Guia de Isora, Tenerife
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Guia de Isora

Guia de Isora is a small isolated town situated on the South-West coast. It is known for its large farming centre and produces several varieties of fruit and vegetables which are distributed to other towns in Tenerife as well as used locally in restaurant and sold at farmers markets.

The location attracts holidaymakers looking for a peaceful holiday. It has opportunities to explore natural attractions such as Mount Teide national park, cliffs, beaches and fields of vegetation. More lively activities consist of golfing, fishing and whale watching cruises.

Down the mountain is Dom Juan Beach; as it is a more of a tourist area, it has a lively promenade full of restaurants and bars. In Guia de Isora centre there are plenty of restaurants to dine in also many boutique shops and souvenir shops to venture around.