Side, Antalya
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Side is a popular town located approximately 80km east of Antalya. The area is well known for its long history stretching back to Alexander the Great as well as the Romans, who both ruled here. Known as one of the most ancient cities in all of Turkey, the area has scattered ruins which run along the sandy beaches, making this mostly untouched resort popular with all kinds of holidaymakers.

The resort's historical sites make up the main attractions here at Side. A large amphitheatre dominates the area, which is still used today in the summer for concerts. Also seen can be the Temple of Apollo, famed as the site where Anthony met Cleopatra and is one of the most-photographed sites in the area.

Away from the history, there is a harbour in Side with waterfront restaurants and bars. There are two main beaches in the area, one on the western side with shallow water, making this popular for families and the other on the eastern side with a long stretch of sand by the River Aras.

Visitors to Side can take a drive or ferry trip to the capital Antalya to enjoy the various shopping outlets and the views of the snow-topped Taurus Mountains.