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Caleta de Fuste

Caleta de Fuste is a purpose-built resort town on Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands, designed to create the perfect safe and enjoyable holiday. Caleta, Spanish for cove and ‘fuste’ a type of fishing boat, the name gives hints to the type of holiday you’ll find here.

When to go

Like all the Canary Islands, Caleta de Fuste weather shows little difference between summer and winter. The area luckily tends to avoid the extreme temperatures, so take refuge from the scorching Spanish mainland in summer with highs of 28°C here. It’s also the perfect place to sunbathe in winter where temperatures still reach the mid-20s.

Top Attractions

As a resort town, attractions are mainly found in neighbouring towns such as the capital Puerto del Rosario and day trips can easily be organised.

There are two weekly markets in Caleta de Fuste, a perfect place to find souvenirs to take home.

For a family day out, the only zoo in Fuerteventura - Oasis Park - is an hour drive from the resort town.


The beaches in Caleta de Fuste are all man-made and were created by importing pale golden sand. There was originally only one beach but new ones are being created by making lagoons from solid rock and then adding the imported sand.


As a town geared towards tourism, everything revolves around beaches, food, shopping and nightlife.

But, you’ll still find a cultural gem here in the defense tower that overlooks the harbour. It’s a beautiful contrast to the touristic atmosphere.


Caleta de Fuste isn’t short of restaurants but two to note include La Frasquita, the first restaurant built here and the a perfect place for a little bit of history. For a more traditional Portuguese meal, try O’Fado.


The Caleta de Fuste Carnival happens every year and is the largest event in the town - dates do vary every year, so check before you book!

Adventure and Sports

There are a number of recreational activities to take part in in Caleta de Fuste: from sailing and diving to windsurfing and scuba diving. Their ocean waters are also known for dolphin and turtle populations, perfect for animal watching! With two golf courses on the resort, sports anyone wanting to practice their swing will have a place to go.

Sports bars are dotted all around the town, too, if you want to cheer on your favourite.

Getting Around

There are plenty of taxis to jump into and local buses are available in Caleta de Fuste. Due to the central location of the town, everything is within an hour’s journey.

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