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Marina Hotel at the Corinthia Beach Resort

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Malta and Gozo, Europe
St Georges Bay

St Georges Bay is a quiet holiday haven, but the canny holidaymaker knows it's a great place to be. It boasts one of Malta's very few sandy beaches, where you can swim, snorkel and of course, enjoy the sand and sun. St George's Bay is also brilliantly placed for trips to Paceville or St Julian's.

The stunning Corinthia Beach Resort is home to some of the best contemporary hotels in St George's Bay. There is a feeling of freshness and zesty Mediterranean design about these newer developments, and the Marina Hotel really exemplifies that.

The Marina Hotel offers superb contemporary facilities

The Marina Hotel at the Corinthia Beach Resort packs plenty of its own attractions too. It's the perfect spot for a holiday in Malta. Like the landscape, the hotel boasts big, open spaces, lots of opportunities to swim, and it's decked out in a vibrant Mediterranean colour palette too with lots of umber, russet and red.

The Marina Hotel at the Corinthia Beach Resort also offers you an impressive range of dining experiences, from bistro style bar to lounge to restaurant, and each with its own distinctive character.

As a guest of the Corinthia Beach Resort, you don't just have the two superb pools of the Marina Hotel to enjoy, but the adjacent lido complex with pool as well. The generosity extends to free access to the Apollo Club at the Corinthia Hotel St Georges Bay where you can enjoy a range of health and beauty treatments.

Facilities like the Marina Hotel at the Corinthia Beach Resort remind you not only why you chose Malta as your holiday destination, but why it continues to be such a popular choice. New developments on this scale and of this quality are a great example.