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Tagoro Family and Fun Costa Adeje

Spain, Europe
Costa Adeje

This stunning family-friendly hotel is nestled in the popular tourist resort of Costa Adeje, offering a perfect place for families, couples and groups of friends. It enjoys a great location within a short walk from the marvellous beach and within easy reach of bustling commercial area with shopping centre, restaurants and wide array of entertainment venues such as the nearby waterpark. This elegant complex comprises different accommodation options including standard, double, superior and family rooms. Guests may retire to their tastefully appointed units, where natural tones beautifully combine with cosy furniture and modern amenities. The charming in-house buffet-style restaurant offers show-cooking and serves a wide selection of Italian, Spanish, Mexican and Canarian specialities. The youngest guests will delight in mini club and entertainment while adults may plunge at the outdoor pool or lounge with a drink at the bar.

Due to the surrounding area and the number of steps around the hotel, it may not be suitable for those with mobility difficulties.

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  • 24-hour reception
  • Mobile phone coverage
  • Wired Internet
  • Wi-fi
  • Car hire*
  • Laundry service
  • Launderette*
  • Bicycle hire service*
  • Multilingual staff
  • Air conditioning in public areas
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Trip Advisor Reviews

TripAdvisor Review

Lovely stay

Review by Evelin L Reykjavik, Iceland

First of all everyone has different expectations and taste for accomodations as hotels but honestly we had a really beautiful, happy, relaxing time there. We were there with our 2 years old son and he enjoyed these 10 days a lot as well. At the reception the staff were always nice and very helpful...

Our room had a huge terrace with 2 sunbeds with a view on a main pool. Every day there was some entertainment show/dance/magic show/really good singers and was nice to have them also in english so we understood most of it. The food was just great every day we liked them a lot. Everyone in the restaurant was kind, smiling and just felt all the positive energy from everyone working there. My only small suggestion would be for the restaurant to have a card for every each food to know what it is. ( some of them had some of them didnt ) The housekeepers and all the cleaners are super professional and I mean really. Everything had been cleaned so well every day including our room and all around the pools, stairs, walking paths, garden. The beach I would say about 20 min away if you walk or by taxi is just few minutes. The pools are very good my son loved the kids pool. For us it was really comfortable to stay there with our son and we are greatful so we chose this hotel for his first summer holiday in Tenerife.

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TripAdvisor Review

WIfe was sexually assaulted in this hotel - Do not stay

Review by 642edh Leeds, United Kingdom

We went to the Tagoro Family & Fun hotel this year for our re-arranged summer holiday from 2019. Firstly i would like to say the hotel staff were very helpful with the recent Corona virus and let us move the booking twice. Unfortunately that is all i can recommend about this hotel.

The hotel itself, i would rate somewhere between 2 and 3 star...

We booked all inclusive and weren't sure what to expect as it originally was a last minute booking due to cancellation elsewhere. My initial thoughts about the hotel were it was like something from the 90's, decor was a bit dated and and we just told ourselves it won't be too bad.

First night we got there, it was late, 11.30pm, we checking in and managed a drink at the bar but then went and got our heads down. Next morning we headed down to the restaurant for breakfast. I was having an omelette cooked when my wife came over to me and burst into tears. She was rooted to the spot and visibly shaking, i eventually managed to get her to tell me what had happened and she told me she had been sexually assaulted. I was shocked, i asked her what had happened and she told me that as she was putting fruit onto her plate someone behind her put their hand up her skirt and inside her pants . When it happened she was shocked and slowly turned round to see about 5 or 6 men, she burst into tears and cam over to me.

I went over to a staff member and told them what had happened, she brought another lady over and said it was a manager. When i told them both again what had happened, they said that it was bad but if we couldnt point out who had done it what did i want them to do. By this point i was irate and told them to bring the hotel manager, which they did. When i again repeated what had happened, the hotel manager although showing concern, said their was nothing they could do as the camera in the kitchen wasn't working. I told her we would be leaving the hotel and i wanted either moving to one of their other hotels or refunding. I also stated that they had a pervert in the hotel and that they needed to let all o f the other guests know they were at risk and needed to be vigilant at all times. I was told by the manager that they could not and would not do this as they wouldn't want the guests to panic. I thought this was disgraceful behaviour and said they had a duty to protect other guests at the hotel but they were adamant they would not be warning them.

We packed out cases and went upto reception and waited to see if we could be moved to another of their hotels. The hotel manager said their wasn't any availability and that they would refund us but it could take upto 10 days for us to get the money back. We were also told that if we went to the police this could also impact us getting the money back.

Again this was disgraceful behaviour by the hotel. We checked on booking.com and they did have availability at their other hotels. We ended up having to book into the hotel Jardin Tropical at our expense which was double the cost of the Tagoro and was not all inclusive. Luckily we had the money to pay for this, but many other families could have been placed in a really bad position.

I would say to anyone that is considering staying here. DON'T

They do not care about guests and are willing to let women be at risk of a pervert in the hotel just to stop the hotel being made to look bad. They also gave no support after it had happened and the whole holiday as you can imagine was ruined!


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TripAdvisor Review

Don’t waste your money

Review by Megan K Dublin, Ireland

Firstly the hotel is located beside nothing so you must taxi everywhere as the walk would be dangerous and hilly for children….it’s located on the wrong side of a dual carriage way. Secondly I wouldn’t recommend this hotel for anyone who isn’t Spanish as it appears that is the only clientele they want at their hotel and this is made very clear by the constant Spanish music..Spanish instructions at games and mostly Spanish catering options. The towel situation at the pool is a joke you get issued a warning on your towel if you leave it for ten minutes when they are allowed to be left unattended for 40 mins as per hotel instruction....

towels will then be removed to reception.. the so called all inclusive isn't the best we would of been happy with just sorting our 2 girls with the food snacks and drinks from it but even at that the ice creams were in little yoghurt pots very poor and no snacks for children or even options to purchase nicer treats for them. The one good thing I will say is the resort and rooms are spotless and the cleaning/maintaining staff are doing 5 star job. Safe not included in hotel stay either The hotel wasn’t cheap and there was no kids club or any additional outdoor entertainment for kids in this so called family and fun hotel. I love visiting Tenerife and adeje is my favourite spot unfortunately this hotel is very unwelcoming and was a real disappointment for our first family holiday in almost 2 years. Possibly staff don’t want to work after being off so long after Covid or possibly they just don’t want any other tourist other then Spanish origin visiting.

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TripAdvisor Review

Not the greatest experience I would say

Review by E7354KKRogerP

Not the greatest experience I would say. Just came back home from our stay in this hotel and I can honestly say I will never step foot in it again. The only good thing I can say about this hotel is that it is spotless clean, the cleaners do a great job and work really hard. I had an all-inclusive package and I have to say this hotel is cheap, see explanations below. I always try to be fair in my reviews and give some positive and negative points but unfortunately, there is hardly anything positive to tell.

Arrival: Instructions given at the reception were clear, but I wasn't given all the information I needed. Was given 2 face masks and wipes which was handy. There was a bottle of water included as part of the package. However, No tea bag of coffee either. I was also not told that we had a free bus to go to the beach ... I understood that from a Spanish lady being told at the reception on the day I left.

Room: Room was big enough and it was good to have a separate bedroom and living room. However, it needed a serious refresh, and everything seemed to fall apart. It was hard to find a power socket that was working to charge my phone and when I had one working the phone was awfully slow to charge. The air conditioning seems to be set to 25 degrees and you can't go under that...

So, make sure you like sleeping in a warm room if you go there. Obvious lack of privacy with the opened balconies. Technically if you open your window at night everyone can walk in easily. A lot of rooms are like that but not all of them. The place was also awfully noisy, and I didn't get a good sleep at all during my stay which prevented me to relax properly. It seems that they move furniture all the time there during the night. Fortunately, I had brought ear plugs for sleeping otherwise sleeping there would have been impossible. I was very tired after my stay at this hotel and happy to go home to have a restful sleep. It’s not a nice feeling to go back from holidays without energy because you can’t sleep at the hotel.

Food and restaurant: The food was repetitive, it was very limited compared to other all-inclusive resorts I've stayed in. The vegetables given seemed to have come from frozen food bags. It was however well cooked. It was impossible to find a teaspoon for a cup of tea or coffee. No cheese for lunch. Coffee machines and boiled water only available in the morning. For coffee after lunch or dinner, you're sent to the bar but then the coffee machine there seemed to break constantly and there is no seat for having your drink. Big queues as the restaurant doesn't seem to be big enough. This has nothing to do with Covid. The hotel was only 60% full and queues could be seen every day. So what is it then at 80% - 100% capacity? No food for some people and they need to go out and pay for their dinner even though they paid for an all-inclusive package?

Bar and pool: First of all, the lack of chairs and tables is shocking. It's not possible to sit for a drink during the day even though there is space to put chairs and tables (considering Covid restrictions). I have never seen that in a hotel in my life. Bar not staffed enough especially at night, so you need to wait before getting your drink for 15 min sometimes. They also seemed obsessed to set up chairs in front of people's room instead of putting them near the bar. In other words, don't expect to sleep until the shows are finished. It seems that the sun beds did WW2. They needed a serious refresh. Didn't try the pool at all as it was always impossible to sit and put my towel somewhere and I went to the beach instead. Apparently if you leave your sun bed for too long to go back to your room or for food, your towels are taken back to the reception. Again, it's not nice especially with kids who sometimes need to go back to the room for something. No shed for sitting! so you can't really stay near the bar.

Entertainment: It was boring except the last day. I didn't expect a lot because of Covid and the fact they run at lower capacity, but I was not expected to be that bored at night.

Staff: I was remembered as a number and not as a person. I was told you're "0XX" !!! First time ever in my life I experienced that in a hotel. Are people not supposed to be nice to you in a hotel? I felt unwelcomed and it looked like they were just happy to take my 1000 euros + for my stay and that's it. They didn't even make the effort to ask for my name. At least they could have asked once and pretended they couldn't remember. 1 night they told my friend to wear a normal tee shirt and not a sleeveless tee shirt for going to the restaurant. So, he had to go back to his room. In the meantime, other men (Spanish) with similar tee shirts and swimming trunks were coming in without being told anything by who seemed to be some manager. Other people poorly covered were also allowed in ... Looks like that if you're not Spanish they don't like you too much.

Other things: Kind of nonsmoking hotel. You can only smoke in your room and outside of the hotel. Only 2 toilets available at the pool/bar area. ! for men and 1 for women. This is clearly not enough. No toilets was closed because of Covid. It is built like that. Staff petrified to be nice to you. It looks like they are given instructions. Obviously lack of seats and seats are put in front of the rooms making the rooms noisy. Overall, very noisy rooms even at night. It seemed that they were constantly moving stuff around at 5/6 in the morning. If you want to sleep for more than 4/5 hours a night, don't choose this hotel. You’re guaranteed to have bad nights and be angry after a few nights spent there due to the lack of sleep. Wi-Fi does not work well. You can hardly do anything with it so make sure you have plenty of data on your phone before you come to this hotel. Big waiting time for getting a drink at the bar and some worrying waiting times at the restaurant.

Departures: I was never treated like that for departure. I was told to leave at 11 despites being told 12 during check in. My bracelet was changed, and I was given a special one to show I was leaving ... Note that it means that you can have lunch at the restaurant. At the bar, they would tell you that you can't have a drink because of this bracelet. You can't even get water at the bar. I suppose that if you have small kids it's something to bear in mind. In other words, you’re gently being pushed to go away as soon as possible because there is simply no option to stay there as you can hardly use the toilet, you can’t sit down anywhere and there is no shed at all for staying. To me the message is clear, they try to make as much money as they can and they don't care of the customer wellbeing. Of course, because of the obvious lack of seat, my friends and I (with kids) couldn't stay ... Very bad way to treat customers who just gave you a ton of money for their holidays. Overall, this place is cheap and unfriendly. Everything is designed so you get as little as possible and they can save money that way. It worked as we were so bored and so tired of waiting that we went out and paid for drinks and food outside of the hotel.

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TripAdvisor Review

Very disappointing….

Review by Olkq

The hotel is very disappointing….definitely not a 4* hotel and NOT worth the money. We paid about 1500£ all inclusive for one week, 3 adults and one child aged 12ys so obviously had some expectations towards it

-They make you pay for everyday stuff like SAFE, even if you’re all inclusive -The rooms are very old dated and need refreshing - the beds look like prison beds and are VERY uncomfortable, never had a bed like this in the 4* hotel and would never expect it -You don’t even get any DUVETS so you’re freezing at night -Hygiene isn’t the greatest either,my pillow was dirty and had stains on which is gross, same with towels -The pillows are very thin as well so I guarantee your neck will be in so much pain in the morning -You need to pay 20€ deposit PER PERSON for pool towels -Pool is very small and not too deep as it only goes to 1,30-1,40m -No chairs or tables by the pool during the day so you either sit on the sun bed or on your balcony -The pool area at the evenings is all plastic chairs and tables so again not to seat for too long -Sun beds…….lets just say they’re like 10 years old and been used A LOT,they’re also very very dirty so I’ll just leave that with no further comment -There’s a very wide variety of food BUT the majority is served cold and therefore doesn’t taste nice….so you need to rush and hope that it is still warm when you arrive -The majority of rooms have a very ‘public’ balconies so there’s no privacy as there’s people walking past you all the time -The entertainment at the evenings is mainly for kids and you can’t really have rest when you go for a drink at 22:00 and have a bunch of kids screaming -The majority of the rooms are located ‘in the centre’ of the hotel so where the pool and entertainment area are so don’t think that you will get much sleep if you want to go to sleep earlier because it’s very loud until 23:00 -They make you wear a face covering when you go to the bar to get a drink but don’t really care when there’s loads and loads of people in the pool -There’s two kids pool but the main pool is always occupied by kids so again all you hear is kids screaming and splashing you with water

-Bathroom not too bad, you get some mini shower gels and shampoos -You get free bus to the beach and shopping centre, available once or twice a day-we never used it so not sure how that works -Taxis are coming very quickly and it only costs 3-4€ to get a taxi to the beach so very affordable -There’s a few shops by the hotel in case you need some snacks or drinks -The alcoholic drinks were good and made of actual alcohol and not premixed -There’s food available through the whole day from 8:30 till 22:30 which is great

Overall, we really DO NOT recommend this hotel as the standards are ridiculously low and there’s no value for money whatsoever so please avoid because you can’t even get some decent sleep on those uncomfortable beds with no duvet….

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