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Best beaches in Sri Lanka

Have you ever seen a turtle’s egg in the wild or floated by a crocodile on a calm mangrove? There is so much to do in Sri Lanka, a country of culture and history, but it has also become very well known for its stunning beaches, and with good reason. For such a small island the variety and availability of beaches is fantastic. In fact, there are so many it can be a little difficult to choose, so we thought it was a good time to take a look at the best beaches in Sri Lanka.

Of course, whether a beach is good or not will depend upon your personal preferences and which activities you want on your beach trip. However, in Sri Lanka this is complicated a little more as this can also depend on the time of year. This is because the weather conditions can change throughout the seasons and alter the tides, flatness of the water and the sunshine. For example, the best spots for calmer seas are the South beaches during the months of December to April and the East from May to September.

South coast


Located in the Galle district in the South of Sri Lanka, the coastal town of Bentota is home to a fantastic, beautiful stretch of golden sand and there is an array of activities available including deep sea fishing, snorkelling and whale watching. There are also turtle hatcheries where turtle eggs are collected from the beach for preservation, and you can take short guided tours of the hatcheries. The beach runs all the way to the Bentota lagoon and is one of the most stunning stretches of beach in Sri Lanka, with many local spas for a pampering treat.


The beach at Mirissa looks much how you would imagine a tropical paradise, white sands and clear seas, with some of the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets in Sri Lanka. This really is a beach for relaxation, but if you are looking for a little more excitement this is a great place from which to go on whale watching tours, with possibilities to see the magnificent blue whale. If you want to go snorkelling then there are rocky sections at each end of the beach that are perfect for this, and there is also good surf for those who want to catch a wave or two.

East Coast


he beach at Uppuveli is relatively unspoiled due to the fact that they were out of bounds until very recently. This means that the pristine beaches are growing rapidly in popularity. One of the biggest draws is the fantastic Pigeon Island National Park, which lies just off Nilaveli beach. This beach is actually one of the most stunning in Sri Lanka, so make sure to take a look on your way to the National Park, but the park is a popular attraction for a very good reason. It has excellent live coral reefs that have been described as comparable to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Perfect for snorkelling.

Arugam Bay

There is so much to do near Arugam Bay, whether you take a look at the nearby national parks, which are a great place to see elephants, or take a trip to the mangrove swamps, where you might catch a glimpse of the crocodiles that live here. However, you won’t regret making time for this excellent beach, particularly if you like to surf. It is a true surfer’s paradise and possibly the best surfing beach in Sri Lanka. But if the surf isn’t for you then you can enjoy the traveller-friendly, relaxed atmosphere and the great seafood restaurants.

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