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Cap Maison Resort and Spa

Saint Lucia, Caribbean
Gros Islet

This comfortable hotel is in Gros Islet. The total number of bedrooms is 49. Pets are not permitted on the premises.

Due to the surrounding area and the number of steps around the hotel, it may not be suitable for those with mobility difficulties.

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TripAdvisor Review

Perfect Experience

Review by Govcocks Atlanta, Georgia

Cap Maison was the perfect choice for my wife's birthday. Every experience exceeded our expectations. Wonderful service and live music at The Cliff...

Basically a private beach at Smugglers Cove where we enjoyed the best ceviche and poki at the Naked Fisherman. Impeccable private dinner and wine tasting in the cellar. Topped of our visit with completely unique couple retreat and champagne zip line at Rock Maison. Obviously, all these activities are highlighted on the website, but I can't endorse them enough. The real difference a Cap Maison over other resorts in the Caribbean are the people. I apology for omitting anyone, but thanks to Brad, Chad, Maggie, Dorian, Daniel, Keisha, Robinson, Virgil, Olivia, Jacqueline, Janin and everyone else for taking such great care of us. I'd also encourage visitors to stay in a villa with a rooftop terrace/pool and buy the Cap It All Inclusive package if possible. Yes, more expensive, but reduced any stress about paying for each meal, beverage, etc. and a late night dip in the pool was nice. No mosquitos or air conditioning issues for us. Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't recommend taking the Fun To See Island ferry transportation from the airport. I couldn't imagine a better way to start our trip than an hour and half cruise around the west side of the island sipping cocktails with the Pitons and other unique island features in full view. Thanks Cap Maison for making our trip to St. Lucia unforgettable.

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TripAdvisor Review

speechless. breathless. exceptional in all ways

Review by Thomas F Basye, Virginia

This was - by far - the nicest resort and vacation experience we have ever had. Our Villa was spectacular with balconies and ocean view sitting areas on three sides, and a rooftop terrace with our own private pool - also with exceptional ocean views. This is a relaxed, luxury resort hosting (I think? about?) 51 rooms and two award winning restaurants...

This is next level for sure. Yes, it’s expensive – but I tell you that I would rather go on fewer vacations here than multiple ones just about anywhere else. We had a few days of rain that didn't dampen our time whatsoever. The staff was exceptional - most of whom we interacted with daily. They knew us by name, our villa number and our drink choices within the first few days. I just can't say enough. The main living area of the villa is open air - louvered doors leading to balconies on three sides. While those areas are not air-conditioned, we acclimated right away and enjoyed cross room breezes during lazy afternoon naps. Our bedroom was airconditioned - which was nice for cooler sleeping. There were many younger couples - I think several newlyweds on their honeymoons, a few families with really well-behaved kids, and numerous 40 and 50-somthing couples like us. There was always a beach chair available for us (never over crowded) – unlike so many places where people hoard spaces. We enjoyed a private wine-paired dinner with the Resort's exceptional Sommelier Robinson inside the wine cellar. We had such a lovely time and learned SO MUCH (and we’re fairly-well-wine-versed. Our servers Naomi, Deanna, Keagan, and Sharol were so full of life and joy and happiness. The Resort’s Nurse – George – was also a real joy every time we ran into him. It’s a small resort - everyone wears multiple hats and frequently, it was George greeting and seating us (and checking temperatures) when we entered the Cliff Restaurant. We tried to select a different entre’ on the always changing menu every day and night and were never less than amazed. The GM – Ross – was ever present and engaged. This place feels like a family-run resort, and it is! I can’t say enough, except, we’ll be back!

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TripAdvisor Review

Stunning resort, awesome overall experience!

Review by sideshowscottyatown

The photos and videos that you see online for this property barely do it justice! The views from virtually every vantage point on the property are amazing! The grounds of the property are immaculate and lush with amazing gardens, flowers and trees. The other absolutely amazing thing about this property is the food! They promote that they have the best chefs on the island and judging by the food, that would be easy to believe. Every meal was extraordinary! Pretty much everywhere on the island, people rave about the Cap Maison restaurants and that they are the best, so they have earned and kept that reputation...

If you stay at Cap Maison, you should definitely add some sort of inclusive meal plan. Once you experience their restaurants you will have a hard time eating anywhere else. The staff was extremely friendly, courteous and attentive. The other big thing that deserves to be mentioned is their beach. The beach at the property is down a large staircase on a cliff leading down to an amazing small but beautiful stretch of white sand beach that makes you feel like you are on your own secluded island beach. It was never overcrowded, there were plenty of beach chairs and lounges, along with one of their amazing restaurants, the Naked Fisherman. All the water activities including snorkeling, paddle boards, boogies boards, small catamarans, kayaks, etc. were all included in the room package. We were amazed at the quality of snorkeling literally just a few meters out on that beach. The reef is very healthy and alive with a huge assortment of gorgeous coral and fish. One of the best snorkeling spots that close to shore we have ever seen.

Obviously, this resort is quite expensive, so we would be remiss if we didn't point out a couple things. First, if you like air conditioning and a fairly cool room temperature, you should request a ground floor room on the interior of the property. We were originally checked into an upstairs room facing the outside of the property. So, it was exposed to sunlight most of the day and of course, hot air rises! The bottomline is that the upstairs units that receive a lot of sunlight, simply do not have AC units that can keep the entire room cool. We were quite uncomfortable our first night. I will give the resort and their GM Ross credit- they immediately moved us to a very similar room on the 2nd day but on the ground floor and we had no issues with that room. The other thing I would say is that other than sheer convenience in terms of having everything handled, there is no benefit to going through the resort to book excursions, transport, massages, etc. We found that all of those services can be contacted directly and generally we found the prices to be auite a bit lower and the turnaround time for confirmation to be faster working with those providers directly. Back to the property and the overall experience- again, it was excellent and we would definitely return! One final comment- I would highly reccommend booking either your arrival from the airport or your return to the airport via the Fun To See Island Ferry service. Returning to the airport by water was one of our favorite experiences of the trip. The boat was brand new and comfortable and the crew was amazing! Reservations@funtoseeisland.com

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TripAdvisor Review

Lovely hotel with room for improvement

Review by MrLoop1 London, United Kingdom

Firstly, the positive - this is a very attractive hotel with a great layout, the main pool area is lovely as are the views from the restaurant. The room layout was excellent and the bed very comfortable. The food at both restaurants is world class - worthy of a top restaurant in a major world capital...

Most of the staff are super friendly and very helpful.

The not so good - Service at the restaurants was mostly very good, but on two occasions was really bad. One breakfast took the best part of 1.5 hours for the cooked food to turn up, and pretty much the same wait for one of the main courses at dinner. A couple of staff members also looked and acted like they really didn't want to be there (plates slammed down on to the table with greeting etc). The worst point though was the room location and noise. I had a 'garden facing' room - one side overlooked the car park, the other had a 'balcony' (end of a stairwell that another room used to access theirs) overlooking reception. Added to this, there is zero sound insulation which meant that the music played every night until late across the road kept us up and we were woken by both a car alarm (from the 'garden') and loud guests screaming and laughing outside reception. To their credit, they did offer us another room once I complained but it was much smaller and had a balcony overlooking the main path to the restaurant / pool so I don't imagine it was much quieter.

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TripAdvisor Review

Beautiful Property but……..

Review by itsritageorgia Atlanta, Georgia

We just got back and as a travel advisor my review is based on my experience along with my friends whom I take all over the world. We stayed at the Saman House so we would have our own pool and shared space. This is my sixth villa rental from all over the world...

First the property is absolutely beautiful. Perched on a cliff with the most amazing views! On my previous rentals there was always one meal included. Mostly breakfast and others included three meals. No additional costs etc. At the Saman house nothing was included. A bit disappointed. If it included breakfast I think we still would have been ok. It did include housekeeping services. The villa overall is fantastic. One main issue as previously stated in reviews are the mosquitos, yes loads of them!! All of us came back with bites everywhere! I’m usually prone but definitely not here. Next up the restaurant, we dined at the restaurant a few times and then booked the rock for a private event. A few times there were items listed on the menu and when you receive the food it would be missing certain ingredients. Case in point Linguine with Roasted Vegetables, all we received was the linguine but no vegetables. When we asked the staff, they seemed a bit confused. Also I pre planned our private dinner on the rock stating we had three vegetarians, their meals still came with meat. The staff was gracious to discount the bill but still how can you get that wrong at a 5 star property. Especially since I went over this via email over and over. Regardless the rock is definitely worth the experience. Some of us did the spa. There is no spa venue. You will be taken to a room with no showers, steam room or saunas. The masseuses on site are excellent! Highly recommend them. Just wish the facility was a bit better for the standard of the property. For some of us, the only chance we get to experience a true spa treatment is when we are on holidays. Excursions we pre-booked prior to arrival. By the way Janin is fabulous! Always responded promptly. We booked a private boat charter, we were told it included Rum Punch, snacks and soft drinks. Once we got in our charter they didn’t haven’t anything but beer and water! To our disappointment we told the crew what we had booked. After two stops in two different Mariners they finally picked up Rum and Fruit Punch. There should have been more clarification on this. We also thought transportation was included with the charter but it wasn’t. Another thing to beware of is the VAT and Service charge on everything at the property. It was at minimum 10%. Basically add almost 20% on everything you order. Pretty high compared to other luxury properties I have stayed at. Overall our experience was great. I understand due to COVID the industry is still struggling with short staff and the influx of travelers. Don’t let my review deter you. I do think a bit of improvement is needed in regards to service and clarifications amongst staff and concierge vendors. Other than that and the mosquitos we still had a great time! As I stated it is a stunning beautiful property.

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