Mararikulam, Kerala


According to a National Geographic survey, Mararikulam is one of the most beautiful destinations in Kerala. A beach village in Alappuzha (Kerala, India), Mararikulam has one of the region’s top five best hammock beaches.

When to go

Mararikulam enjoys a tropical climate all year round. On average, though, May is the warmest month with temperatures reaching up to 35°C whereas December can drop to 20℃ on some days.

If you’re looking for the driest month, February is your best bet.

Top Atrractions

There are many places of worship worth visiting while in Mararikulam including Mararikulam Mahadeva Temple, the most important and ancient Shiva temple in the area and Velorvattom Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva was constructed over 700 years ago.

The International Coir Museum is well worth a visit when coming to Mararikulam, too. The small museum features exhibitions on the coir industry, the history and some coir-made products.


Marari Beach is the ideal beach for those exploring the backwaters of Kerala. The beach is an undeveloped hammock beach that is perfect for lazing around. This is not a tourist beach as it lacks any facilities, but it can still be enjoyed. Swimming in the sea is discouraged due to rough waters and women in bikinis may want to find a deserted area or stick close to hotels so as not to upset locals. Alappuzha Beach can be found nearby in Alappuzha (the Venice of the East) and many lakes, freshwater rivers and lagoons can be found here.This beach is a famous picnic spot and home to an ancient pier and old lighthouse for tourists to see.


Mararikulam is home to many temples and places of worship as are most of the villages in Kerala. Visiting the temples is a must-do activity when visiting to learn about the history of the village.


Kerala’s local cuisine is a variety of lesser known indian delicacies with an emphasis on non-vegetarian food and liberal use of spices.

Popular items include Appam (a local bread made with fermented rice and coconut dough) which pairs well with meat dishes and Karimeen or Pearl Spot, the most exotic freshwater fish.

Drinking fresh coconut is traditional in India along with fresh madhura kallu (a sweet toddy extracted from coconut palm). Toddy, shops known as kallu shappu are found all across Kerala and Kumarakom where they serve seafood and meats matured with alcoholic kallu.

Adventure and Sports

Mararikulam is a nature lover’s paradise and taking a morning stroll is the perfect way to learn about Malabar’s unique ecosystem and charms around the coastline.

If visiting during the monsoon months of July – September, be sure to check out a snake boat race. Locals from all close villages race along lakes and rivers. You can also take a tour of Kerala’s backwaters on a traditional indian snake boat if you want to be apart of the action.

Getting Around

Mararikulam is connected by rail to other cities and villages closeby They are all also well connected by road.

The nearest airport to Mararikulam is Cochin International.

Due to its location, travelling round Mararikulam can be done on boats. Just as easily, bicycles can be rented during your stay.

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