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Canifor Hotel

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Malta and Gozo, Europe

Sun seekers rejoice – here's a holiday hotspot that's refreshingly laidback. Qawra, up at the North Eastern tip of the archipelago is the place to be for its attractive pebbly beaches, its array of water sports activities and, of course, its sunshine.

One of the island's premier places to stay, the Canifor Hotel brings you four star facilities right in the heart of Qawra. Famed for its friendly and attentive service, it's one of those 'you won't have to lift a finger' hotels – the staff will do whatever they can to ensure you have a really relaxing holiday.

The sun, scenery and impressive service make the Canifor Hotel a top holiday choice:

As soon as you arrive at the Canifor Hotel you'll know you're in for a treat. The impressive reception area shows that this is a hotel of real quality. And it's ideally situated for whatever kind of holiday you want. There are flat, pebbly beaches at St. Pauls and Salina Bays – both wonderful places to take a dip and catch some rays.

The Canifor Hotel is just the sort of base you need. The en suite rooms are all fully air-conditioned and come with direct dial phone, radio and mini cooler. Each has its own balcony too.

There are certainly lots of incentives to spend time in the hotel, whether it's for a dip in the indoor or outdoor pools (or Jacuzzi for a bit of a treat), or a quick tan top up on the terrace. To really get you relaxing, you can even have a massage (there is a charge for this service) – just one more way that the Canifor Hotel really looks after you.

Qawra gives you all the ingredients for a perfect Maltese holiday – and one of the most important is the Canifor Hotel itself. As soon as you're booked in, you'll begin to relax and enjoy the perfect laidback lifestyle.

Due to the surrounding area and the number of steps around the hotel, it may not be suitable for those with mobility difficulties.

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The Local Area

The Canifor is a very pleasant 4-star hotel offering high levels of service and comfort. It is situated just a few minutes from the attractive Qawra promenade and between St. Paul's Bay and Salina Bay.

In both bays, there is ample opportunity for bathing off the flat rocks of the shoreline which are also popular for sunbathing. Guest facilities include an attractive reception foyer, a restaurant and bar lounge, both overlooking the swimming pool. There is also an indoor heated pool as well as a coffee shop.

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TripAdvisor Review


The hotel was dated , staff was incredibly rude and racist. We were in all inclusive and the only good thing were the drinks . Food was really bad, frozen and re heated. Lunch were leftovers from yesterdays dinner and etc....

No fruit ,only one desert which was always the same and to use the leftovers.. The rooms were dirty when we did the check in even tho they said it was ready And the WORST part were insects everywehere. they cleaned and next day it would be there again.. 1 week like this... spoken to manager everyday and nothing changed. only last day they offered to change our room . according to cleaning staff there is a gell they can use to stop this but its too expensive so manager doesnt authorize... the only use Raid (insect spray)

The city was great but this hotel just destroyed the whole experience

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Excellent value for money...

Review by KeefsDrumStix Wembley, United Kingdom

Had 3 weeks in The Canifor. Paid about £500.

The room was really good...

Basic. But the shower and bathroom nice and clean. Beds very comfortable and fridge worked (although if you take your key card out, it goes off).

Air-con? Lack thereof a bit hit and miss and as it was hot, kind of was needed but the fan on the ceiling was ample.

Food? Had a few breakfasts. Sausages, bacon, scrambled egg? What's not to like.

All staff I encountered were very friendly and accomodating.

Cleaning was exceptional.

Highly recommended for a budget hotel that's central to everything.

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Pleasant stay

Review by Dazruthy Leigh, United Kingdom

We stayed here for two weeks, requested 3 rooms facing the pool and we wasn't disappointed. After reading some of the reviews we was a little apprehensive. The rooms where clean and the cleaners came in daily...

We was b&b , the breakfast was OK, we personally had no complaints. Staff we came across were always pleasant.The pool area was cleaned every morning. It was only a base for us and suited us just fine . We had no complaints and would definitely book at the Canifor hotel again.

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Stay away, save your money on a better hotel. Worst experience ever


I will do it in the most objective way possible. We have checked the reviews before going on Google, TripAdvisor, Booking. All of them were 50/50, some people say perfect, some terrible, so we took our chances and trusted the good reviews. By the end of my review you can decide what’s the reality.

We arrive at midnight, from the outside the hotel looks quite decent...

We enter and there are already 7-8 people checking in, and one receptionist man. We understand the he is doing his night shift and he is alone, therefor it takes time to checkin everyone. We are standing in line and waiting to be called/welcomed. But then we see that there is completely no reaction whatsoever even though everyone has left but receptionist is minding his own business. We come closer and say we have reservation, he starts to look through bunch of papers to find our reservation by my second name. What is this, 1990’s? Or they haven’t heard of proper hotel systems using a computer, which was btw standing next to him with blank desktop, I was surprised it wasn’t Windows 95 installed on it. When we filled some paperwork we’ve got keycard and explanation of checkout and breakfast with an attitude like “I am sorry for bothering you doing your job”, awful. Also while filling paperwork someone has called reception, he picks up - “-Reception…”, and then suddenly just smashes the phone back, bang! like he got irritated that this phone rings, person on the other side haven’t got a chance even to say a word in this speed.

We moved to an elevators while looking around, so outdated reception, walls, decorations, tables. Elevator is from the day hotel was build, so it took ages to go up. Hallways, oh dear, looks like from horror movies. Then we approach our room, wooden old doors.. We enter and see a place for keycard, where we put it but it’s so loose inside that it feels you put it into an empty slot which literally does nothing, lights are still working without it, so what’s the point?

Oh hello our “lovely” room, what a surprise we’ve got here. The room, is no way better that any of mentioned above. Old crap, wooden furniture which is scratched, broken, dirty, so unwelcoming, a place where you don’t want to stay or come back. We see balcony doors opened, super hot inside the room as that day was 37 degrees. We close the balcony and decide to chill the room. I see this super old controller of an A/C which feel like it would fall apart if I touch it, I change the “settings” for a cool one, and it starts to blow, but nothing else. A/C blows like hell a warm air, it’s just not working, free-on missing or something but it does not work in a hotel which is located in a country where 300 days in a year are sunny and temperature goes above 30 degrees, beautiful. But hey, we have an aluminum fan on the ceiling which looks like it will fly down at any moment if you turn it up, so kept it down on low rpm, but when it starts it sounds like starting old Soviet AN2 propeller biplane engine.

At that point we started to laugh and just make a joke out of this hotel which has what, 4 stars?! I repeat, 4 stars hotel? Are you freaking kidding me?

Okay, we look around, wardrobe - a dirty old wooden joke which is bought from second hand shop that had £3 tag on it, bravo, cheap investment. A bed is not a bed, just a piece of wood and a spring mattress. A table with kettle and two glasses, what am I supposed to do with that? Drink boiled water? As there was no coffee or teabags, nothing. Lightning - awful, unpleasant bright light next to a mirror and two bulbs above the bed, one bulb went down after 5 minutes of usage, you can see on the photo, no lies, all switches are on but only 1 bulb works, another literally just stopped working, what a surprise. Ceiling - dirty, curtains - dirty, wardrobe - dirty, a fan - covered in dust.

Okay, we are still lost, but as it was late we just wanted to go sleep already (around 3 am). Let’s wash our faces and go to bed, but hey, where are towels? Oh, there are no towels, how great, going bad to this welcoming receptionist to ask for towels. Where I see bunch of people standing again as checking takes ages with this old fashioned paper registration. I politely ask for towels - he says towels are handed in the morning. What? I then say how we are supposed to wash our faces? Where he stands up from the chair which is stuck to his ass and walks with an attitude that he is tired of this job and everyone just pisses him off, as he brings towels and almost throws them on the reception desk with some kind of unwelcoming gesture. Towels are also looked like from second hand with already worn half holes, corners, out of color. I mean like the one we use to dry up our dog after a shower back home.

So we prepare for a sleep, I go to lock the door from inside, and guess what? The lock is just turning infinite, no locking yourself, so if staff decides to enter with their master key anytime - no problem! We lay down on a bed in a room which is super hot, with an open balcony door because we can’t close it as it’s the only source of air, and the noise from the outside. Thankfully it was Sunday/Monday night, so it wasn’t too loud as there are literally two pubs outside our balcony where it says Live music every evening, we passed by later, loud people drinking and playing music definitely nothing you can avoid, as you can’t close balcony door, unless you want to die there because of lack of air.

So haven’t spent even 20 minutes in this room we were already on Booking.com and booking a hotel just next street, starting with letter M and ending with letter R (will not write full name of it to avoid any promotion or having my review deleted). It had super great reviews and beautiful photos. In the morning we checked out and got away from this “superior” 4 star hotel, oh sorry, I meant motel, and no star at all. This is piece of crap, the hotel next to it has similar price, amazing staff, cleanliness, fresh and new, rooftop pool, and 3 stars? Which in real it must be at least 4, so kinda opposite. We lost some money but decision we took to move out is the best decision, not worried about couple hundreds of euros, but this made our stay lovely.

In overall: if you are person who has never been in any modern hotel, does not care about service, cleanliness and comfort - this place is for you. Kinda “come back and pass out” place, but not where you return back after a hot day to relax and cool down. No we haven’t tried breakfast, their pool or other facilities, why would we if they can’t keep up with the simple things as room and service?

Stay away from Canifor Hotel there and you will not be disappointed. My honest review.

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Rude staff, Revolting food but decent pool

Review by Demi_Jack_Reviews Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Rude receptionist as soon as we arrived. She continued to be unpleasant and made snark comments until our stay was luckily cut short at the Canfor.

When we arrived with 4 others, we were avertised a 4 person room. This ended up being 3 normal hotel beds with 1 small PINK dirty 4th single bed...

The room itself was ok, but considering we in total paid around several hundered for the room for 4 nights we would epect 4 hotel beds not 3 + 1 camping bed.

We had a chicken wrap and a chicken burger there. The meat was grey and did not look correct at all, so we didnt finish it. The member of staff who colleted our meal asked if we did not like it. I pointed out that the meat didnt look right, in which he ignored us and walked away.

For first time ever, we ended up booking another 4 star hotel 5 minutes drive away (how this hotel is 4 stars still confuses me.) At an additonal cost to us (we did not want to ask for a refund as we did not want to approach the staff at all. We knew it wasnt going to go anywhere.)

This hotel was much cheaper than the room we got and was absolutly stunning. With an infinity pool, sea veiws & a superking bed. An actual 4 star hotel, not what the canifor claims to be.

When we checked out, the staff again was dismissive and didnt even bother to ask why we were checking back out.

One higlhight and the only highlight is the pool area is nice, however you will be looking onto an active buiding site. This why we gave it 2 stars not 1.

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