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Found on Mauritius’ west coast the small, charming resort of Wolmar offers a wide range of upmarket and luxury hotels, while still holding on to its ambience and feel of a local village.

The large, immaculate beach hunkered in among a stunning mountainous setting makes this one of the island’s most attractive spots, while the larger (and more fun to pronounce) town of Flic-en-Flac is just 2km away.

When to go

The temperature stays pretty consistent all year-round, with the heat never rising to extreme levels that might make you uncomfortable, nor dropping enough to make it feel chilly.

January to March are the wettest months, and cyclones may even pass by during this period. Much drier is May through to November, when you’ll find the temperatures increasingly higher and higher the later into the year you visit.

Top Attractions

Heading just 2km north will get you to Flic-en-Flac, where you’ll find Casela World of Adventures – a 14-hectare nature park that boasts a zoo as well as activities such as quad-bike safaris, ziplines and canyoning.

For other options in this area, there are plenty of diving options, plus Dolphin Watching which includes swimming/snorkelling.

Wolmar itself is quaint and fairly quiet, so the beaches and overall setting are the real attractions if you’re wishing to stick close to the place you lay your head each night. Though, to take in some of the lovely, tropical flora and fauna of Mauritius, we’d recommend the Black River Gorges National Park.


You know a beach is good when local couples and families choose to spend their free time using it, and that is very true of Wolmer Beach. Flanked on either side by the private beaches of nearby hotels, this stretch of sand and shallow, turquoise water remains blissfully free of development and interference.

Even the small walk from the exterior car park is a treat, as you head through a small forest that offers a fantastic view of the horizon and even some exotic birds, if you’re luck’s in.


The luxury hotels each have, as you would expect, a fine selection of restaurants that offer a wide variety of cuisines.

If you’re looking to explore spaces outside the walls of your resort however, then another jaunt to Flic-en-Flac will serve you best. If you do choose to do so, the authentic slice of Mauritian life offered by Canne a Sucre Chez May is widely popular and highly recommended (just make sure you remember to book a day in advance).

Adventure and Sports

The thick forest and rolling hills found in the island’s biggest and best national park, Black River Gorges National Park, displays the true beauty and splendour Mauritius has to offer. It appeals to nature lovers, bird watchers and, specifically, to hikers, who will be treated to breath-taking views of the canyon, waterfalls and a rich assortment of other vistas. It is probably the most attractive part of the island and, for that reason, should be very high-up on your to-do list.

Getting around

If you don’t fancy navigating the locale purely on foot, the option of taking a taxi is available. If that doesn’t interest you, there are a number of bicycle and car hire outlets found dotted all along the main road of Flic-en-Flac.

Popular hotels in Wolmar

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