Multi Centre

Lying in the heart of South East Asia, Thailand is a land where ancient and modern have been blended harmoniously. Known as the ‘land of smiles’ and blessed with areas of spectacular scenery, juxtaposed with the bustle of cosmopolitan Bangkok, stunning Buddhist temples and welcoming locals it also offers some of the world’s finest beaches.

Deciding on just one area of this stunning country to explore is an almost impossible task. This is why we have introduced our brand-new Multi-Centre holidays, which allow you to visit more than one destination in a single trip. Your Thailand experience starts with selecting your combinations. To give you a helping hand we have featured a variety of great value packages in this section that are handpicked by our team of travel experts. To further help you in planning your dream getaway, we have also suggested hotels in each destination, however, an extensive range to suit all needs are available. So, all that is left to do is start choosing the combination that suits you and let us prepare your ultimate Thai adventure.