Pitons Bay, West Saint Lucia

Pitons Bay

Located on the south-west of the island, Pitons Bay is a slice of heaven for those looking to relax and rejuvenate in serene and tranquil surroundings. Framed by the volcanic peaks of Petit Piton and Gros Piton, these natural assets are some of the most photographed sights in the world.

When to go?

Saint Lucia has two seasons throughout the year and the ideal time to visit is in the dry season from December to May which boasts temperatures of up to 29 degrees; during this time, you can look forward to wonderful sunshine. However, if you're looking for a slightly cooler atmosphere, then the wet season from June to November might be more suitable with temperatures of up to 25 degrees.

Things to do in Pitons Bay

For those looking for a little adventure, we highly recommend taking a Gros Piton Tour. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the dramatic peaks are truly a magnificent experience boasting gorgeous panoramic views of the bay. Reaching impressive heights of 798 metres above sea level, an excursion to the peaks is an enjoyable challenge for avid hikers.

Where to eat in Pitons Bay

Pitons Bay is home to a wide variety of restaurants and bars which serve local cuisine. With many restaurants offering spectacular views of the Pitons, you'll be spoilt for choice throughout your stay.

Popular hotels in Pitons Bay

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