so we went for 10 days this year in April, and then we will be back in December for another 10 days.The resort is perfection, food, rooms, activities, and most of all the staff that goes far and beyond to pamper you and make you feel part of the family...

Cannot rave enough about Curtain Bluff

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TripAdvisor Review

Fabulous and Beautiful Resort!!

Review by 23jeffreyv New York City, New York

I visited Curtain Bluff for the first time this year with my fiancé and our good friends Jeff and Donald, who are repeat visitors and invited us to join them to celebrate their anniversary. It was everything that they said it was going to be and more from the gracious and welcoming smiles and greeting upon arrival, to the beautiful beach, lovely rooms, great food and warm and welcoming service. We booked our next visit before we even left and can’t wait to return in December!! Cannot say enough about how special Curtain Bluff is, both the people and the resort!!

TripAdvisor Review

Antigua is beautiful, this property has room for improvement

Review by katekonie Lawrence, Kansas

Overall we enjoyed our stay at Curtain Bluff, but the level of service was less than what we expected. Have had better service at places in Mexico (Excellence Resorts) at a much better price point.

The layout of the resort is on a bit of an awkwardly oblong piece of land, with the main restaurant and rooms at one end, then the pool is in the middle, and you walk down the beach to find the other eating area...

The beach was beautiful and you did not ever have to wait for a place to sit ocean-front. Our first disappointment with Curtain Bluff was the expensive COVID tests that they told us we were required to get, but they never asked to see it. We got our negative COVID test in the US to go to Antigua, and first stayed at Hermitage Bay for a few days. Despite that, Curtain Bluff demanded we have another COVID test before we drive a few miles to their resort… that’s fine, we’re all about safety during the pandemic. But when we got to Curtain Bluff, they never once asked to see our COVID test results that we just paid $250.00 US to get, which was very frustrating. When Curtain Bluff scheduled our departure COVID test for us (7:45 PM the night before our flight the next day) we were SHOCKED to find out that the price tag for our 2 nose swabs was $500.00 US!!! Beware - If you need a swab while you’re there to get back home, I’d pay the $20-30 for a taxi ride and get it cheaper somewhere else.
When we arrived to Curtain Bluff their computer system was down. No big deal, we’re on island time and not too concerned about it, but we just sat there at the front desk for 45 minutes watching them try to figure it out and there seemed to be a big lack of organization. Then the “no’s” began... The continual “no” response was not what we wanted to hear during our stay there. We are not high maintenance, we’re there to relax for our anniversary, and don’t ask for much, and I think we were particularly jaded as we had just come from Hermitage Bay where the answer was always “yes” or “we will make it work.” Hermitage Bay was exceptional, refer to our review from there as well. When we checked in to Curtain Bluff they said, “We have two restaurants, Tamarind and Sea Grape, but you can’t go to Sea Grape.” We got to Curtain Bluff on a Tuesday and were scheduled to leave on a Saturday. They said “Sea Grape is only open certain days, and you won’t be here long enough.” I said, OK, well you just told me they’re open Friday night, and we don’t leave until Saturday afternoon, so what’s the problem?” After some backpedaling and difficulty seeming to understand the order of days of the week, they reluctantly agreed to make a reservation for 8:00 Friday night. Great, we look forward to it! Fast forward to Friday night, we swing by the front desk to confirm the reservation we made 3 days ago, and they say, “No, you don’t have a reservation at Sea Grape, you made a reservation at Tamarind, you can’t eat at Sea Grape.” There was NEVER an apology, or “let me talk to someone and see what we can do,” it was just a flat out “no” which was the theme of our stay there. Seriously? – You’re not at capacity, dinner isn’t for 8 hours, and COVID or not, there is more than enough room to put a 2 top table for the couple that just wants to try out the restaurant for a nice dinner for their anniversary that you made a reservation (or said you did) three days ago. Never saying they were sorry or caring at all was the most frustrating part. They said it was our fault that we made a reservation at the wrong place, and maybe they could put us on a “wait list” in case someone else cancelled. They also request that you make a “reservation” at Tamarind every night too, which is kind of annoying. I get it, if you call and let them know what time you plan to be there it helps with their staffing and planning, but it’s not necessary, you’ll get seated whether you make a reservation or not, and we were always seated promptly. Actually we got seated quicker without a reservation. On the night of our actual anniversary we called and said “tonight is our anniversary, any way we can get a good table or do something special?” When we went to dinner that night they said we made a reservation for 4 (which we didn’t, it was just the two of us), and they put us in the back corner at the bus station so we got to have a noisy table with everyone’s dirty dishes stacked up behind us where all the wait staff hang out. There was never any special acknowledgment of our anniversary occasion. It was in sharp contrast to our stay the week prior at Hermitage Bay, another resort on Antigua, where they sent us a champagne breakfast to our room and did a really cool Happy Anniversary desert for us one night to celebrate our anniversary, even though they knew the actual date would be a few days later at Curtain Bluff.

Another frustrating “no” we got was about scuba diving. We like to dive, and one of the great perks about staying at Curtain Bluff is that it’s included. We didn’t get to dive at the first resort because Antigua had a beach / boating ban for the first few days we were there (high COVID cases and didn’t want parties on the beach for Easter weekend), which didn’t get lifted until Tuesday when we arrived at Curtain Bluff. I checked an entire huge bag of dive gear, excited about getting to dive with the resort, and only got to go on 1 single dive. The resort takes 6 people each morning to a reef about a 10 minute boat ride away. The diving is not great, but ok and glad I got to at least get in once. I wanted to go on other days but they said “no, we’re already full.” Really? It’s impossible to take the boat out again in the afternoon for your guests, when I see 5 people sitting around their water sports shack all afternoon doing absolutely nothing? Lots of packing dive gear into a big heavy bag, paying out the nose to check it on the airlines and traveling with it, all for ONE dive. The dive we did take was beautiful, with great visibility and sea life.

We would also get “no’s” for simple requests. At lunch I asked for a glass of sangria. The waiter said, “No, we don’t have that, what do you want instead?” I politely asked him to look into it and I’d come up with a different drink order if they couldn’t do it (which of course they can… the resort is flowing with wine and fruit juice, and the bartender had no problem making one). The point is that we just kept hearing no, no, no to very simple requests. We had a beach front room with beach chairs, and there is someone who helps you get “set up” which means they put a towel like cover on it. We asked if we could get that and the response was, “are you sure, it looks like it might rain?” Yes… it’s the Caribbean, showers are usually light and short, and after we got “set up” it didn’t actually rain anyway. On our last day there we decided to relax and have breakfast delivered to our room. It took them nearly an hour to bring it, and they forgot some items and got other orders wrong. When we asked them for simple requests (like a cheese plate), that showed up quickly, but was also premade, which meant you pulled off the Saran wrap to enjoy mushy crackers that had been in the fridge. I know we are picking this place apart, but that’s the point of the review for potential future guests, and the things that made our experience less than we had hoped for.

Now… for what we did like! The food was great! Not quite on par with what we had at Hermitage, but still great. We never waited long for food or drinks at the bar or restaurant, their service in this regard was excellent and timely. There were lots of things to do like a basketball court, tennis courts, shuffleboard, kayaks, stand up paddle boards, Hobbiecats if you know how to sail (if not a lesson or guide will cost you money). We did some snorkeling in front of our beach front room, and also by the main beach / dock on the other side. You’ll see some fish and interesting things, there are a TON of sea urchins in front of the beachfront rooms, and to the LEFT of the dock (if you’re standing on the beach), not so many sea urchins in the main swimming area / beach, but there are a few. Just be careful if you are swimming out a little deeper and decide to put your feet on the bottom so you don’t get poked. It won’t kill you but it won’t feel good and the spines can break off (had that happen in Cayman). Like an ocean anywhere else in the Caribbean there are creatures to be aware of like stingrays and lionfish that we saw a few of, so use common sense and shuffle your feet around if you walk out into the sand in the water. We did have some really friendly and great service too. Steve the bartender was great, and several staff roaming around dinner at Tamarind were fantastic. There is not much drink service when sitting on the beach, we had someone come by once each day to take our orders but beyond that you just take the short walk down the beach to the bar.

The beachfront room was beautiful, the room we had was great. Only problem with the room was our air conditioner had this awful howling / whining sound that would drive us nuts for about 10 minutes, then stop and the process would repeat every half hour. We never said anything about it because we had just packed up all our stuff to move between resorts and didn’t want to have to move rooms again, so our solution was to get the room cool with the AC when we were gone to dinner, then keep the fan on at night. We enjoyed the breeze and sound of the crashing waves. Overall it was still wonderful to relax on a beautiful beach in Antigua, but we won’t be going back to Curtain Bluff.

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TripAdvisor Review

Spa date

Review by nzeekag

Myself along with 11 ladies visited the hotel for a spa date and it was overwhelming, first we got greeted at the gate by the security while we were walking up a spa attendant came and met us Jennie was definitely the best. I got pampered by another attendant sherry she was definitely amazing 🤩 I felt well rested after and also toy-ann she was a blessing. I can’t wait to come back again for another date

TripAdvisor Review

Going back again and again

Review by donE6081NG

The staff, the food, the location, the accommodations... all reasons to return not once, but twice a year for us. Attention to detail in the room and our special requests were met with amazing service and graciousness.

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