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Rodos Palace

Greece, Europe

A journey of the senses begins in Rodos Palace, the finest deluxe resort complex of the island of Rhodes! Experience the perfectly planned holiday and create memories of a lifetime. Rodos Palace offers Exceptional accommodation in 785 superb rooms, Garden & Pool VIP Suites ,in the Dedicated Executive Wing or in the newly restyled part of the Main Building. With exquisite dining facilities, numerous entertainment and extraordinary recreational amenities on a superb location, 4kms from Rhodes Town & Medieval City, just 50meters from the refreshed beach, Rodos Palace invites you to experience the true essence of resort life. Be part of it and enjoy every minute of our Greek “filoxenia”!

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  • Small pets allowed (under 5 kg)*
  • Wheelchair-accessible
  • Car park
  • 24-hour reception
  • Late Check-out*
  • Mobile phone coverage
  • Wi-fi
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Trip Advisor Reviews

TripAdvisor Review

Very nice experience

Review by katiaVuc Antwerp, Belgium

We booked here with a special "corona voucher " deal. We stayed in one of the garden suits. The room could use some very small renovation...

Beside from that is was a very nice, clean room. We ate at the a la carte restaurant and the food there was really good, As well as the service. Nice lobby, very friendly staff. They also advised us on trips to take and things to see. Also a nice clean pool area, with a seperate space for children. When I read some of the bad reviews here I am really surprised. We had an very nice stay.

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TripAdvisor Review

A very pleasant surprise!

Review by Roam20848081783 Bristol, United Kingdom

This is the sort of hotel that normally we would never dream of staying in. We let out our exclusive villa near Lindos, but, after a stay in Symi we needed somewhere for 3-4 nights. There are some awful reviews of this Hotel, so when we booked it, it was with some distinct reservations...

We had never been “all inclusive” & having witnessed the damage that such establishments do to local economic conditions, we were worried. On entry, this hotel is light years away from the grey concrete monster we expected. We encountered a problem straight away. We booked an exclusive room with a balcony, but being mobility restricted, I could not have used the Bath. Natalie instantly refunded us, and put us in a recently renovated room with a walk in shower. It was beautiful. Could not speak highly enough of it! The Pools, were all excellent, and the place buzzing. The food was good and plentiful. OK it’s not fine dining, but judging by the way people were piling it onto plates, they were loving it. We opted for the three themed restaurants, which were excellent. High praise must also go to Despoina in the cocktail bar. She looked after us “Newbies” fabulously. We loved the food, the cocktails, everything about it. What some people moan about, is mind blowing. In fact, it left such a bad feeling with us, we’re staying again next summer. We’ve stayed in some beautiful hotels across theft, and while the Palace is not in the same league as the Bellagio, the WYN, or Raffles, it doesn’t deserve any form of bad critique! We’re staying again next year!! 4pm Negroni time

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TripAdvisor Review

5 Star!? You're taking the p**s!

Review by lucasdeoliveira94


Firstly, There is a pervy lifeguard who chats to all the beautiful women around the pool. He had arguments with the residents around the pool for making inapporiorate comments to women...

Drama kicking off.

We had all inclusive but the food was like canteen food, not a lot of choices foodwise or drinks. Rude staff, no water in room they tried to charge me €1.50 for a water when I am all inclusive, plug sockets ripped out of wall, unsafe eletrics, shower plunge was blocked, plummer couldn't fix, nightmare.

All the drinks are watered-down, you will not feel drunk. It says online there is a 24 hour bar but it closes at 12am.

No hotel entertainment, no animation, just a pervy lifeguard around the pool. I understand COVID restrictions but even other hotels were doing outdoor entertainment.

Even though you are all-inclusive, you had to pay €5 per person to eat breakfast/lunch or dinner by the pool...which is outragous.

Not enough sunbeds, had to get up at 6:30am every morning if you want a sunbed around the pool.

It was us and them areas, presidental suites that looked nice and the rest of the hotel was very basic, it's not like the photos, DO NOT BE FOOLED. DO NOT BOOK.

If you want to be treated like 1* and have regrets, please book this holiday.

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TripAdvisor Review

Poor management. Worst stay ever.

Review by anastasiak328 Dublin, Ireland

The worst hotel I’ve ever stayed. I couldn’t wait to leave, this is how much my stay was bad. Every day there was something new shockingly bad happening. First of all poor management, there was no interest in helping or listening to us...

The owners should really be ashamed, by the amount of bad reviews on social media this hotel have and it’s all truth. Seems to be there’s no even interest in improving things. I was speaking with other guests and they were also disappointed.

  1. First of all. I requested a water to a room at 7am, I said I would pay for it and I was told that I can’t get water at this hour. How is it even possible for 5* hotel?? Then I went downstairs myself, took with me 2 empty bottles and filled them up myself at breakfast and asked for additional water from a waiter and I was told I’m over the limit. Sorry what? So I had to go to the shop.
  2. Most of staff is exceptionally rude and unprofessional. Clearly lack of training and understanding hospitality business. I’m not surprised. Everything starts with the management. When I saw manager Kiriakos clicking fingers on his staff member I was in shock. It was a front of hotel guests. Evripidis is a nice waiter, at least his putting effort with guest and the only person that smiles. Overall atmosphere is toxic in this restaurant. It was actually funny leaving hotel to eat out in other places and meeting other hotel guests there. Places around hotel much better, people are so nice and food was great. The service was million times better than in our hotel.
  3. Breakfast ok, lunch and dinner average. Some days bad like yesterday I couldn’t even find what to eat. Potatoes, then potato salad then veg pittas and boiled chicken. Seriously? Even my dog is treated better. Colour of broccoli is grey. And lots of things being re used over and over and not looking great. And omg “chicken soup” nearly got sick. Not even close to soup. Just boiled skin of chicken and water. Even cheep powder soup would be better than this. Had to order take away some days, thank you David at the reception for helping me.
  4. Morning bar team is rude. Only the last 2 days they were bit nicer and probably because of people complaining. Even my father said it’s almost that we owe them something. So rude. But can’t say the same about PM team. Despoina is the sunshine of this hotel. Timos so nice and also great barman.
  5. Room keys was a real nightmare. Some days I had to change it more than 5 times a day and it’s not only me. Same happened to my friends and other hotel guests. After I seriously complained some how card start working but still had to put 2/3 times. I never hold the card with my phone together so there’s clearly issue with the door.
  6. Life guards. One of them called guest stupid for jumping to the pool and had a fight a front of all guest shouting. The English guy finished fight very quick but had to leave. Very sad watching this. He’s the guest and wanted to enjoy holiday for which he paid with his partner. The other life guard is even worse. I lost my cap and saw him the next day walking with it. I took it back but how dare he taking my cap? You don’t have loss prevention in the hotel? Is this happening all the time? I didn’t felt safe leaving my phone and other things.
  7. Big shout out to my favourite Blond hostess. So unprofessional so rude she doesn’t even realise or maybe she does and do it on purpose. Never saying hello or welcome. After telling my dad “hello, hey you, thats not your room number” in a very rude bazar manner. I said excuse me I think you should apologise to my father for talking like this. And she said to me “what’s your problem” in even worse manner. Wow. Like wow. My problem is that I’ve paid for the holiday and being treated exceptionally bad by untrained and unprofessional staff. Shocking. Couldn’t eat that day or next day. Even Went for breakfast to the area where I had to pay extra for sitting outside just to not looking at this lady.
  8. Zero entertainment. First entertainment happened on our last day. Blond animator was so nice we even gave her our speaker so she could do Zumba in the pool. Because hotel speaker apparently not working. Only bar one, which music was low. Like wow again. Hotel beside us, 4 star and they had music and entertainment every day like it should be.
  9. Also don’t expect to feel as hotel guests of a 5 star. I was sitting near bar, at white tables and asked for tissue and I was told in a rude manner “I don’t have!’. Had to get it myself. I mean even in a small pub you being treated much better than in this hotel. I’m sure management aware of this and not willing to improve things.
  10. Thanks to Natalia at the reception. She’s an amazing and professional with all guests. I was watching her the whole stay and she’s an example of what type of staff this hotel needs. She was checking me in and It was a good start of holiday but unfortunately everything went bad day by day. It’s a small things and to be honest if staff was nicer probably I wouldn’t even bother to complain. Staff creates the place and hopefully the owners will wake up. Everything is fixable. I won’t be back for sure but hopefully after me and other guests that had plenty of issues things will finally change. At least ceiling in my room wasn’t falling like in my friends room. Management need to wake up as soon as possible or soon reputation will be even worse.
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TripAdvisor Review

Don't go!!

Review by JoshieSquashiee

Not a 5 star hotel at all.

All inclusive food is like a school dinners. Waiters are rude.

All entertainment is closed, I understand covid restrictions indoors in Greece, however outside there were many hotels doing entertainment...

This hotel offered absolutely nothing. Not even background music.

The lifeguards are absolute perverts, trying to lure girls to their rooms. Made inappropriate comments to our group and family member.

This is not an all inclusive holiday, you have to pay additional fees, such as reserving seats for dinner, eating by the pool. They do not exchange £ either.

I highly recommend you look elsewhere and don't come here!!!!!!!!!!!

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